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  1. I love them with Vodka.. ive never had a weak drink on Royal
  2. As long as she's buying my a new Tag Heuer watch in the jewelry store.. I wouldn't have a problem with it lol 😉 Seriously.. No.. I wouldn't
  3. I buy it regardless since im a hopeless alcoholic lol.. 5 drinks a day per person covers it for us..
  4. Im thinking about it for our September sailing as well..
  5. On your first night. Go the the MDR and see the Host... Ask them to add your reservation for the number of people I your party; they will do their best to accommodate you all..
  6. Wear whatever you would like.. I do like to dress up for a formal night but that doesn't mean that everyone has too.. I only wear "formal" attire because most of my suits are only used for funerals anymore.. I'm in my late 40's and would rather dress up for something fun rather than the other option 🙂
  7. Your best bet may be to watch for price drops in certain categories.. I found a JR Suite for less than I would have paid for an OV Balcony on Harmony.. We're sailing in Sept 20, 2020..
  8. We are using Real deal in September.. Ill let you know how it works out
  9. We are on the September 8th and 15th sailings
  10. I hope the weather has improved for you.. My wife and I are getting pretty excited for out B2B on Harmony in September.
  11. We booked our first JS on Freedom too.. although its not till next year lol
  12. I would hope that you would quote my entire post..
  13. I love this trip report.. My wife and I were on Empress a year ago and had the best time ever.. Leaving Miami at Dinner we encountered some waves.. I exclaimed "I love this S...." she said you're not right Im sick.. Gave her some Green apples and handed them out to our tablemates and all was good.. 🙂
  14. Let me preface this.. I am a veteran with PTSD.. I have two Great Pyrenees and an Aussie Shephard..(They are my "support animals") I would have punted that dog for "relieving itself on my daughter" There is no reason at all that a 4 legged creature should be on a Cruise ship.. I don't care if you live on it.. stay for a weeks or whatever.. That is unacceptable..
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