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  1. I bought this for Grease on Harmony so my wife could meet the cast.. The only thing I had an issue with is that the main characters disappeared right after the show, but the cast members we did meet were very gracious and loved to talk and take pictures with everyone.. Hope its as good of an experience for Cats as it was for her.. 🙂
  2. Once again another sensational Review by Winks! enjoy your final five cruises!
  3. Glad you're still upright and breathing.. its 25 degrees in STL.. so wishing I was down there with y'all.. WHOOP WHOOP!!
  4. I’d make sure it’s dry before you get on the ship.. You’re only allowed 12 non alcoholic beverages per person.. Be sure to divide em up lol
  5. OMG!! Im following this one.. Keep my brotha from anotha motha safe.. and get him away from the rising tide bar once in a while lol 😉
  6. Have Fun bro! Jean and I wish we could come along, but I'm still trying to get freedom paid off for Next September... Ill be living vicariously through your live review lol! Tell everyone we said Hello!
  7. I got hit with a $50.00 charge from ATT on our harmony cruise.. I thought Cozumel was covered under my plan.. well.. its not.. Lesson Learned..
  8. Awesome! I cant wait to see Taz and Sherry again next year.. I'm so happy you all enjoyed yourselves!
  9. Very safe.. Our guide blocked traffic for us.. then would fly past us to lead the pack.. It does take a bit for them to answer back. But they will contact you.. We're going back next year and i would definetly use them again..
  10. We used them last month.. all I can say is that it was awesome! Sherry and Taz do an incredible job.. I have found that if you contact them via FB you'll get a quicker response.. Take the longer tour.. you'll do a little off roading and go to the highest point of the island for breathtaking views..
  11. We did it on our own.. One suggestion.. Get there when they open and go straight to the Atlantis exhibit.. All I could say is WOW!
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