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  1. First off I didn’t read all the post.so may have been said 1 consider seeing a pain specialist if u have not 2 try ultram as a pain Med I have difficult finding pain meds that work. Ultram is very safe for ur kidneys and liver and does takes the edge off. I take ultram BID every day and use oxy only when the pain is unbearable So I take it PRN Some advice 3 the best medicine is rest. 4. It was difficult for me to come to term with my early retirement. Then after some research I found out that people like me who suffer from cerebral palsey and suffer the same symptoms as u described. people with are symptoms exert at least twice as much energy and efforts a person without are Condition. So take the number of years you have been working start with ur very first job and multiple x 2 and that is the true number of years you have been working. Then compare your number of years working with the number years a person with out your condition. Im willing to bet that you have worked or stayed actives long as a health person or even longer.
  2. Just ask for assistance when you get airport. You can ask at outside or inside the airport. When you get to gate tell the counter person you will need a wheel chair when you land. The airport will have a wheel chair waiting fot you at the gate.
  3. I think about that can the acommadate my luggage and scooter
  4. I am planning a cruise to Alaska that is supporting out of Vancouver. Though flights are obviously cheaper to fly into Seattle since the budget airlines that come out of St. Louis flight to Seattle. I know there is a quick shuttle that can take you from the airport to the cruise port in Vancouver but I have a question regarding the ability for the quick shuttle to be able to pack my gogo scooter. Does anyone have experience with quick shuttle service at Seattle Also can anyone recommend other accessible option to get from Seattle to Vancouver that don’t require a car rental. My wife doesn’t want to have to drive Thanks for the help
  5. Thank em-sk I appreciate all the information I will put it to use
  6. Trying to determine what a good prices for flights leaving out of St. Louis on 23 May to Vancouver and leaving out of Anchorage on the 31st. Be great if anyone could give me a ballpark figures on what they paid for their tickets flying out of the Midwest for this itinerary In late May Thank you:halo:
  7. It will depending on my flight . I’m gonna land in Seattle and find transportation up to Vancouver. I am coming in a day before the cruise. So I have plenty of time to get to Vancouver and get to the ship. I’m off like or probably staying in Vancouver To be honest I don’t have it all planned out yet
  8. Thanks roz where s that in relation to the celebrity cruise terminal
  9. Oh how I wish that was true Maybe if I had some gooey butter cake and Imo’s pizza and some pork steaks You’ll take me for free
  10. Again I Appreciate you taking the time to compose such a long post for me she was very helpful. Plus my other question here as well does this bold or Supertek shuttles take you directly to celebrity cruise port up in Vancouver
  11. Do you know if the bolt or the sea tac shuttle takes you to the celebrity cruise terminal in Vancouver
  12. thank you for taking the time to post a detailed answer to my question. And yes I did roll realize that I needed to process and the other one you mentioned. So I did get that but thank you for give me that information
  13. I am scheduled to take a cruise out of Vancouver off celebrity cruises on May 24 northbound destinations. I am investigating various travel options to get from St. Louis Missouri to Vancouver. I’m interested in peoples opinion about that most budget friendly way to get to Vancouver . My idea is to fly into Seattle from St. Louis and then take shuttle from Seattle to Vancouver. Has anyone done this before. does the shuttle to take you to the cruise port in Vancouver I am also open to suggestions on additional travel options to get from St. Louis to Vancouver. If this is in the wrong for him please direct me to where need to post this question Thank you
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