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  1. I always take my knitting with no problem from TSA or the cruise line. I have small scissors in my checked luggage but carry a floss container with me. It works just fine for cutting yarn.
  2. I like the SNS or dip manicure. I find it does not chip or break.
  3. It sounds as though the gentleman had many health problems to begin with. The ship was not near a major heart hospital so I am not sure what the family wanted to happen and where they expected him to be evacuated to. Both my parents were in major hospitals and even all the bells and whistles could not save them. At some point it is your time and nothing can change that except lawyers will always find someone to blame.
  4. I just go to the casino and get change.
  5. I really enjoyed the Key when we had on the Serenade and would get it again.
  6. I start with an excel spreadsheet. The first column is the day of the week. The second column is the actual date. The third column is for cash needed. The fourth is the for the activity. The fifth column is for notes. For example if we have to fly and we always fly in at least a day early I put in the flight information and hotel information etc. I include any cash we will need for food, cab fair etc. In the note column I will put the address of the hotel, confirmation numbers etc. This will also help with packing lists since you will have an idea of what you are doing each day. I also have an excel sheet that I keep of items I pack for any travel. Then I will adjust this list depending on where we are going. My husband is in charge of his own clothes so I have a different list of clothes for myself that includes day clothes and night clothes with shoes, jewelry and any accessories.
  7. We had the Key on our Serenade cruise at the end of March. It was worth the money for us. Embarkation was a breeze just behind the Suite people. I liked dropping off our backpacks in the theater. Lunch at Chops was very nice. Our backpacks were in the closet and our internet codes were on the bed with a welcome letter. We have always gotten just one internet device and shared so it was great to each have our own. Serenade has a rock wall, but no flow rider etc. We were not interested in the rock wall but there were several times for it. If the ship had a flow rider it would not be something we would do anyway. The reserved seating was great. We could watch March madness games until 10 min. before the show and then get good seats for the show. The best part was the final morning. I have always disliked the crush of people in the Windjammer, trying to find a seat, lining up, having to find our bags etc. We put our bags out the night before with the provided key tags. That morning we went to the dining room, had a wonderful relaxing breakfast and met up with our escort at 7:50. We had a late flight so we were in no hurry. The escort took us down to where our luggage was. It was easy to find and then the escort took us to a custom line in front of the long snaking line of non-key people. It was wonderful and we will do it again.
  8. My last cruise I had to ask for more coke in my rum and coke. Way to strong for me.
  9. That is the way it was working on Serenade. I think if you wanted to do walk off you could at any time but I don't think you have the escort.
  10. Serenade is a smaller ship and the Key was definitely worth it for us. Even if they had a flow rider etc we would not have been interested in those activities anyway. That is not why we got the Key. What we did get it for, it worked exceptionally well. When we got to the port there was a small line before check in. We told them we were Key and they gave us a card with a key on it to show. We were escorted upstairs to wait with the suite people. As soon as they boarded we were right behind. Headed to the theater to drop of our back packs. I had a small cross body purse for my phone, cash ad passports. We had a wonderful lunch in Chops and then headed to our room. There our wifi codes were waiting with a welcome letter. The welcome letter had times for the rock wall but since we were not going to use the rock wall I didn't pay much attention to it. During the 11 days we were on the ship we could go to the theater 10 minutes before the show and get our seats in the middle of the balcony. Great sight lines and we have never wanted to be in the very front anyway so we were very happy with this part of the Key. We had fruit, cookies and desserts delivered during the cruise. Some were because we are Diamond and some because of the Key. I am not sure which was which. The last evening we had a call from the Key people to schedule our walk off the next day. We could pick 7:10 or 7:50. We had late flights so picked 7:50. We put our luggage out the night before. The next morning we had a wonderful breakfast in the dining room. At 7:50 an escort walked us down as a group to get our luggage then walked us to the front of the line for customs. Very easy and fast. This alone was worth it to me. The last day has always stressed me out, with the windjammer packed, no place to sit, long lines, having to find our luggage in a huge group etc. This time I was relaxed and happy. If it is available for our trip next year on the same ship I will get it again.
  11. We just returned from an 11 day cruise on the Serenade with the Key. I loved it. The first day was so nice with the drop off of our backpacks and lunch in Chops. When we got to our room the internet codes were there along with the times for the rock wall. Serenade does not have any of the other attractions and we were not interested in the rock wall. We also would not have done the flow rider etc. We normally just get one internet and share so it was nice both being able to be on at the same time. The reserved seating is in the center balcony, the view was good and I enjoyed not having to show up super early to get a good seat. The last day was great. We put our luggage out the last night, had a nice breakfast the next morning and an escort down to our luggage. We went in front of the regular line to go through customs. A very relaxed last morning. I will definitely get the Key again.
  12. I spend pretty much the entire day in a swimsuit and coverup. I buy a new sundress each cruise and bring them for coverups. If for some reason we don't hang out at the pool I will wear capris and a tank top.
  13. We just finished a tour with Creole today. It was wonderful. Well worth the money.
  14. Just finished an excursion with Calabaza. It was wonderful. Super attentive crew with non-stop food. The run punch is just right.
  15. Just got on Serenade a few hours ago and so far love the Key.
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