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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I love embarkation also. So much build up.
  2. Now that she is in on the plan we are all set to get on the ship and actually start our vacation per say. Thanks to those who have taken the time to follow along thus far. We have much more to share with ya! The VLOG for Part 3 is live now.
  3. Now comes the time to let the cat out of the bag. Here sulking as we prepare to pull away from the harbor. We let the cat out of the bag! Her contemplating if this is another one of Daddy's Pranks??? Reality Sinks In! Further In!! And Further In!!!
  4. Little one accepting her fate that there will be no cruise this fall! She took it in stride. "Hey, we still have 7 random beaches around Florida to check out this week!"
  5. The rest of the ships in daylight Papa Bear still holding in the news The little one wishing she was on a ship
  6. Our home for 10 hours. It's starting to get real but she still has no clue! First ship sighting. Helicopter tour I plan to take next time I am in town!
  7. After a short stay absorbing the ocean breeze I went to the room to officially get our day started. We got checked out and then went into the surf shop connected to the hotel to see if we could find something worth using our discount coupons on. Did not find anything but the fish tank was nice.
  8. The surf was rather turbid from my other encounters at east coast beaches. After some thought, I remembered that these currents were being generated from Lorenzo even though he was half an ocean away.
  9. We were 1 block from the beach so I decided to check that out before I went to summon the dead in the room.
  10. With that out of the way I headed back towards the hotel. Folks were already up and at em. It was a Monday, so I am to assume these people were headed to work versus staging in the port at this hour.
  11. As you can see the port is right on the edge of the restricted areas. Our excursion the night before was all in the restricted area so " Droney" has to stay in his case.
  12. After a triple check of my fly zone and waiting for the sun to rise it was time to go Up-Up-And-Away!
  13. I uses these sites to track the ships as the came into port.
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