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  1. Thank-you Hcat for your kind words and sharing your grand-parent joy! We are joining you in prayers for the health of your daughter’s friend and other victims of this virus! Keep us posted!
  2. Upon starting this thread, I was looking for signs of Hope, events to look forward to or to watch for, hinting that better times are approaching. To my big surprise, I received a powerful and unexpected sign of hope within my own family! I will become a grand-father for the first time near the end of 2020!!! So, I now have something to really look forward to, besides going on a future cruise! Thank-you all for sharing your thoughts and experiences!
  3. I also went to my grocery store today and to the liquor store. At the grocery store, only a limited amount of people were allowed in. I was number 7 in the line up to get in. We were all waiting calmly 6 feet behind each other, until a customer went out. One went in. An employee was sterilizing basket handles as I walked in. At the cash, cashiers were enclosed and an employee came to sterilize surfaces as I was waiting. I had to bag my own grocery and the cashier did not touch any of my card. At the liquor store, a disinfecting solution was available to clean my hand as I walked in. Only a few people inside. It was easy to stay apart. The line up at the cash was designed with wait lines 6 feet apart. The cashier did not touch my products or my cards. She held the scanner as I presented each product. All things considered, I found the experience reassuring. Businesses, Employees and Customers are taking the virus issue seriously, responsibly and calmly. I was impressed!
  4. May 2019, Pre-cruise trip, Celebrity Constellation, Venice to Venice. Pictures taken from the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast. It was a beautiful moment in my life, but I don't believe I would be able to convince my wife to do this walk again. Unfortunately pictures do not really give credit to the beautiful views enjoyed during our walk.
  5. Thank-you so much Wonderman for this thread! It really symbolizes why we fell in love with cruising. Thank-you also very much fellow Cruise Critic Members for the beautiful pictures that you posted. I really enjoyed looking at them and dreaming about places I have not yet seen. Here is my contribution: Celebrity Solstice, Hawaï to Vancouver, my wife and I were celebrating our 25th anniversary. The picture was taken from the Haleakala Crater on Maui. It was my first experience being above the clouds... on foot.
  6. From the Belle Province of Quebec, I agree with our statement on both aspects: the yucky snow and the satisfaction and gratitude toward the leadership of our Premier, Mr. Legault. Social medias are full of messages from health care workers expressing their satisfaction toward his leadership. Family and friends working in our health care system have also supported these positive messages. It’s nice to see people from all strides of life coming together to reach a common goal.
  7. Thank-you everyone for your participation in this thread. I have read your feedback with a high level of interest. My objective or hope, when I started the thread was to rely and obtain from fellow Cruise Critics Members cues to watch for, moments to observe indicating that we’re winning the Covid-19 fight, based on people’s experiences having had to deal with previous epidemics or pandemics or based on their professional expertise. In short, factual elements that could help us look for the light at the end of the tunnel. I read and follow, local, regional, national and international news daily. I have family members intensively involved in our health care system. So, I am well aware of precautions to take ( and I observe them). Hope is not plan of action. I agree. I don’t have my head in the sand. However, as I practice social distancing even with my own children, I need a reason to do it. I need hope! I am hoping that experienced Cruise Critics Members, experts in various backgrounds, would be willing to share positive factual signs to watch for or positive suggestions on how to best deal with the negative impact of social distancing. So, please, dont hesitate to continue to share positive information or initiatives you may have knowledge of!
  8. The Celebrity refund process is difficult to understand. As mentioned above, our cruise was cancelled February 12 and we received our last refund portion on March 19. (Still waiting for the FCC). We received no emails or pre-notification on when refunds would be processed or separated in chunks. This said, at least once during the process, I became aware that Celebrity had refunded my credit card, and for some reasons, the credit card was keeping it on hold for a while. (No apparent reasons. It was released when I called the credit card company.) While we were waiting for our refund, people on our cruise received their refund and FCC. Some people on cruises cancelled and sailing post our cruise using the same TA as me also received their refunds before us. This said, with a bit of patience, taking in consideration Celebrity staff work conditions and difficult circumstances, it worked! In conclusion, I am very happy and relieved with the outcome, despite the challenging process.
