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  1. people have got so short sighted that now theyt say "your unlikely to die" so now all of a sudden covid is ok WHat about the people who caught it and have never fully recovered left with long term health effects Knackered lungs/damaged heart/dizzyness etc etc that hasnt gone away months and months after "recovering" The ill health effects going forward from people that have had covid will blight the healthcare system well into the future
  2. You do realise the wilderness only has 30 cabins.
  3. Very eeerie video He's done others showing what its like too
  4. Celebrity are full of every excuse in the book I will NOT be travelling with them ever again Cancelled celebrity edge transatlantic just over 5 weeks ago and requested full refund was told it would be 30 days. 30 days elapsed early last week so ranh up told a load of bull about taking longer than expected but should be any day now. Last Friday had cancellation invoice still no money. Rang up this morning to be told now its going to be 45 days not 30 days excuse after excuse disgusting
  5. Just heard Britannia is leaving Caribbean and returning to Southampton with immediate effect
  6. and you think the railings look ANYTHING like those? like really... LOL
  7. they look nothing like standard cruise stairs
  8. What were they thinking! They are terrible https://www.instagram.com/p/B87BWPTAM2s/
  9. Thanks for that A lot of the communal areas and dining places to me look like cheap furnishings, the seats look like plastic/metal doesn't look inviting to me personally. Not keen on servers and barstaff walking round with just tshirts on saying crew that's going ot be great trying to spot them when passengers are onboard....
  10. the ship hasn't been finished being built yet so you'll be lucky 😅😅
  11. I cant see them going to hong kong its become a ghost city as bad as Wuhan has now its all on lockdown
  12. anyone else booked on the above repositioning april 19th really concerned as to what's going to happen in light of coronavirus? I cannot see it going to Singapore now, will the ship pull out of asia altogether? where's it going to go instead? My final balance is due in a weeks time, at the moment I cannot book flights or accommodation as don't know if the ship will even go to Singapore...
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