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  1. Any info on cabin 7666 on adventure of the sea
  2. I have booked cabin 7138. I know it is a wake facing cabin. I want to know if the veranda is completely covered from sun.
  3. Hello I wanted to know if two people are buying the thermal spa package do you have to be staying in the same cabin. Because it is cheaper for people "couple" to buy it then one person. I am traveling with some but we are staying in separate cabin.
  4. I booked a balcony guarantee on Koningsdam so I do not have my cabin number yet. Was your inside cabin a good size? Can suit cases fit under bed? Is the crow's nest like the ones on other ship I heard they don't have a library. Do they have board games? Thank you for your replies.
  5. Hello I will be sailing on the Koningsdam in 6 weeks. I wanted to know if all the cabin on that ship have refrigerator in them? Do the cabin have a tub/shower or just a shower?
  6. Hello Kazu. Thank you for your reply. Have you taken any of the cooking classes if so what are they like? Are they real cooking classes or demos?
  7. Hello i have a few questions. Do HAL give discounts on port day for spa services? How much is thermal spa package on Koningsdam 13 day transatlantic cruise in April? How much are cooking classes on Koningsdam? Can you book them before you board?
  8. Hello. I have a question I could not find the answer in this thread. When you book a guarantee cabin when do they give you the cabin number?
  9. Hello. I am sailing on the Koningsdam solo April 2. Which sailing are you on.I sailed in a spa cabin in October. Did not get any spa discount menu. When you go to the spa they will give you 20% off one service. You might want to buy the thermal spa package since you will very close to the spa. I also took my own water ,soda and juices with me and yes you have to carry it on yourself not in checked baggage. I put them in a soft bag with wheels it was not that bad. You can carry almost any kind of beverage. You can not carry liquor. You may carry one bottle of wine at no charge any more than that I think you have to pay a corkage fee.
  10. Hello. Can some tell how much it cost to have a bag of laundry done on this sailing? How much is a thermal spa pass for 13 days and can I buy it before I get on the ship.
  11. Hello can someone please tell me the benefits of booking a cruise while on board ? Is there a deposit discount?
  12. Hello I am a coffee person. I really love dark toast. I always take the little packets of Starbucks and just add hot water. They are great!!!!
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