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  1. I have just marked my first "Ignore User". Thanks for the advice. I do think I will not miss the posts by this particular individual, and it will make the website more enjoyable for me.
  2. We loose our Comcast signal here at home on a regular basis, and I am pretty sure our house doesn't move at all. Wireless service can be spotty anywhere.
  3. We just returned from our third Viking ocean cruise, on three different ships, and they all feel wonderfully the same. I expect no less when we sail on a fourth Viking ship next year.
  4. We were considering this one as well, but ended up selecting a different cruise, so it was not an option. However, we have been to Umbria twice, and it is one of my favorite areas of Italy. Both Assisi and Orvieto I would go back to in a heartbeat, and the three day itinerary sounds quite good to me. Enjoy Umbria and Viking. We have been very happy with both!
  5. I know you were asking about either option A or B, but if you want to consider other possibilities, there is a direct flight on American Airlines from Barcelona to Philadelphia at 12:50 pm if that opens up some other options for you. Personally, I loathe Frankfurt, and avoid it whenever possible.
  6. We just returned last night from Viking's Russia and the Baltic Sea cruise, and spent three days with Alla in St. Petersurg. The tour was excellent, as was the service. They even adjusted the schedule to accommodate the weather forecast for our stay. I was slightly disappointed by the subway tour, but it was my own fault. I had researched the St. Petersburg metro system before arriving, to satisfy my curiosity about why one would tour there. I saw several absolutely amazing photos, but those did not happen to be the stations we visited. I don't even know where those two particular stations were, so they may be inconveniently located for the tour route. The subway visit was interesting, and the stops we saw had lovely mosaics and were exceptionally clean. This was just one time my pre-trip research happened to lead to missed expectations.
  7. My assumption is that Viking chooses this method to limit the "bookings" that are really just reservations while customers decide which itinerary and cruise line they actually want to sail. In addition, I assume that a new ocean cruise line that has been very successful and is expanding rapidly can put all these early payments to good use building these new ships. Many of us are willing to do so. We just returned last night and have booked another ocean cruise while on board.
  8. You know, I guess we are at risk either way. If placed upside down, we risk a glass that had touched the exact spot on a placemat with a germ. If placed upright, we risk someone walking by the table and coughing or sneezing and airborne germs falling into the glass. Maybe I will drink my wine directly from the bottle!!
  9. We do have HBO Go available, but I'm not sure I am desperate enough to invoke the scorn of fellow passengers by streaming it. I'm not willing to give up port time to watch it. We barely used the in room television on our previous cruises, so I didn't know if HBO might be available. Sounds like that won't work either. I guess I'll just have to wait until we get home, but that's okay. I'd still rather be on a Viking cruise than staying home to watch tv!!
  10. We sail on the Sky this Friday, so I have watched roll calls and other sources for the answer to this question. The Sky is reportedly in excellent condition, and there have been photos posted to confirm this. The initial sailing after the storm had just a few things left to be fixed, but I would imagine that all has been completed by now. Can't wait to join this wonderful crew in Copenhagen.
  11. I can't believe I am asking this, as I have previously wondered "Why would anyone want to watch the Superbowl (or World Series, or college football, etc.) while on a Viking cruise?", and yet here I am. Is there any way to watch the new HBO episodes of Game of Thrones on board? I could pretend I was "asking for a friend" but I will admit to being a great fan of the show, and I would like to be able to watch the new episodes before accidentally learning the fate of the characters in this final season. It would be a real bonus for a cruise we are really anticipating if this could somehow happen. Any ideas?
  12. Though many years ago, I did my stint working as a waitress. I will definitely second your claim!
  13. I agree about the Peking duck menu. It is the only one we have sampled that we did not like. I am glad it wasn't our first experience there; we may not have gone back. The Sweet and Salty Chef's Table menu was one of our all time favorite meals. Hoping to get a chance to try Lotus, or the Mexican one, or the Route des Indes menu on our upcoming cruise. On the other hand, our first experience in Manfredi's was a disappointment. We did return for a second opinion, selected other items, and enjoyed it very much.
  14. I was excited to see your post, as I have seen photos you posted previously of another trip. I was anxious to view your latest batch. You did not disappoint! Thanks for sharing your obvious talent with us.
  15. This is a real dilemma for me. My hair is is a source of frustration even when I do style it, so I hate the idea of spending my nice vacation looking a mess. I am by nature a rule follower, and loath the thought that I could be responsible for an incident with my curling brush. The battery operated ones still produce heat, so I'm not sure that helps. I will confess to using one on our past cruises, but now Viking includes the warning in the travel documents. I've been practicing how to style my hair as I dry it, so maybe I'll bring my curling brush and only use it for a real hair emergency!
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