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  1. I am an experienced cruiser with carnival looking at this ship the freedom, however I have seen on a u tube video of the ship that the pool in the back by the pizza is for adults only? I have been on magic, breeze, valor, tropicale, and vista multiple times, and never seen this, its not on serenity deck. Here is my issue I have a 10yr old son and he loves the pizza and hot tub and pool at the back, if you have traveled on this ship please advise me on this. Thank You, Janet
  2. No, I just wanted to ensure they had this game my 10 year old loves it and is really good at it, smaller boat so I was not sure they had it, I am debating on booking this ship for thanksgiving not the best price but at least I won't be cooking and cleaning, or working this week. Thank U FOR THE RESPONSES. Janet
  3. Red frog pub does it have the shuffle board game like on the newer class ships? Thank you Janet
  4. We just returned from the vista 2 weeks ago first time to leave our son at home was able to FaceTime with no problem on this ship, purchased the premium plan. Janet
  5. will have to give this a try we’re on vista September 7th thank you. Janet
  6. I’m just going to take your word lol I would have stayed safe iceberg lettuce salad fried chicken baked potato this eve and of course chocolate melting cake or pecan butter ice cream Janet
  7. Thank you again watching from Texas can’t wait to see what you’re having for dinner. Janet
  8. Hello I love it your live ! Last oct they had it in alchemy and casino and dining room just wanting to ensure they still carry this,. Thank you again janet
  9. Hello I need you to confirm if carnival is still using Hendricks gin pretty please we leave on vista in a few weeks. Thank you janet
  10. Please respond if you used this service only on this ship, Leaving our son at home and I wish to FaceTime him everyday after school, does the internet work well with FaceTime apple phones? I no the service can be spotty at times but very important to us to check on him and my mother. Please advise if you have been able to do this. Some post mention as facebook talking we will do some text talking of course but I am interested in FaceTime. Thank You all for your help. Janet
  11. what brands of liquor does carnival vista carry? Gin Hendricks. Vodka grey goose where could I find a list? Thank You Janet
  12. How is it worth purchasing and if so which level thank you Janet
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