  9. Thank-you all for the feedback and your participation in this thread. Thank-you Georgia_Peaches for sharing your positive thoughts!!! Your message responds really well to my hopes! We (or at least I) need more positive information, news, and ideas to counter balance a bit, our world’s difficult reality. For us in the greater Montreal, we have no choice but to keep a low profile. Gathering of people indoors or outdoors are discouraged. Non essential businesses are closed. My two daughters who do not live at home, are now reluctant to visit due to social distancing. We ( wife, my son and his wife still living with us) are trying to create small « good moments » by playing games, sipping a glass of wine in the backyard with a small fire ( gas fireplace), by relaxing/reading going for isolated walks etc. We do our best to keep positive! This is why, I created this thread and I am looking forward to read more positive ideas, suggestions or information from fellow CC members!
  10. Thank you Hvbaskey for sharing the words of Laura Kelly Fanucci, they also made me smile! We definitely need more of these! Thank you also for the feedback Fouremco and Mr. Click. I am also at this point, expecting the situation to require social distancing at least until June or July. My concern is what’s next? Therefore my call for hope! I am wishing/hoping that someone has concrete evidence/facts confirming that at least by xx time, we will begin to walk on a road to normal. It would help make all efforts needed more concrete, more worthwile!
  11. We are cruise lovers and so far, we had two cancelled cruises in 2020. In relation ro what Covid-19 is doing to people affected, my pain is very minor. This said, we are entering a period of social distancing, even from friends and family. This is resulting in a very gloomy climate. To my knowledge, the length of our dark tunnel is unknown. (I have not heard any official stating when we will be allowed to come out of our shells). Cruise Critics members have often positively surprised me with the extent of their knowledge and insights. Does anyone have any idea ( please indicate concrete facts or information, justifying your opinion) on when we can hope to return to a more normal state of life? Being able to gather with family and friends without fear or to safely go on a cruise without worries. Hope is needed! I would really welcome anyone who could help us see the sun after this period of darkness.
  12. I am from Canada and I was wondering about this question also having received cruise refunds. (rules can change from country to country and bank to bank). As it turned out or me, I won’t need to test it, but in case it may be something worth looking into from your perspective: Someone mentioned to me the following: Normally, when going into an automatic teller to withdraw money, you can do so from your credit card. The caveat is that you then have to pay interest on the withdrawn money. However, if your credit card account is negative ( the bank owing you money), apparently, you can withdraw money without having to pay any interest. If I were in your situation, I would call my bank to ascertain if this is a viable option.
  13. Thank you Mjkacmom for your insight. You are correct of course. I could argue that in normal times, I would not have cancelled the cruise. But, it would not be helpful. What upset me was the change of rules after I booked the cruise. This said, my issue is extremely minor in relation to what the planet is going through. As time goes on, I am more and more changing my mind into accepting what was offered by NCL with the hope of a better experience in the future. So, once more, thank you. Stay healthy and safe.
  14. Yes I did and no refund so far. In hindsight, I guess, I should have cancelled excursions, prepaid gratuities, beverages gratuities and internet prior to cancel the cruise. But everything was unfolding so fast! I also did not fully take in consideration, that a corporation such as NCL could be changing the normal rules. The context is exceptional. I guess, I should understand. I never before hesitated to prepay gratuities and excursions, preferring to not worry about costs while on the cruise. But from now on, I will not use that approach again, at least not on NCL. Thank-you very much for your suggestions.
  15. I have just received our FCC for our March 14, 2020 cruise. We met the Peace of mind scenario; however I am upset about the outcome. The pandemic was officially declared by WHO on March 11, which is also the day that President Trump announced flight restrictions from Europe. We cancelled on March 12 AM taking into account the flow of bad news, local and international. The cruise was cancelled by NCL on March 13. (Had we not cancelled, we would have learned about the cruise cancellation on our way to Hawaï. The FCC issued by NCL was divided by passenger. In my case, it did not include the prepaid Internet. Furthermore, we prepaid for shore excursions, for gratuities and for beverage gratuities taxes and fees, I appreciate the FCC for the cabin cost. For this, I am thankful. I am really upset that shore excursions cancelled more than 48 hours before the excursions are not seemingly refunded. ( I thought it was NCL policy, at the time of buying these excursions. It was the reason to use NCL excursions versus other private provider). The cost of excursions seems to be included in FCC instead. I am also upset that prepaid gratuities and gratuities in beverage package are not refunded. (Only included in FCC). It would have been our first cruise with NCL and I was really looking forward to it. Strangely, we booked this cruise due to Celebrity cancelling our Asian cruise on February, for the same date. Celebrity refunded 100%. In short, I expected a FCC for the basic cost of the cruise based on Peace of mind program. I am very disappointed that NCL is not refunding the rest, based on company policy at the time of purchase. M trust in NCL is shattered.
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