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  1. We are on attempt number 3 to get to Alaska and this may be a once only trip (we are from Australia) so I am attempting to plan a lot of must sees. We are planning on doing two excursions in Skagway and the second will be the train or a train/bus combo. I know the train is just train up and back, no stops. What I am wondering is if you do the bus combo, either the 3.5 hour or 4.15 hour do you have stops along the way for photographs (I know the 4.15 stops at the Red Onion at the end of the tour), or is it travelling in the bus the whole journey? Because of doing 2 excursions in the same day my husband would feel more comfortable if they were with the ship but I think we have enough leeway if we do the shorter one to use a private company.
  2. If only I lived in a coastal community. It is 450km to our nearest beach which is in Adelaide. We do have the only inland lifesaving community here in Australia though as we have one of Australia's major rivers and a bit of sand that everyone flocks too when the temperatures reach too high to bear.
  3. Thanks for this. I am laughing when I look at where I live though. It just says hot where I live for summer. I would have thought summer weather of 40 to 48C would have been sweltering. According to that site we rarely have any days over 42C. I'm going to have to disagree with that. We even had a couple of days over 50C last year. My airconditioner had died at the time and my youngest son and I had to move in with my in-laws (hubby was working away and staying in a beautifully refridgerated area while I was sweltering. My classroom only has a basic aircon as well - what we call a swampy. Water pumping over pads and air blows over them and into the room)
  4. So is 50's late 50's (so around 15C) or is it at the other end? I have googled and I have got a range of 7C-14C for most places we are visiting. I was hoping that people could help me and tell me if the 7 is more common or the 14.
  5. We are going to be doing the first leg of a B2B2B cruise in September 2022 starting in Vancouver and doing Alaska for 11 days and then doing the transpacific to get us back to Australia. This is our 3rd attempt to get to Alaska with the previous 2 being cancelled. I am wondering what sort of temperatures I will need to look to pack for for the first section. Please don't say just like you would in Australia as I live in a desert area where a very cold winter's day is 12C but most of the time it is 15 to 18 over winter. (Mind you my husband will still wear shorts when I am rugged up in a thick sweater). Thanks for any help
  6. It was the Holiday Inn when we sailed in January 2019 as well, or at least the day we arrived. The day we left to board the ship it was Rydges. We were supposed to stay there in March 2020 for our next cruise which was cancelled two days before sailing because of Covid. They were wonderful and just transferred the booking to our next cruise which was meant to be Jan 2021 at the same rate (even though it should be more expensive as it was New Years period and they had a rule of minimum 3 nights and they let us stick to the one), which we had to cancel as well and they just refunded everything. I highly recommend them.
  7. If this is any help to anyone. We normally stay at the Rydges Sydney Harbour. It is no more than a couple of minute walk to the cruise terminal. This photo is no zoom at all from the hotel. The building right next to the ship is the cruise terminal.
  8. It is about 18km from the International terminal of Sydney Airport to Circular Quay. Depending on the time of day is of course how long it would take, but around 30 minutes is a reasonable time in a taxi if you are flying in the day before the cruise. If you are relying on traffic to get you from the airport to Circular Quay on the day of the cruise and are cutting it fine, there will be all sorts of traffic snarls and you will be sitting in traffic for what feels FOREVER. (Don't ask me how I know this, other than we will never fly in the day of a cruise EVER again even though it is only 2 one hour flights)
  9. We are in contact with several of the photographers and one of the ex-glassblowers who ended up being a naturalist for X. As you can imagine they are looking forward to being able to get back to work.
  10. Not the best angle but this is what the connecting doors look like. You have the two outside doors which if you are a party you have the option of using as a door and then the inner doors which everyone has. The balconies are the same as everyone else's and you can only be seen if you hang over. Even though we were travelling together and our son was in a connecting room with the one next door (we couldn't get next door to each other). As you can see you can only be seen by the one next to you if you are popping right out. Both the kids were sticking out at their edge and I was right on mine and you can see that the screens are up to the rails. BTW this is room 8247 from 8243 on the Solstice which has the same floor plan.
  11. It didn't say that when I just finished watching then. Just that it was over. I hope we get the points as we both watched.
  12. The only time we have done a B2B cruise none of us got the invitation to have lunch in the MDR. It may have had something to do with the fact that there was almost 400 B2B passengers for that one. It was the first time that the Solstice had done a cruise from Auckland NZ to Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. The previous leg was the last sailing from Fremantle (Perth, Australia) to Auckland) so both were very popular.
  13. It was closed for us on the cruise straight after and we went there around midday.
  14. Same as a Melon Ball. Midori is on the premium list but a Melon Ball was on our last 2 cruises on the classic drink list. I couldn't figure it out. Our next few cruises booked (which have been moved from this April to the following so I hope we will be on them) came with a premium package so I won't need to worry this time about what I am drinking. As to the OP, mocktails, soft drinks/sodas (depending on what you call them) and juices are also included in your classic package as well as your teas and coffees and bottled water.
  15. Could anyone share the link so we can watch (and get the power-up points) as no emails come to our inbox at all. We see that things have happened here or on the Book of Faces but seem to miss out.
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