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  1. This is good news. My future credit no longer shows in my account, which I read on another thread, can be a sign of the refund finally coming.
  2. Good to know. I was hoping this is possible, as I'm booked on the first Glory sailing in September.
  3. I plan to do just that. But really want it all confirmed before I board, as if I were to lose, I prefer to pay the pre boarding prices.
  4. From daiquiris to soda and juice, you're covered! View Online
  5. Yeah, I thought about this.... not sure what to do now.
  6. Thank you!!!! I finally figured it all out. I have 2 cruises booked and am excited to save a little bit of $$$.
  7. I just recently started using the Allstate drivewise, I don't understand where I need to use the code to claim the points. TIA
  8. I just recently started using the Allstate drivewise, I don't understand where I need to use the code to claim the points. TIA
  9. Nope, gratuities were included.
  10. It's not in the offers. You have to follow thru as if booking a cruise . Once you've messed a choice on cabin type, it Weil be in the list of available fares.
  11. It appears to be about a 25% savings off the price of the drink package.
  12. Found it. Use your VFP number in your search (Carnival site), once you've made your cabin type selection, "view more" for all of the available fares.
  13. I'm not seeing this offer. It's it caribbean? Balcony? TIA
  14. Maybe it will be just a few weeks...... still hopeful.
  15. This is exactly what I'm thinking/hoping. They are being cautious 🤗
  16. Good morning, I just noticed my booking info says "do not change " next to my cabin information. How do I change this to an option of "I'm just fine with a change"? TIA, Robin
  17. Im booked on the Jan 2 sailing, as I always do when i've got a cruise booked, I went to website I booked from (this time that would be Carnival) and I CANNOT find any sailings on Mardi Gras for January and February? I hope its as simple as they are changing the itineraries and not cancelling the sailings?
  18. Good morning! We are booked on Escape January 2020. This is our first cruise as platinum and I have a few questions, if I may? Do I need to book my dinners on board? Or can I book using the planner and it will automatically carry over as a platinum perk? Laundry? What is the last day I can send out our free bag of laundry? I understand it is one bag for each of us? I thought at one time I saw some info about writing something on the bag/paperwork to ensure it is well known as a free bag of laundry, what should I say? TIA, Robin
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