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  1. We were on for two weeks..i left home at 190 lbs and came home at 200.. since returning to normal.. I’m back to 190lbs.. It was the best time we’ve ever had.. bar crawls, slot pulls.. We made friends for a lifetime.. Most of us that were on the 15th sailing are already planning more cruises together! WHOOP WHOOP!
  2. They did those sneaky bastards lol 🙂 The Royal app does give you Push Notifications through the app. You have to Search by given name (the one on your Seapass Card) It worked well
  3. Used cortrans this morning.. Jimmy was one of the funniest guys ever.. Some guy offered him $800 to take him and his wife to Miami lol.. He said we all had to get out lol 🙂
  4. You will not go hungry.. I ate like a fiend with it.. and the food was awesome!
  5. Yes.. we had one day free each of the last two weeks It was like dial up service, but we were skirting hurricanes lol
  6. Just off Harmony.. The app does have push notifications.. Imessage does not work anymore..
  7. Great Review (except the three page rant about CATS). Enjoy your last sea day. Jean and I will be on her in 29 days
  8. For those that have sailed her recently; Did you all stay on ship time or did the captain adjust for time zone changes? We're in port form 0700-1500. Im wondering what time that would be on the ship.. Please help lol
  9. Grab a beer and a jagerbomb, then I know if the drink package is preloaded on my sea pass card
  10. Just the MDR on sea days and the Windjammer, They do put out snacks during the day
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