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  1. Imagine a lovely stone bridge in a typical cotswold village. A 25 ton lorry going over it will cause more damage than 25 one ton cars. What are you sceptical about? Most port approaches are dredged to ease the approach and the ports are made of steel and concrete. In Venice the scenic approach is through a centuries old canal that was never intended for these huge commercial vessels that resemble floating apartment blocks. The foundations of the city are thousands of wooden piles driven into the lagoon rather than modern materials. The cruise terminal is purpose built and they may decide that it can accommodate ships up to a certain size but the approach will need to avoid the city.
  2. I've seen drink fuelled misbehaviour and rowdiness and on one occasion some pushing and shoving but I do fear that with 'all you can drink' packages and the cheap deals verses foreign holidays given the current exchange rate that the demographic who are likely to 'kick-off' will increase. it does seem to be hyped up by the tabloids compared to the reports coming from passengers actually on board but still not good reading.
  3. Looks lovely though the corridor carpet is not to my liking at all. Such a shame that, as a family, we'll not be able to enjoy it. I know why P&O have done it but I do feel that not all families want to be on the big ships and that some of the itineraries, such as the northern lights, will now be unavailable for families to enjoy.
  4. P&O have confirmed that they have increased the number of child places on the cruises but the Kids club limits are the same so there will be times when children will be turned away 😞 With kids in 2 of the age ranges I can foresee some stressful family queueing if this is the case, we're hoping to get some adult time whilst they are in the club.
  5. thanks, thats what I have heard too. Thats one of the age groups we need, plus 3yr old. Do we know if this is a permanent change of policy? Did P&O ever guarantee the kids club place?
  6. I have been hearing that P&O have increased the numbers of children permitted on board and this is putting increased pressure on the kids club places resulting in long queues and children being turned away. We have previously travelled outside of school holidays but now we are limited to the holiday season. Can anyone shed any light if this is a new policy or just to accommodate bookings transferred from Aurora now that she is Adults only? Has anyone got any experiences to share from the Easter Holidays? We love the kids club and for our next cruise both our children will be able to go giving us some much needed grown-up time so the thought of having to queue up early or be turned away is quite a concern.
  7. Obviously you realised that was a tongue in cheek comment. Nothing wrong with admitting you enjoy cruises, they suit our family perfectly. It good that not everyone wants to go on them as it keeps the prices down.
  8. Don't forget the benefit of being able to tell your friends you have a suite!
  9. Shame, if you want to drop out then I'd fully understand and would go in your place...:)
  10. we did the cruise last nov-dec. We found we could do everything on our own. we booked a husky trip for Alta independently and visited the Polarium in Tromso. Stavanger and Andalsenes are walkable from the ship. We did have 2 little ones with us so are not good with the excursions. We had good reports for the Hunting Northern Lights trips but it is hit and miss to see them and certainly too late for kids. was a fantastic trip. Enjoy
  11. I'm so glad this thread has come back on line. I had thought that after the initial trip they would have re-evaluated the costs to be more realistic. unless you're a heavy drinker and not getting off at the ports I can't see how it's attractive. We calculated that if we really pushed it on a sea day with the hot sun we could possibly get thru £40 for the 2 of us; but never £40 each, and not each day! if people don't buy the package they'll have to reduce the cost or drop it. If you need help budgeting how much you'll spend I suggest putting the £560 per week per couple in your safe and putting what you need towards your final bill. I bet most will have money left over at the end.
  12. Actually on Aurora the buffet is closed at some times (9:30-10pm) whilst they change over from dinner service and to set up breakfast etc. You can always get hot drinks but food service is not available then. Room service is 24h soy shouldn't have an issue and if you stock up from the 'Grab and go" you can have a store in your fridge.
  13. Kids clubs are great. we have a 2 & 5 yr old. You'll have to drag them out. Both are family friendly ships so no need to worry about that. Beach House and Coffee shop are chargeable, Grill/pizza is inclusive. Ships are very safe and the crew are excellent. being on board should be an opportunity for you to switch off and relax. Don't need your phone on board. Both kids in the kids club you can have some adult time. book a spa treatment, have a relaxing time reading a book, a nice drink and leisurely dinner without worrying about food being dropped on the floor etc secure in the knowledge that the kids are safe and enjoying the kids club.
  14. last month we got one (£7 with photo) on Aurora. It was from the Photo Desk.
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