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  1. I have been on various sized ships and found the smaller ones to be smooth sailing. It really just depends on weather. When it kicks up the ship size does not matter.
  2. Our comedians were very dry. We ended up walking out on boat shows.
  3. Very different review but I enjoyed binge reading it the last few days. Gonna go find some more of your stuff.
  4. My experience with MSC is to book in advance. Their onboard prices have always been higher. Even on embarkation day.
  5. Well folks that is it. All in all we had a blast just like we always do. Thanks for following along with our adventure. Check the signature line for our next on the water experience. I'll be doing a report on that one to so add a calendar reminder to check for it a few weeks after we get back. Until then TTFN! Final Day VLOG PT 1 Final Day VLOG PT 2
  6. The international symbol for Atlanta - TRAFFIC!!! And you know all roads lead to something named Peachtree!
  7. We walked around and looked at some more of the antique farm equipment then made our way home. It was a different yet fun experience. Can't say I have to do it again but glad I checked it off my bucket list.
  8. No event is complete without a little Pig Racing! And let us now forget the Sheep Rodeo! This was the cutest event watching these little kids hand on for dear life. You could not tell them they were not ridding wild broncos.
  9. Afterwards we entered the fair portion of the event and trotted over to the traveling 911 museum. Very touching experience. Even though it happened and I lived through it, being half a Country away you don't get the magnitude of it all until you see it for yourself. I have friends from NY and my TV experience falls way short to their first hand experiences.
  10. First I embraced my inner farmer. Next we watched a cow competition. Had no idea what was going on. Then we watched some horse competitions.
  11. Before we got home I had one last item on my to do checklist. That's Right - The GNF! As a kid I had always heard of this event but it was too far away from home to attend. As an adult I never made the time to do. Well, I checked the calendar and it was going on the same week of the cruise, so I had no excuse to not make it there this year. Plus I got the spend m first time there with Teeny on her first time. (It was Mama's first time too - lol).
  12. Next we said our goodbyes and hit the road one last time.
  13. Back to the show - We had a great time catching up with our friends and were sad that it had to end so soon. Before we left the little ones gave us a tour of the beginning stages of their farm.
  14. Wrapping this thing up. Hello all from Beautiful PCB, FL. Mama was not feeling another cruise so soon so we nabbed a condo on the beach for the week. As I was here relaxing on the patio, I figured now would be a great time to wrap this thing up. Not in Kansas Anymore! Stellar Sunsets Mama Still making the best of every moment!
  15. It really was fun. I am one who likes to take it all in and get the most out of everyday.
  16. Here is a pic of us from several years back. Man how much these kids have grown!
  17. After this stop we were all set to make our way to South, GA. We were going to spend the remainder of the day with our extended family from our college days. We don't hook up often but when we do we pick up where we left off! Someone found a pool! Big Red Little Red These two remind me so much of myself at their respective ages. The Full Crew We ate, talked, and laughed until we passed out (not long at our age). The little ones kept the party going well after we fell asleep. I could not think of a better way to end this day!
  18. Once we hit the greater Jacksonville area I was ready for a short stop. Are you noticing a trend yet? I like to break my trips up. Gone are the days of marathon driving for me. I get there when I get there. My spot of choice was the neighborhood Costco! Hey their pizza is good and that hotdog/drink combo is the cheapest you will find in America. Another reason we go there is to sample the free offerings. As a kid I would go shopping every weekend with my grandmother and we would hit every store in town with our last stop at Sam's Club. We would sample the foods and hit the food court. This stuck in my head and I passed the tradition down to my kid. We don't go every week though.
  19. It was pretty nice I must say. You actually race the clock versus other people.
  20. With all of that behind us we hit the open road headed back north.
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