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  1. what brands of liquor does carnival vista carry? Gin Hendricks. Vodka grey goose where could I find a list? Thank You Janet
  2. How is it worth purchasing and if so which level thank you Janet
  3. Has anyone tried this in FT.Lauderdale our flight does not leave until 845 that evening, this would be for a family with a 9yr old looking for of course sand beach and hot tub pool? Thank You Janet
  4. Need advice from anyone that has brought a fan from home before, Did they take it? Does it need to be a certain type? I did call and got conflicting reports from RC. I asked for special needs and they said it didn't fit under the criteria husband has asthma the fan does help with his breathing at night, 1 of the RC specialist said to bring one from home. We leave this Friday so please share your experiences. Thank You janet
  5. Sailing on the symphony 3/9/19 this cruise has been recently booked, went to entertainment section and the comedy only allowed me to book for one night. Are all the shows the same? Does it automatically enroll you in all the comedy shows at that time? Thank you janet
  6. Thank You for the responses, I appreciate it very much. Janet
  7. when you purchase the 3 night dinner package do I put 3 for 2 adults and one child or just the 2 adults and add Ethan who is 9 yrs old, when we get on the boat? Thank You, Janet
  8. Would've to see how its changed in the last couple of years, does anyone have a current copy of the menu or daily activity sheet for symphony? thank you, janet
  9. Hello again I tried going back to website and its in UK so it must be down again, so has anyone booked the 3 night dining package? how did it work? did you get the restaurants that you wanted and the time you requested? Thank You janet are
  10. thank you I just reserved the shows other than comedy it said to check on board is this normal we love the comedy that is why we do carnival so much for? Thank you Bob I appreciate your help.
  11. Need guidance I tried to do this online , can you not choose the restaurant of your choice,? and the times they displayed where late, we eat early, not quite sure how this works, In the past you could order from chops in dr is this still available ? I remember the upcharge. This is on symphony do I make reservations for the shows? Its changed up a bit I thank you for your sincere reply, and yes another drink question I do drink on vacation husband and 9 year old do not , anyway around buying both of us the ultimate drink package? Husband and e could get coke and water package. thank you janet are
  12. I want to thank you all for your imput , I just booked harmony for the 9th of march so excited , I have done allure but my 9 year old is used to rccl liberty of the seas and carnivals breeze and vista size so this will be a change I think he will love it, Again thank you ladies.. Janet Bruce
  13. Never cruised ncl, have carnival and royal multiple cruise looking at a last minute cruise spring break here is my concern 9year old would love the car thing I have read on here where they were booked up and kids didn't get to ride, can you prebook these rides online prior to boarding and since we've never cruised NCL we wouldn't get early boarding the haven already booked up, any advice did your kids enjoy the cruise kids club plenty of activities? What were their highlights? Can you prebook your dining and b being this late in booking 3/9/19 what are my chances of eating at the speciality resteraunts? Thank You Janet Rae
  14. Need advice ,does not matter about itinerary, we've cruised a lot I have done allure several years ago this cruise is for my 9 year old son spring break, he has mostly done carnival we did do liberty of the seas 2 times so I no the difference in food and atmosphere so here is the details I would like to no diferance between the harmony and symphony that would matter to him this is spring break so I expect a lot of kids on this cruise, any advise what did your kids love? What was your best part? What are the kids still talking about regarding their cruise ? Thank You janet
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