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  1. Thanks for the great reports. I shall miss reading about your adventures.
  2. I did a couple of world cruises on Aurora - Both around 106 nights. I’m afraid I took 6 suitcases and 18 pairs of shoes! I think There were at least 30 formal evenings but that might be less now (did mine in 2012 and 2013). I certainly wore formal outfits at least twice. It mostly all fitted in my cabin wardrobe but was glad not to be sharing. The suitcases went inside each other and under my beds but the cabin steward will also store any of the cases for you that are not hidden away. Visiting the launderette is a necessary evil and timing was everything. A laundry bag, washing machine tablets and colour catcher are essentials! Many of the visas you can do online but for trickier ones I used CIBT who were and I presume still are located opposite London Victoria Station. I found them very efficient. It will be something you will never regret doing.
  3. Please let us know how you get on. I think your experience has been a lesson for all those first time cruisers as this sort of holiday is not cheap and you want to enjoy the looking forward to it, not stressing over the dining and what the TA may or may not have told your MIL. It will all sort itself out one way or another so have a fab holiday and enjoy the wonderful cruise ahead of you.
  4. I suspect you are quite correct in what you say, and in my personal opinion that is a great shame.
  5. Never been on Ventura, but I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Thank you.
  6. Having done two full World cruises in 2012 and 2013 on Aurora I have to say I loved every moment. How anyone could be bored visiting new countries and new ports is beyond me. I would agree the food gets a little monotonous, but then so does my weekly food rota at home. I believe in 2012 there were 800 passengers doing the full World Cruise and the following year there were less.
  7. You cannot book the Glasshouse before you sail. Has to be done on board so maybe that is why not on Cruise Personaliser. The tasting menu at Glasshouse is a good option for a solo traveller as you are usually seated at one big table (at least this was the case in previous years).
  8. Agree and it’s staggeringly unbelievable....
  9. Agree with your post Julia. There will be many passengers not on this forum who will know nothing about any potential changes to the CPS parking arrangements. I would doubt CPS will advise everyone already booked with them.
  10. Thanks for the info Selbourne. Do you know if this new practice is also going to be at the Mayflower Terminal or is it just at the Ocean Terminal?
  11. Very helpful advice - thank you Selbourne.
  12. Absolutely agree with what you say as I assume it will effect all cruise passengers from all ships and presumably at all terminals.
  13. I agree - my cases do have wheels - but my point is when i opted for CPS instead of on board credit I didn't think i was going to have to lift them out of the boot etc. Plus when i did my world cruises i most certainly would not have wanted to transport my six cases to the hole in the wall myself. Just another erosion and downgrading of the "cruise experience". It won't stop me going on a cruise, but when you add all thses little things together...... I know most will probably disagree, but just my opinion.
  14. What slightly annoys me is that when i opted to reduce my OBC and take the CPS car parking it was under the old regime of driving right up to the terminal and not having to manhandle my cases. Now, i am fit and able so it is not really an issue - but it is a point of principal that once again after having booked something (or at least a service that is offered by them) the rules change!!! Some passengers may turn up completely oblivious to any possible changes and this could potentially cause unnecessary stress. Anyway, let's hope the trial doesn't work......
  15. Given that this debacle happened and the P&O brand has been tarnished by this incident - I wonder what P&O will do / can do to stop this type of incident happening on a more regular basis.....
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