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  1. I can't imagine (at least in SE Alaska) that a pilot would say it's unsafe to enter an area, be it a port, Tracy Arm, etc. and the captain would override, take over navigation and proceed. The liability should something go wrong would be huge. The simulations in the SEAPA report are quite interesting. Current seems to be a big factor as well. Chengkp75, where are you in Maine? I'm in Castine.
  2. You’re absolutely right in that the final say about what happens on the ship always lies with the Master. You should read the report, it’s quite interesting. https://krbd-org.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/SEAPA_VLCS-v2.pdf?_ga=2.61333353.495801582.1555855097-69405248.1555855097
  3. But she still won’t be allowed into Ketchikan if the winds are predicted to be higher than 15 knots....
  4. The captain isn’t in charge of navigating in SE Alaska. The pilot is. And the pilots are saying that the Royal, which has twin fixed pitch propellers instead of azipods like the other big ships shouldn’t go into Ketchikan when the wind is forecast to be over 15 knots. She has over 3 acres of surface exposed to the wind when it’s blowing on the side of the ship. That’s a dang big sail and she crabs sideways. She also doesn’t steer well at slow speeds. The problem in Ketchikan is that she can’t get thru the Narrows safely with her wind surface if the wind speed is too high.
  5. From the SEAPA report - Ketchikan is a no-go if wind are above 15 knots. This is with minimal current in the Narrows. Juneau is a no-go if winds are greater than 20 knots with current or 25 knots at slack. Skagway is a no-go if winds are greater than 25 knots. This is the SEAPA report. https://krbd-org.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/SEAPA_VLCS-v2.pdf?_ga=2.61333353.495801582.1555855097-69405248.1555855097
  6. I believe it’s a short tour that goes out to Savage River where you get out and walk around. Not even as long as the Natural History tour.
  7. What are you looking for? It’s possible to buy tanned moose and caribou but you have to look for it. Many of the fur shops will sell furs such as fox or beaver.
  8. Record-breaking heat this month and not much snow. However April is still winter in Alaska.
  9. You can easily kill a few hours in Whittier. Walk along the dock to the ferry terminal and check out the local stores. Best fresh seafood in Alaska at the Swiftwater Cafe. Laundries as mentioned above. A few gift stores. Ice cream. A small museum to explore. The harbor store is worth a look. They have everything a local could want....
  10. Soho Coho gallery on Creek Street in Ketchikan!
  11. Yes, the fishing charters in Juneau are trolling. You can book thru the ship or directly with one of the charter brokers in Juneau. The are numerous six-pack charter boats out of Auke Bay. It looks like this year king salmon will be catch and release...
  12. The locals wear crocs, flip-flops, and xtratuffs among other things. It’s a flat trail so no special hiking gear needed.
  13. You generally change time zones before or after Ketchikan on the sea day. Unless you come from Japan and then it gets REALLY complicated....
  14. It’s not dark in Alaska in the summer, unless you’re coming late in the season. I prefer to drive in the wee hours when the motor homes are tucked in for the night.
  15. One of my top 10 Alaska excursions!
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