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  1. Cyber Kat, Thanks for putting my thoughts into words so perfectly!
  2. I know not everyone will be pleased by this, but even if my time had moved to 5:30 am, I would prefer that to the 3:00 am time frame that was the norm for folks on the east coast here in the US. That middle of the night scenario just seemed impossible to work around: too late to stay up and go to bed after, too early to get up for the day, and personally, if I wake up at 3 in the morning, going back to sleep after getting on the computer just doesn't happen either. Even though I am still working and this comes in the middle of the work day, I can find ways to make this happen more easily than in the middle of the night. I regret the inconvenience this may cause for anyone else, but I am thrilled!
  3. I know that not everyone will be pleased with this change, but I am delighted! Thank you, Viking.
  4. I have not tried to just show up for an included excursion in hopes of finding a spot. I don't know how that would work out. I do advise you to continue to check regularly on My Viking Journey for the excursions you wanted that were sold out, as often spots will turn up later as Viking adds another bus or people just alter their plans. We are in Veranda cabins each cruise, and so are the last to book, but have had good luck in getting spots later on for excursions that were originally sold out. Some even recommend that you call Viking or email them at tellus@vikingcruises.com so they will know there is additional interest in a particular excursion. Also, I am curious about what happened with your sign up time. I'm also on the east coast and sign up for excursions has indeed been 3:00 AM for our cruises, to my dismay!
  5. Your view about the good fit of a cruise line is the key. We are relatively new cruisers, and Viking has proven a perfect fit for us. I came to this board and this thread to learn about Oceania, since they have some itineraries which go places Viking doesn't yet travel. When I overlook the few posters who describe a Viking experience that didn't match our reality at all, I think I can safely assume that Oceania would be a most satisfactory alternative.
  6. Interesting. I wonder if this issue is related to the particular cruise In Search of the Northern Lights, where internet service may be less reliable?
  7. The differing political views in the US can be very contentious these days. I know I have very strong opinions on these issues, but I avoid conversations in social settings that can easily become arguments. Perhaps, based on passenger feedback, Viking simply realized that they made a mistake in booking this lecturer, and did not wish to have her continue. While apparently there were passengers interested in her point of view, I assume there were others who were opposed. I can understand Viking's wish to avoid such a potentially divisive component to their cruise.
  8. Cruiselvr, Even if you had done more research regarding the best time to travel on a river cruise, you cannot eliminate the possibility that river levels can impact your trip. Problems can occur with water levels that are too high or too low, and conditions can change very quickly. Even on ocean cruises, ports can be missed because of storms or wind. The rafting of ships next to each other is a result of the greatly increasing number of people who like to take these trips, even with the potential for problems. We have done one Viking river cruise and have another booked for next spring. The first went off without a hitch. If our next one has to swap ships or travel partly by bus, we will still be visiting lovely, interesting new places, eating nice meals, and meeting friendly people. What could be wrong with that? I hope you experience no difficulties with your trip, but I hope you can enjoy whatever you experience.
  9. I seem to remember reading that on the World Cruise, Viking invited the families of the crew members to visit them on board during the cruise. I wonder if these were the locals you saw?
  10. But for any new readers, I think the ap needs to be downloaded while still at home.
  11. Judi, I am glad you bumped this thread, as I missed it the first time around. Jazzbeau, I enjoy reading about the opinion of an experienced cruiser's first Viking Ocean trip. We never wanted an ocean cruise, but after one Viking River, we gave Viking Ocean a try and were delighted. It seems that we were fortunate to find our perfect ocean cruise fit on our first try. Glad you enjoyed your trip, and thanks for the link to your blog.
  12. Cyber Kat, We have Paris to the Swiss Alps booked for next spring, and I am already debating whether to go to Versailles or Monet's Gardens. But first, Russia and the Baltic Sea next month. In between I am contemplating what to do in 2021: South of France by river? new Greek Odyssey by ocean? Italian Sojourn? We are indeed lucky to have these opportunities, and I never forget that.
  13. Jazzbeau, Thanks for the suggestion. I am not familiar with Ponant, but I will certainly check it out.
  14. We sailed the Trade Routes of the Middle Ages in October, and it seems the shore excursions do change over time. Our included excursion in Portsmouth was a visit to the Naval Dockyards, which we found very interesting, but now it is a Panoramic tour of the city. When we booked the trip, Bruges was the included tour from Zeebruges, but within days of booking it was replaced with a visit to Knokke. I do recall seeing a steam train from Portsmouth, but it doesn't appear now. LeHavre is a difficult choice. We did Honfleur, and loved it, but were also very tempted by Monet's Garden. We passed on Paris because we have been before, but probably would have gone otherwise. It's not an ideal way to see such a beautiful city, but since you never know what the future may hold I would have not wanted to pass up the chance. Falmouth was a port I was looking forward to very much, with the chance to see Cornwall (and maybe catch a glimpse of Ross Poldark 😉), but alas bad weather closed the port and we missed that stop. It pays to be flexible when travelling, because glitches do occur, but even with the bad weather it was still a great trip. Bruges lived up to our expectations, and Malaga was an unexpected delight. Have fun planning, followed by a great cruise!
  15. Viking has already added Ephesus back on their Greek Odyssey itinerary which won't begin sailing until January and then February of 2021. I missed out on it after the alteration of the original Empires of the Mediterranean itinerary. I would be willing to try again. I also wish for an itinerary that includes both Taormina and Valletta. I bring that up whenever the opportunity arises to work that into a thread here. I guess I am hoping that Viking won't notice it's the same person saying it, and think there is a groundswell of interest from Viking cruisers!
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