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  1. 21 minutes ago, Snaefell3 said:

    That one is the most plausible with folks with disclosed food allergies being flagged by room number as a final safety net.  Has anyone seen a reaction to their room number after having alerted O to a food allergy?


     I had special menu  ..you get  the  menu a day or so before  check off what you want  they adapt the  item to suit your needs   like  sodium free  gluten free  etc


    When you give your room number  at the  reservations desk you are flagged  that you have a special meal  they bring out the pre filled in menu & give it to the waiter that  escorts you to the table   your meal is served  along with other tablemates  course by course

    No one needs to know  you have  a special menu

    Some waiters will confirm with you that  items are what you ordered  to be sure  that is no issue


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  2. I pack  mix n match / wash n wear type clothing

    even for  a month we manage with 1  -26 " case each

    Pack  for  a week then do laundry or use the sink in the cabin for what you can hand wash

    I have washed DH  Columbia shirts in the sink they dry overnight 


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  3. 1 hour ago, MEFIowa said:

    Those are phone calls. So the rest of the pax were clueless. Silly goose.


    And in one port in the Caribbean off Sirena 11/2022 the passengers on the pool deck were shouting out to me, "Run, Forest, run." We laughed! As I walked back to the gangplank at 1630, the NLT.

    How do you know they were not paging  you as well  ?

    You were supposedly ashore  watching your watch to be last on board 🙄

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  4. 1 hour ago, FeliciaLee said:

    Nope. I think we booked before that was universal. No perks whatsoever. If we were allowed two accounts, no one told us and when we tried to connect under each name, it knocked the other one off like it did back in January. NBD, at times we did use tethering.

    Thanks for that info

    So other reports by some were incorrect  then 

    the speculation that  everyone even if they did not switch to SM got 2 accounts  was incorrect

  5. 21 minutes ago, MEFIowa said:

    And I'm SICK of O crew calling my wife in our cabin at 1700 and 1710 and 1720 when the CURRENTS and the sign at the gangplank says "Return NLT 1730". She tells them, "Trust me, he'll be back right at 1730." And I tell the security people when I leave I plan to be back right at 1730. I want to spend as much time as I can and not feel rushed to please some captain who wants to leave before the supposed 1800 ship departure.



    I am sure the rest of the pax on your cruise are sick of hearing your name  called as well 🙄

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  6. 58 minutes ago, cruisingxpert said:

    @LHT- maybe the question should be "will someone who was charged extra when other person cancelled, please post?"

    yes good point

    so far no one that has  had the other person in the cabin  cancel have been charged extra  for now being  a solo


    As per my post #29

    so far  we have  not been charged anything extra  for not spending OUR own money onboard

    Usually all our expenses have been covered by  OBC   from O Club  or TA


  7. Many pax  will drop off their bags   even when asked not to go to their cabins

    This shows a disrespect  for the staff onboard that are trying to get their work done 

    Of course the cabin attendants are not going  to say NO  to you



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  8. 33 minutes ago, sunlover12 said:

    I do understand from a business standpoint why Oceania charges a single supplement, as they should. It’s because of lost revenue from onboard spending. 

    I do not believe  it is from  lost onboard  spending

     Many pax  do not  spend anything onboard


    If you do not drink alcohol  or book ships shore excursions  or go to the spa  & get PPG   

    Do you get   charged extra??


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  9. On 12/28/2023 at 4:59 PM, TinaM67 said:

    Thanks AMF. Our room is accessible (I'm in a wheelchair) so I don't see that extra shelf in the closet.  Your suggestions are good, but it still doesn't look like enough storage for 2 people for 10 days.  I guess we'll make do. One problem is that I'm an over-packer. My husband keeps telling me I don't need 10 different outfits for daytime and 10 different outfits for evening, but I don't believe him.

    You do not really NEED 10 outfits  for evenings & 10  for daywear

     Mix & match  no one cares if you wear the same outfit   again


    they also have laundry rooms  free to use 

    We did 15 days  in Oct  cooler weather cruise  & had more than enough storage  in the cabin


  10. The boarding pass time  thing started  when cruising resumed   when pax had to do the covid test at the port

    Seems O has just left that system in place


    If you want to board  at the time  allowed for your cabin category then just go  at that time

     You may or may not  be stuck waiting outside  until your time slot

     if you do make it inside   then you will be met with the long lines to get checked in & board the ship


    many like to just go a bit later  & avoid  the mayhem


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  11. If you have a issue like the OP  why not just  have a note put in your file  either by your TA or O rep  that you do have  foot issues & shoes are  a problem

    save all the angst


    I am still not clear on if the manager stood at the table  & yelled at the lady  not to wear those shoes again  or told her to leave the  venue  or what?

     I have seen Maitre'd s take people aside  & have a quiet word  about their attire   never  seen anyone  chastised in front of everyone


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  12. 1 hour ago, Rebels82 said:

    I know information about where to go/times to make additional dining reservations is in Currents.

    Where does one go, as soon as they get on ship before seeing Currents, to make a Speciality Dining reservation/see what is available for the first night?  We will be on Vista. Thanks.

    There is  a dedicated dinner  reservations desk on deck 5  just look for the line up


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