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  1. Is it the fact that you have 343 unread emails? 🤷‍♂️🧐🤔😁
  2. Yep, my wife and I sailed on her back in March. Great ship, lots of new amenities/upgrades, plenty to do or not do. We thoroughly enjoyed the sailing.
  3. Vision OTS November 2020 11-night is showing a normal $52 per night.
  4. Paper straws. You have to drink your drink fast before the straw comes apart.
  5. Yep, there are people who will do it at almost any price. Just like the staterooms example, there are people who pay $10-20-30k for the star class staterooms. I could never justify that to my wife when we can get a room for $2-3k or less. To each their own 🤷‍♂️
  6. Not on the flowrider. That said, the crew manning the flowrider have offered to hold it and walk around me as I was riding to get some good shots.
  7. my wife and i thoroughly enjoyed our GS on Harmony. the dividing will help separate the kid's room from the parent's room. we liked deck 7, but any of the middle decks will have quick/easy access to central park, boardwalk, and the promenade. plus we liked having the balcony farther away from the noise of the pool decks. at night being on decks 6/7/8 on your balcony it's so peaceful just hearing the silence and the swish of the hull through the water. great way to start and end the day.
  8. Our Mariner cruise in March we flew in the day before. Flew into FLL, Uber to the hotel (around $35-$40 total for two) in Miami, then just caught Uber to POM the next day at our leisure. Same thing after the cruise to get back to FLL. Super easy.
  9. Wow. Something that is actually priced consistently. I was thinking more the prices of the drinks themselves might vary, though, not the card itself.
  10. You may also want to specify what ship and sailing you are on. Pricing may not be the same fleet-wide.
  11. On Harmony last year our charge didn’t show up until almost a month after we returned.
  12. The aft junior suites have large balconies (good) and have a long walk to get to them (less good), but otherwise all the rooms themselves are the same. I would say determine what part of the ship you want to be on or near and go from there. The more centrally located you are the easier it will be to navigate the ship and generally have less motion than the rooms on either end.
  13. This. Voyager class are a little bigger, but still super easy to navigate. Lots to do, good entertainment.
  14. Another vote for Ocean Explorers. Great outfit, smaller boat with small group, great crew. We will use them again next time we’re in St Maarten.
  15. These are Spanish welds. Much stronger! 😁
  16. We, too, were on a Mariner 4-night out of Miami. Ours was back in March. I’d say probably 50% of the people dressed up for the “dress to impress” night. I brought my suit, but ended up leaving the tie in the room.
  17. So question related to this since my current booking is the first cruise that we've booked far enough out to watch for price changes. My current booking shows to be the same price but Royal has added $300obc. I'm currently getting a $200 C&A discount. Can a TA keep my C&A number on the reservation for points/perks but not take the discount so I can get the OBC instead of the discount? (300 OBC vs 200 discount)
  18. Small caveat about shows: you DO need to reserve a spot in the COMEDY VENUE. The big venues (aqua theater, main theater) have suite-reserved seating, but the small comedy venue does not and you will need to reserve that ahead.
  19. Depends on the ship and sailing. Our next cruise is 11 nights, so the key at the new price for two would be $814, another $200 and I can just upgrade to a grand suite. So it just depends on the situation. It it wasn’t a blanket statement meant for everyone in every situation 👍
  20. Simple supply and demand. It was selling out quickly pre-cruise, so they’ll raise the price until the hit a diminishing return. I was on the fence at 20/person (we usually get internet anyway since we leave little ones with grandparents and want to be reachable), but for that price I’d rather just book a suite when on oasis/quantum.
  21. We’ve never had any complaints on the beds on any of our cruises, but it all depends on taste/preference.
  22. The only time we weren’t at the bar to order was at a restaurant (we brought our cards to give). But having to take it off constantly would be annoying.
  23. My wife and I enjoyed having them on Harmony. We were in a GS so they were complimentary, but we found use for them. My bathing suit pockets are iffy at best, so it was nice having the wrist band since they let you keep them on when riding the flowrider and slides. No issues at bars getting drinks, just hold out your arm and tap the reader. We took our cards to restaurants anyway so we didn’t have to fumble taking the wristband on/off to order drinks. Of course, like anything on board, anything that costs extra you have to decide for yourself if it’s worth it.
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