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  1. I would never ever state something I believe to be false. If my post mislead anyone, it was unintentional and I apologize. It was something I read a while back online, I believe attributed to the port of authority, but I cannot find the article now, nor can I find any other article that mentions it. Time will tell.
  2. NY and NJ have announced no sailings out of either state this year. Does that mean January? Who knows? M&M
  3. Sorry the photo came out sideways. Nigel just left for vacation. Adine Barrett left the Gem in LA two days ago to replace him. I don't know of other changes, if any. This was accurate as of January 3 when we debarked.
  4. On March 8, the Food and Beverage Director, Vic, leaves for vacation. Metin takes over that position and Richard Janicki will be back as hotel director. Also, February 25, Claire Booth will be leaving and Lorena Tapia will be back as Cruise Director. Yahira just came on January 27 so one would think she will still be here but nowadays you never know.
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