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  1. My family and I were booked on Celebrity Millenium, March 14, 2020, initially departing from Hong Kong then, from Tokyo. When the coronavirus began to spread in January, then the news about the Diamond Princes and the Westerdam, it definitely created a more stressful context for us. Our cruise was initially re-routed then cancelled. During the process, I contacted Celebrity representatives 3 or 4 times, to assess our status and change our flights. The representatives were all kind, patient, very helpful and understanding. And our outcome will be a full refund for the cruise and airfare as well as a 25% future cruise credit. The situation involving the coronavirus is very sad for people in affected countries, especially China. It is definitely challenging for their touristic sector. We are very pleased with the decisions made by Celebrity to ensure our safety and the safety of the crew. We are also very satisfied with the compensation package issued by Celebrity. We will definitely remain loyal customers!
  2. If I was the OP and had booked non refundable flights independently from Celebrity. I would try an option that has not yet been mentioned: Since I paid money for a nice vacation, I would try to use the cruise FCC or refund ( if cruise cancelled) and then called the airline to change the flights to match my revised plans. I would likely have to pay a change fee, but at least, not all my money would be lost and I would benefit from a different vacation, which could still be very nice. Just a thought. P.s. Thank you very much Omeinv for the factual contract analysis! I find it reassuring, in difficult situations, when the emotion is removed and the facts established; it really helps clarifying the remaining options.
  3. Thank you very much The Big M for the feedback! It is really appreciated!
  4. Now at the crossroads, I would appreciate receiving feedback from experienced cruisers. Booked on the March 14, 2020 cruise leaving from Tokyo to Singapore. Love the revised itinerary. However, Celebrity says the cruise is not cancelled; meanwhile, feedback from passengers on board Millenium on B2B cruises were notified that the Feb 15 cruise was cancelled and that the ship was repositioning to America... My options are: Waiting for Celebrity to cancel the cruise. If it occurs, based on past experiences, will the cruise fare and airfare booked via Flights by Celebrity fully refunded? Try to use our window of leave from work, to change to another cruise. In that scenario, will Celebrity normally support the change? Will our flights be re-directed at no additional cost? If the cruise is cancelled and the only option is FCC, will Celebrity have a bit of Flexibility on the 12 months period ( for example, our next cruise was planned 14 months after this cruise). In that case, will our existing perks and OBC be transferred to our next cruise? I have never been in that scenario before and I am trying to keep an open mind while assessing my options. On that level, infirmation received so far from Celebrity representatives ir my TA were not ... extremely helpful. Re cancellation insurances, my DD opted not to take any, while mine is useless since ports on the revised itinerary are not assessed as « avoid travel » by our regulatory body and the cruise is not yet cancelled? Any suggestions or insights to share?
  5. My family and I are booked on the Celebrity Millenium, March 14, 2020; now departing Tokyo instead of Hong Kong. Although due to the Coronavirus “storm”, it has not been a pre-cruise sailing as smooth as I have normally experienced in the past. This said, I would like to thank Celebrity and its personnel, working really hard to provide us a safe and enjoyable holiday while attempting to take in consideration various passengers requests, concerns while adhering to legal contractual responsibilities. It’s not ideal conditions for anyone, especially in the travel industry. The evolution if the situation is still very fluid and hard to predict. I would encourage politeness and respect to be the norm when discussing with Celebrity representatives. They are working really hard!
  6. We are booked on the Millenium, March 14, 2020 cruise. Thanks to information posted by Cruise Critics Members, I learned about the revised itinerary: Out are ports such as Hong Kong, Tianjin (Beijing) and Shanghai. In place, the cruise will depart from Tokyo, stop at two other Japanese ports, maintain the planned stops in South Korea and Taiwan, add a port in Vietnam and end in Singapore. I spoke to my TA and a X representative today and was happy to find that our flights booked via Flights by Celebrity will be revised to match the new embarkation and debarkation ports, taking in consideration on travel schedule and our current seating arrangement and at no extra cost for us. All and all, a situation such as the one involving the Coronavirus is unfortunate, mainly for people in the affected country. For us, it is an inconvenient and a bit stressful due to the uncertain elements. It also involves more work/research for cancelling/booking hotels and excursions at a time we thought all our planning had been done. This said, given all the logistics involved for the cruise line, I am pleased with the efforts made to keep us safe and to offer us what will be I hope, a very beautiful and enjoyable experience.
