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  1. We are in contact with several of the photographers and one of the ex-glassblowers who ended up being a naturalist for X. As you can imagine they are looking forward to being able to get back to work.
  2. Not the best angle but this is what the connecting doors look like. You have the two outside doors which if you are a party you have the option of using as a door and then the inner doors which everyone has. The balconies are the same as everyone else's and you can only be seen if you hang over. Even though we were travelling together and our son was in a connecting room with the one next door (we couldn't get next door to each other). As you can see you can only be seen by the one next to you if you are popping right out. Both the kids were sticking out at their edge and
  3. It didn't say that when I just finished watching then. Just that it was over. I hope we get the points as we both watched.
  4. The only time we have done a B2B cruise none of us got the invitation to have lunch in the MDR. It may have had something to do with the fact that there was almost 400 B2B passengers for that one. It was the first time that the Solstice had done a cruise from Auckland NZ to Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. The previous leg was the last sailing from Fremantle (Perth, Australia) to Auckland) so both were very popular.
  5. It was closed for us on the cruise straight after and we went there around midday.
  6. Same as a Melon Ball. Midori is on the premium list but a Melon Ball was on our last 2 cruises on the classic drink list. I couldn't figure it out. Our next few cruises booked (which have been moved from this April to the following so I hope we will be on them) came with a premium package so I won't need to worry this time about what I am drinking. As to the OP, mocktails, soft drinks/sodas (depending on what you call them) and juices are also included in your classic package as well as your teas and coffees and bottled water.
  7. Could anyone share the link so we can watch (and get the power-up points) as no emails come to our inbox at all. We see that things have happened here or on the Book of Faces but seem to miss out.
  8. We took my in-laws on the Solstice in January 2018 for their 60th wedding Anniversary. He spent some time with them and had photos with them, one of which is now on their coffee table. No one believes them though when they tell them that he is the captain (he also had bright orange shorts on at the time which probably distracts from the captain image). He is a lovely person. When our grand-daughter was born early and we were on the Solstice he posed with a toy we had bought her on the day of her birth so he could feature in a book we were going to make her about her toys adven
  9. Tasos moved from Solstice during 2019. I thought he was a great captain as well. In January 2020 it was Captain Nikolas Frantzis and Captain Alex had just left to go on holidays. I've been on the Solstice quite a few times and enjoyed it every time. We were supposed to do the Asian Transpacific crossing this April on the Eclipse, and in a way I was looking forward to a now ship. This has now been L&S to April next year to the Solstice and we will get to spend more time on her. We are doing 2 weeks in Japan first, the crossing and then Alaska.
  10. The refurb was originally going to be finishing on April 3 2021. We had a cruise booked on April 4 leaving Singapore but that was cancelled quite some time ago.
  11. My photo is from the Solstice. The slant is minimal, so much that I haven't even noticed it. The opening of the door goes towards the bathroom so it would give a cm if that towards that direction.
  12. I was having the same problem. I am now using both chrome to look for available rooms and firefox to look at my account as I could not access my account at all.
  13. The doors interconnect like this. Two normal doors but you can close the outer doors and have the inner ones open instead. We have also had it that we just had interconnecting via a double verandah.
  14. The Eclipse was also due to have the complete refurb in Feb/March next year with the first sailing after the refurb on 4 April. While I doubt that any of that will be happening that could also be a possibility why they are heading back to Asia.
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