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  1. Total refunds just received for two cabins on April 8th cruise as well as 50% FCC's. Feeling happy now! Good luck to those of you who are still waiting!
  2. I received refunds for two cabins I had booked for April 8th. I received the deposits yesterday to one card and the rest to another card today. I waited patiently so I'm glad to get them now! Good luck everyone! Received 50% FCC's a couple of weeks ago.
  3. I just received the deposits for two cabins I booked for the April 8th Golden Princess cruise but not the balance which was on a different card. Hopefully I will get that soon as it should have been processed at the same time.
  4. Good to hear that refunds are trickling through as that gives me some hope! I received the 50% future cruise credit to my account but am still waiting for the refund for my April cruise.
  5. I just cancelled my Sapphire Princess cruise from Fremantle to Brisbane in August. I doubt whether it will be sailing anyhow. I booked a flight to Perth with Qantas using points but haven't cancelled that yet as I might still go there to see my friend. I will wait and see what happens! I am still waiting for refunds from other cruises that have been cancelled and hope to receive them soon!
  6. I booked Sapphire for August from Fremantle to Brisbane so I won't cancel yet! Final payment isn't due until May. Two of my cruises in NZ - one on Princess and one on RCL have been cancelled so I’m getting refunds. Another cruise in Europe in May will probably be cancelled and one section of my flight there on Singapore Air has been cancelled. I got off Queen Elizabeth in Sydney a week ago and some passengers who were due to go on to NZ for 11 days had to pack up and get off at short notice. I enjoyed my cruise around Tasmania but am happy to be home safe and sound!
  7. I hope everyone managed to some good deals on Sapphire! I first sailed on that ship in 2006 with my late husband. It was a memorable sail away out of Sydney with a fantastic firework display in the harbour as we went out later in the evening. I was lucky enough to get a midship balcony cabin for the Northern Explorer on the Clean website. At first I thought it had gone up in price but then realised it included a good deal on Premium drinks package and Wifi package. I don’t usually do the package but this seemed to be a better deal than usual so I took it!
  8. I am Elite and didn't receive an email but pre-registered with an agent. I usually book online as I like to manage it myself but in this case the agent might get to it quicker!
  9. Yes - it's the first time on the Cunard website for me too and I agree that it's not working too well at the moment! I'm not expecting to find out the suite number until the last week when I print out the documents.
  10. I just booked on a Queen Elizabeth 6 day cruise to Tasmania. It was a nice surprise to get a Princess Grill suite to myself for only $1689!
  11. Thank you for your reply! Just wondered why it would change from a fixed balcony to a balcony guarantee as this doesn’t seem fair when a guarantee is usually less expensive. I imagine that they would know the new recategorizations by now and could give me a definite cabin number In the same area that I have booked.
  12. I am on the Voyager cruise on Nov.16th from Singapore and have checked in and downloaded my sail pass and my luggage tags for my chosen balcony cabin which I booked months ago. I have now received an email telling me that my cabin has now been changed to a guarantee cabin which I find very strange! However when I phoned RCI I couldn’t find any answers as to why this has changed but I guess it might be something to do with the update and re -assignment of cabins. I am Diamond Plus and hoping that I will be given a cabin in the same or similar location otherwise I will not be happy! Has anyone had a similar experience with a fixed cabin being changed to a guarantee due to a ship's update?
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