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  1. Obviously you realised that was a tongue in cheek comment. Nothing wrong with admitting you enjoy cruises, they suit our family perfectly. It good that not everyone wants to go on them as it keeps the prices down.
  2. Don't forget the benefit of being able to tell your friends you have a suite!
  3. Shame, if you want to drop out then I'd fully understand and would go in your place...:)
  4. we did the cruise last nov-dec. We found we could do everything on our own. we booked a husky trip for Alta independently and visited the Polarium in Tromso. Stavanger and Andalsenes are walkable from the ship. We did have 2 little ones with us so are not good with the excursions. We had good reports for the Hunting Northern Lights trips but it is hit and miss to see them and certainly too late for kids. was a fantastic trip. Enjoy
  5. I'm so glad this thread has come back on line. I had thought that after the initial trip they would have re-evaluated the costs to be more realistic. unless you're a heavy drinker and not getting off at the ports I can't see how it's attractive. We calculated that if we really pushed it on a sea day with the hot sun we could possibly get thru £40 for the 2 of us; but never £40 each, and not each day! if people don't buy the package they'll have to reduce the cost or drop it. If you need help budgeting how much you'll spend I suggest putting the £560 per week per couple in your safe and putting what you need towards your final bill. I bet most will have money left over at the end.
  6. Actually on Aurora the buffet is closed at some times (9:30-10pm) whilst they change over from dinner service and to set up breakfast etc. You can always get hot drinks but food service is not available then. Room service is 24h soy shouldn't have an issue and if you stock up from the 'Grab and go" you can have a store in your fridge.
  7. Kids clubs are great. we have a 2 & 5 yr old. You'll have to drag them out. Both are family friendly ships so no need to worry about that. Beach House and Coffee shop are chargeable, Grill/pizza is inclusive. Ships are very safe and the crew are excellent. being on board should be an opportunity for you to switch off and relax. Don't need your phone on board. Both kids in the kids club you can have some adult time. book a spa treatment, have a relaxing time reading a book, a nice drink and leisurely dinner without worrying about food being dropped on the floor etc secure in the knowledge that the kids are safe and enjoying the kids club.
  8. last month we got one (£7 with photo) on Aurora. It was from the Photo Desk.
  9. Depends on what you like to do. we had our 2 & 5 yr olds with us so did all of the ports ourselves. We went to the Viking museum in Stavanger which was a 20 min walk from the ship. Aquarium in Tromso, and mountaineering museum in Andalsnes and Huskies in Alta. we arrived 1:30pm in Alta and the tour picked us up in town at 4pm. We had plenty of time to get there. Sometimes the port shuttle busses had a long queue. If you google Alta Husky you will find the company. Book early as they have limited spaces for the husky runs (5 sledges per trip son 8-10 max)
  10. we booked husky sledding in Alta, it was amazing. much better than the P&O excursion where you merely see the dogs and have a chat. Nearly 2h of sledding and very well organised.
  11. We have 4 people to a cabin so they need to come in and set up the sofa bed/ Pullman on an evening and then reset in the morning. However, having just come back from a trip on Aurora, we can confirm that we had two visits per day (though not always to a high standard).
  12. Yes, been on her several times. The bar is limited but the entertainment is top notch. And no one reserves sun loungers!
  13. We took our 3yr old on a Baltic cruise, he's quite active. so we contacted a couple of tour operators to come up with a single day itinerary for our family that would be suitable. All came back straight away with some great ideas. My wife wanted to visit the Bronze Horseman and they incorporated that into the trip for us. it was Just the 3 of us so we had a people carrier complete with child seat to ourselves. We chose to avoid things that would involve lots of queuing so didn't go to the Hermitage. We went to the winter palace, Winter gardens, st Katherines, did the outside of a few bits, went to a park and enjoyed a playground then went to Peterhoff to see the fountains. we had lunch there and then rode the Hydrofoil back into town. Having the guide to ourselves meant that we could leave when the little one got bored, or take a walk when he needed a nap and I would thoroughly recommend it. it cost about the same as a ships excursion and cut out all the waiting about that you get with large groups. Lunch at Peterhoff was particularly good.
  14. We had one for our honeymoon and it was fantastic. In ports you had a lovely place to relax on the balcony. The views leaving places were great. With the doors closed there was little wake noise but even out on the balcony whilst travelling the noise is soporific. You can't go wrong with either. Plenty of space and easy to get about the ship, especially for breakfast in the speciality restaurant. We dined up there for our sail into Venice. Can't get better. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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