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  1. The idea of waiting for the announcement before leaving the cabin is so that people know the emergency route from their cabin to the muster station, which often uses crew staircases. When you had to take your life jacket people would be coming from their cabin anyway. Now that lifejackets are not required there is less incentive to start from your cabin and it is less representative of a genuine emergency when passengers would be asked to either go to their cabins in the first instance or to go and collect warm clothing, hats, medication etc. But I can see the huge benefit in reducing the crush at the end.
  2. I use the money tree to pay for my cruise! I like to give my cabin steward a hand written card too.........
  3. I know how you feel, my Apple Watch makes me look impatient!
  4. You have just the one chauffeur? What if the wife wants to get her hair done whilst you are out? I could never compromise like that, it's a step too far.
  5. $11000 for datejust! I'd want huge diamonds on that! The age of the watches are not an issue, in fact I like the comfort of the old 5 digit models. Can't imagine boot-sale bargains but if reasonably priced it could be a good use of leftover OBC. Will have to wait for Iona in May
  6. Pre-owned Rolex? now that's interesting. Can anyone give any more details. The last couple of cruises have been on Aurora so not seen them on sale before. Could be a good use of OBC
  7. I've heard on social media (from someone on board Arcadia) that they are planning on having discounted or even free select dining when Iona launches to try and stimulate some interest. Can anyone support this? Did this happen when Britania was launched? It sounds interesting however one of the nice things about the special dining venues was that is was much quieter.
  8. I'm only just out of my 30's and have been cruising for many years. We enjoy the P&O food and things are even better now the vegetarian menus have been revamped and change daily. We don't eat meat but will have fish and we always find things we enjoy. I think it's difficult if you have not been exposed to a wide variety of foods and are not comfortable trying new things, posh menus can be difficult to understand and it can be embarrassing asking for things to be explained. But the joy of being on a cruise is that the waiters are all so accommodating and will not make you feel silly asking to have things explained. You can try new things and, if you don't like it you can always nip up to the buffet for something different.
  9. Not had a Forward Suite yet, we have one booked for next year, but we were lucky enough to have an Aft suite on Azura for our honeymoon and it was lovely. Huge balcony and very quiet. watching the wake as we sailed away was great, especially Venice. Totally unobstructed views.
  10. When we went last November we just booked Husky Sledding privately and it was the most wonderful trip. All other ports we just researched ourselves and they were easy to navigate. Our trip to the Norwegian Museum was about a 30 min walk from the ship and just cost us the entry fee. We arrived before the tour coach and it was much cheaper.
  11. Imagine a lovely stone bridge in a typical cotswold village. A 25 ton lorry going over it will cause more damage than 25 one ton cars. What are you sceptical about? Most port approaches are dredged to ease the approach and the ports are made of steel and concrete. In Venice the scenic approach is through a centuries old canal that was never intended for these huge commercial vessels that resemble floating apartment blocks. The foundations of the city are thousands of wooden piles driven into the lagoon rather than modern materials. The cruise terminal is purpose built and they may decide that it can accommodate ships up to a certain size but the approach will need to avoid the city.
  12. I've seen drink fuelled misbehaviour and rowdiness and on one occasion some pushing and shoving but I do fear that with 'all you can drink' packages and the cheap deals verses foreign holidays given the current exchange rate that the demographic who are likely to 'kick-off' will increase. it does seem to be hyped up by the tabloids compared to the reports coming from passengers actually on board but still not good reading.
  13. Looks lovely though the corridor carpet is not to my liking at all. Such a shame that, as a family, we'll not be able to enjoy it. I know why P&O have done it but I do feel that not all families want to be on the big ships and that some of the itineraries, such as the northern lights, will now be unavailable for families to enjoy.
  14. P&O have confirmed that they have increased the number of child places on the cruises but the Kids club limits are the same so there will be times when children will be turned away 😞 With kids in 2 of the age ranges I can foresee some stressful family queueing if this is the case, we're hoping to get some adult time whilst they are in the club.
  15. thanks, thats what I have heard too. Thats one of the age groups we need, plus 3yr old. Do we know if this is a permanent change of policy? Did P&O ever guarantee the kids club place?
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