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  1. I'm assuming it will be cancelled, but when? It's less than 30 days away. Jen
  2. American Airlines changed ours too... I wonder if they would refund me... I don't want to call just yet though, I know there's a good chance the cruise will get cancelled but hasn't yet... I would think they would announce soon. Jennifer
  3. That's going to be our problem too... finding time to re-book with 2 kids going to college and there were 8 of us going. I think we only have 6 months to use our plane tickets. That's not going to happen with college starting in the Fall. Jen
  4. This is awful.. it was for my son's Senior Graduation and now, even that is up in the air... Sad time for Seniors... Class trips, proms and graduations and now, summer vacations 😞 Jen
  5. We are supposed to sail on the Symphony out of Miami on June 13th... I know no one has a crystal ball but what do you think our chances are of cruising? Jen
  6. Is there one close to the beach but also has a pool? I was hoping to stay around 200/ night per room or less if possible. Jennifer
  7. What hotels do you recommend on South Beach? Jennifer
  8. We are cruising on the Symphony of the Seas, departing on Saturday, June 13th. This is a family vacation... There will be 4 teens ages 15, 15, 17 and 18. We will need a room Thursday and Friday night. Jen
  9. We will be flying in on Thursday and will board the ship Saturday morning. We've never been to Miami and wanted to check it out on Friday. Where is a good place to stay to be able to see and do things and get to the ship quickly/easily on Saturday morning? Jennifer
  10. There are 8 of us going and we are in 4 separate rooms. Do I have to get a photo package for each room or can we take them all under the same room # each night?
  11. We are going on the Symphony of the Seas in June. We will have 4 teenagers. What shore excursions should I check out that they will enjoy as well as us parents? We are going to St Maarten, St Thomas and Coco Cay... thank you, Jennifer
  12. We will get one... there are just 8 of us and, honestly, they probably won't be used again... I didn't want to spend the money if I didn't have to... thank you for the comments! jen
  13. Here are our ports: Miami , Florida | Philipsburg , St. Maarten | Charlotte Amalie , St. Thomas | Perfect Day at CocoCay , Bahamas | Miami , Florida
  14. ok, we have passports but they are all expired... Didn't want to pay the money right now if I didn't have to.
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