  7. I am booked on the Millenium for the March 14 cruise, Hong Kong to Shanghai. Just called Celebrity yesterday and the representative just read me the official corporate policy. (No official confirmation on the status of our sailing or its itinerary). This said, on Celebrity’s web site, it is published as we speak, that travellers or even crew having been in Hong Kong or China within 14 days of embarkation will be refused. (full refund). Furthermore, I have learned on our roll call, that the Feb 29 cruise of the Millenium, which was scheduled to terminate in Hong Kong, will now terminate in Tokyo. As a result, our scheduled stopbin Tianjin would be cancelled, and debarkation would occur in Singapore instead of Shanghai. A stop in Vietnam would be added. ( This is unofficial information, not yet confirmed to me by Celebrity. Confirmation is hoped or expected next week). If the logic is followed, this would mean that you may have to wait until the end if March, beginning of April prior to be able to have any news on your itinerary. The evolution of the Coronavirus, taking into account measures taken, is still hard to predict for anyone, even for cruise line planners.
  8. Thank-you very much for the detailed comparison between Princess and Celebrity. So far, beside X, we only sailed HAL and RCCL. This said, we are curious about Princess and NCL and your detailed review was quite hepful!
  9. Hi OP, We were on the Connie this spring (in a Concierge Class cabin) and on the Infinity the year before in Aqua Class. Blu service was really nice on Infinity and we enjoyed our food. Service was excellent and we enjoyed the experience. This said, Blu is any time dining and you had to show up early to have a table for two near the window. The next table was only inches away from ours. Privacy, was really not possible. On the Connie, our table for two was located in a nook against the back window of the ship. We were set up on the second seating and enjoyed our food and our MDR experience. We really enjoyed this very private table location. This said, the price to pay, to be that far back, was a bit of a slower service... which DW and I really enjoyed. As mentioned above, Persian Gardens on M Class ship do not offer exactly the same experience as on S Class ship. This said my wife and I are not fans of ceramic hot seats etc... Our experience with the Qsine specialty restaurant was way below our expectations. We really preferred the experience in the MDR. However, I can’t comment on Le Petit Chef. Tuscan Grill on Solstice did not blew me away. Murano did, however, it’s not available on M Class ship. I am hoping this feedback will help your decision process. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. Thank-you all for the feedback. I have more or less planned this trip for 3 other passengers and I wanted to confirm my perception of safety actions normally taken by cruise lines on their behalf. I am also keeping an eye out on the Canadian Government Travel guidelines. Thank you!
  11. I am a Canadian Booked on a Millenium Cruise from Hong Kong to Shanghai, with a stop in Tianjin (Beijing) in March 2020. I am following the news regarding political issues, such as the arrest of two Canadians, demonstrations in Hong Kong and now the Coronavirus. Have any of you ever experienced a situation where passengers safety could be at risk due to factors out of Celebrity’s control? What actions or precautions are taken by the cruise line in such scenarios ( for example, if one of the risk mentioned above were to significantly increase)? Does the cruise line also follow these issues? How or when is the information communicated to passengers! What options are typically considered? Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences or any information you may have.
  12. Thank you Bebe08 for your very interesting and detailed comparison between NCL and X. I really enjoyed reading it.
  13. OP I don’t know if this would interest you, but the Millenium is doing a Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea cruise leaving Hong-Kong March 14, 2020 and ending in Shanghai on March 28. However, it does not stop in Tokyo. The only Japanese port is Nagasaki.
  14. To my knowledge, the OBC, should show up on your cruise planner when you log in your account and cruise, The beverage package should eventually show up on your sea pass as PALL or CALL, depending on the package. ( in some cases, it only shows up about 30 days prior to departure. If it does not, I would recommend contacting Celebrity, prior to departure. Sometimes a computer glitch prevents the proper package to de displayed.) The last two perks: pre-paid gratuities and wi-fi only show up on your receipt from your TA. Once on board, if you don’t have wi-fi access or observe gratuity charges on your account, a visit at guest relations with your receipt should promptly resolve the issue.
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