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  1. We’ve never had any complaints on the beds on any of our cruises, but it all depends on taste/preference.
  2. The only time we weren’t at the bar to order was at a restaurant (we brought our cards to give). But having to take it off constantly would be annoying.
  3. My wife and I enjoyed having them on Harmony. We were in a GS so they were complimentary, but we found use for them. My bathing suit pockets are iffy at best, so it was nice having the wrist band since they let you keep them on when riding the flowrider and slides. No issues at bars getting drinks, just hold out your arm and tap the reader. We took our cards to restaurants anyway so we didn’t have to fumble taking the wristband on/off to order drinks. Of course, like anything on board, anything that costs extra you have to decide for yourself if it’s worth it.
  4. I have had no complaints for drink quality on any of my cruises. The simple drinks (rum/coke, bourbon/coke, etc)actually tend to be on the strong side.
  5. I was able to book it several weeks ahead on both my Harmony cruise last April and my Mariner cruise a few weeks ago. Both were in the planner all the way up until embarkation.
  6. There are these near the pool bar.
  7. I would think either the Schooner bar or Bamboo room for similar ambience (this is based on a quick google search on the alchemy bar). Most of the different bars onboard will have unique offerings to that location. As mentioned, the adult only solarium area is quiet, they don’t play their own music. Just hot tubs, a smallish pool, and a dedicated bar. There are also some cushy chairs and platform-type beds you can lounge on near the windows. As for food, I didn’t have a meal there that I didn’t like. Order more than one appetizer/entree if you want. Lunch in the MDR is hit or miss, breakfast is always good.
  8. The suite lounge has a full bar available for purchase 11a-11p. Soda and bottled water available for free all day. Cocktail hour from 5-830 with select cocktails/beer/wine for free. As far as free beer/wine all day, YMMV. When I was onboard last April, there was no free beer/wine all day. Some have said there is. It could be either way when you get onboard.
  9. Wait, doesn't doing the first one cause the second one? 🤣
  10. I also recommend diving/snorkeling. DW and I used subway water sports and were very pleased. We would use them again.
  11. I was on Navigator’s last cruise before she repo’d away from Galveston, also without passengers. I asked some of the crew the same question. They do clean some (but that is always happening somewhere on board), train, rest/downtime.
  12. My wife and I slept great on mariner recently. We’ve slept great in the Nav and Harmony, too.
  13. My wife and I just did our first 4-night on mariner. We needed a quick last minute getaway, and this was the easiest to logistically do with leaving a two y/o with grandparents. We drive to my wife’s parents on Saturday and drop off child and spend the night there, flew to Miami on Sunday and spent the day there, cruise Monday-Friday, spent the rest of Friday in Miami, flew back Friday night and had the whole weekend to pick up daughter and head home to unpack/laundry and whatnot before work on Monday. So while we prefer longer cruises, the Monday-Friday cruises are definitely in our back pocket while we have little ones that won’t be cruising with us until they are older. There was definitely a younger crowd on board, but it was also prime spring break time, so there was that too.
  14. We enjoyed 150 Central Park. That said, my wife agrees with Bob (host Clarea); the only reason we went to an upcharge restaurant was because our TA gave us a free voucher.
  15. I had no problems doing this for my wife and I on Mariner last week.
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