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  1. My husband renewed his... photo at the post office March 11 and mailed from there. They cashed the check right away. No passport yet.
  2. I'm not going to be jumping for one right away and I got both my Shingrix doses this year and always get a flu shot. I want to be pretty convinced safe and effective. My husband's family has anti-vaxxers who definitely will never get this vaccine. His sister called up concerned he might one day get one. But she has weird conspiracy belief about mind control?!
  3. My credit card also said it had no record of the supposedly refused failed refund. Mine was a refund for a solo traveler not part of any group.
  4. I lucked out with my lift and shift as my taxes and fees went down. A nice little surprise.
  5. I had the problem with one of my refunds... it was supposedly pushed to the credit card which rejected the refund two weeks later? That was their story. Meanwhile I was calling for weeks and kept being told it hadn't processed yet. When I finally pushed someone to look into it more they found that it had but had failed and had to send an email to accounting to get it pushed again. The 'second time' it went through. Meanwhile I had received other refunds to the same credit card. Mine was sitting there for weeks failed with apparently no one doing anything about it until I escalated the issue.
  6. I got to keep my 7th deck corner JS which does make me happy.
  7. I had Sep 26 on Grandeur to Bermuda and lift and shifted it to 18 Sep 2021 on 6 May. I'm bummed now Enchantment instead of Grandeur. I think 0%.
  8. I had a great private snorkel trip in Nassau in January.
  9. I've been wondering and waiting for the housecleaning thread. It wouldn't affect me much as I don't need/care to have turn down service/housekeeping during my vacation but I know it would bother many others who expect that service. My favorite Ocean City MD hotel is open but also not doing daily housekeeping at this time. No, the price hasn't gone done... there's a lot more cleaning done between guests and of the common areas that are costing more. No reusable materials are stored in the guest room. Additional pillows and blankets are available per request only. Linens are removed in one-time-use bags upon checkout or request. Daily housekeeping service has been suspended during this period. If you need any items for your room, please contact the front desk, and a hotel associate will promptly deliver items outside your door.
  10. I believe even if cruise cancelled any FCC will be returned as FCC. From their website about cannceled cruises: If you used a Future Cruise Certificate on this sailing, you’ll receive a new Future Cruise Certificate. This will be for 125% of any new monetary funds paid on this sailing, plus the reactivated value of your original certificate at 100% of its worth, with an expiration date of December 31st, 2021 and a sail by date of April 30th, 2022.
  11. Thanks for the pic. I had 7650 aft corner on Grandeur for Sep 2020 but L&S'd to 7666 aft corner on Enchantment Sep 2021.
  12. mugtech, not quite the same as seeing with own eyes... but closer photo from the coast guard.
  13. Thank you! I could only think artificial intelligence. 🙂
  14. There are two cruises. They were going to move summer 2020 to spring 2021 which won't protect the price either.. and then lift and shift the Mar 2021 to Mar 2022. It just seemed easier to move the summer 2020 to spring 2022.
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