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  1. I was just on Allure last week. I don't recall the time for suite guests since we did self debark....but you can get off later if you wanted to just so long as it is after your "zone", ie: if you are zone 5...but you get off with zone 40..that'll be fine. To be real honest, RCCL never says no...so as long as you're off when they need the ship to be empty you'll be fine. As far as breakfast goes, Windjammer was open super early (545am), Cafe Promenade was open at 6am, Park Cafe was 6am I believe as well. Hope this helps
  2. I was just on Allure last week. Our time said 1230-1...but we showed up at 10am, checked in by 10:05am, waited in the lounge and got on board by 1030am. No questions asked. Very quick and easy!
  3. Does anyone know if Verizon works without roaming at either San Juan, St. Marteen, or Labadee? Thanks!
  4. Don't be a mean human. You could have easily skipped over this thread based on the title. Seriously, just try to be a nice human, we need more of them in this world.
  5. Does anyone have a recent copy of all cruise compasses for Allure of the Seas...Eastern? Thx!
  6. I thought this was a good idea to post a more updated thread! Too bad Host Clarea made you feel like a horrible person by requesting a new one...I've noticed they have been "know all tell all" type of poster on other topics too. I'm sorry you didn't get your request for tips and tricks answered!
  7. Does junior suites on Allure have access to Costal Kitchen? What exactly is the perks of Costal Kitchen. I have never sailed Jr. Suite before...pardon my ignorance! Thanks!
  8. Is there a behind the scenes tour on Allure? If so, how much? how long? and what day do they usually have it? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know which one of these rooms has the bed near the balcony? Or are they all the same layout since it is a jr. suite?
  10. Is there a cap on how many alcoholic drinks and non alcoholic drinks?
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