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  1. We are going on the NCL Dawn tomorrow actually 😊We went from a reg balcony room to an aft penthouse suite with large balcony and butler concierge service. We didn't bid a lit barely moved on the poor scale that gave you an idea of your chances. Figured we had nothing to lose..and OMG we got the bid accepted email with different room number and everything. We are super excited🤗🤗🤗
  2. Thank you so much for this! I appreciate the feed back :) I try and stay happy and positive. I am on vacation afterall!!!!
  3. Thank you everyone for your responses!!!
  4. Thank you BirdTravels. Appreciate the breakdown! I am also glad you noted the additional tip for room stewart. I was not even thinking about them!! I was thinking the butler did it all :) Very new for us and looking forward to this.
  5. Thank you for your reply David_Sobe :)
  6. Good Day All. We were just informed that our bid for the upgrade was accepted and with the new room comes a butler service. I have never had a butler service before. Just curious as to what others have experienced. Also do you tip them daily? Do you tip them before you leave? Appreciate any input :) :)
  7. Thank you for the responses :) Good points about being an experienced crew.
  8. My husband and I booked a cruise for the week of Memorial day 2019. We leave out of NY on the Dawn. We have done this route before going to FL and the Bahamas but on the GEM in the past. From what I can tell, that week is the first week the Dawn will sail from NY. Has anyone had experience with being on a ship the first week they reposition? My husband is concerned that they won't have their act together. He has also read other posts where people really think the Dawn is a downgrade from the Gem. DH wants us to reconsider and perhaps change our destination port and ship. I know vacation is what you make it, and personally I am happy just being on vacation,:cool: but thought I would put his concern out there. Appreciate the feedback :)
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