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  1. Enjoy Hattie. We had 4 days in London last September, inbetween lockdowns and loved it. Much quieter but many places were open. Felt very safe. We even got to the theatre - Sleepless the Musical, one of the very few shows that was on.
  2. definitely afternoon tea going to a play if there is one in the afternoon morning coffee in the front of the windows in the Commodore Club and one we'll probably never experience again but would love to - a Canadian gentleman playing the bagpipes as we set sail from New York on our TA honeymoon crossing - complete goosebumps time.
  3. we will be joining you as far as Fort Lauderdale. Are you doing the Alaska leg from 11th July? Must admit I'm already mentally planning my wardrobe!
  4. it's so lovely to read about people starting to book again. Exciting times!
  5. fabulous photos, thanks for putting them on. Makes me even more excited to do this trip. As far as "will it go ahead" goes? Who knows! I'm hopeful it will, it's a wonderful itinerary but if it doesn't then we'll move to another one (we do fancy Singapore to Tokyo in 2023). Didn't want to miss the chance of this. Not cruised with Cunard for a few years and I love QE, so as I say we didn't want to miss this one as it ticks off several "bucket list" things. Hopefully we'll see you onboard in July next year 😀 🤞
  6. had my second jab on Sunday, as did my husband. All good. Wherever I holiday, cruise or not, I always like to try local food, so today I decided to make something from the US - Snickerdoodles! Love the name, they are a biscuit/cookie with ground almonds and rolled in cinnamon sugar and yes, they are as yummy as they sound.
  7. oh yes, those shrimp fritters are wonderful. We ewent to the Rick Stein bar too.
  8. Lissie - are you calling in Malaga on any of your trips? There is a wonderful sherry bar in the old town. I've spent many a (very) happy hour there!
  9. we feel the same, to get both on one lovely long trip was just too much to resist! I bought some holiday clothes for last year and not worn them yet, more city-break type though - I'll have to go somewhere else to wear those 😀
  10. Both me and my husband use the myGP app for appointments, repeat prescriptions etc. We've had our first jabs and it showed up on that app along with the annual flu jabs and previous innoculations like tetanus. I notice that it now has a popup saying "coming soon:my GP TICKet" which will show one's vaccination status. I'm sure there will be a number of options to show if you've been vaccinated.
  11. should be really good. I notice you're from Newcastle - my husband is a Geordie, now living in Lancashire.
  12. hope to see you Lissie! Yes, hopefully lots of lovely summer clothes, plus a couple of "posh frocks". Your trip sounds amazing.
  13. well, we've crossed our fingers and booked to sail on QE from Vancouver to Alaska and then on down the West Coast of the US, through the Panama Canal and on to Fort Lauderdale, followed by 3 nights in Miami. Hopefully things will be much better by then, and if not, we'll transfer to a later cruise. Very excited as we've not been to any of the ports of call, except FL for a day! I've sailed on QE once before with my mother, but my OH hasn't yet. We've both been on QM2 (transatlantic honeymoon) and QV. Look forward to meeting some of you onboard and doing lots of lovely research for
  14. thanks Jimdee and Elephant - we did have a full day in FL at the end of a cruise a few years ago, and enjoyed it. We really want to see the art deco area in Miami and probably do a day trip to Key Largo (one of OH's favourite films!) but are open to either. Don't need to decide yet as our TA will sort out flights and hotels once they become available. Our main issue at the moment is insurance cover if we are advised to self-isolate pre-cruise, can't seem to find out how that works. Any of my UK cruisers managed to sort this? (no problem with medical cover for covid or if Cunard cancel cruise b
  15. we are from the UK and are thinking of booking this but are concerned about travel insurance (dreaded topic!). We would hope to join the ship in Vancouver, do the Alaska leg, then all the way to Fort Lauderdale. I'll be talking to our insurers tomorrow and then decide - I believe cabins are booking up quickly.
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