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  1. I absolutely agree. It feels bit scary venturing further from your local neighboured, which is so ridiculous. But this is our life for the foreseeable so being mindful and careful, I shall start to be brave. My world cruise as a solo on Aurora In 2012 seems a very very long time ago now.
  2. I too sailed on Sea Princess/Victoria between 1991 and 2000. A wonderful ship.... The Riviera Bar was at the pointy end of the ship by the library and was one of the worst places to be if it was rough (or with a “respectable swell” as the officer from the bridge used to like calling anything over a force 6) We sailed through the Kiel Canal on her en route to the Baltic and I clearly remember people coming to the ends of their gardens to wave to us. The Cruise Director on many of our cruises was the wonderful Ian Fraser who would know almost all of the passengers and his bingo calling was a highlight of a sea day afternoon! I seem to recall there being a roll call/list of all passengers in the Reception area. Although no cabins were listed I cannot see that ever happening now. No kettles in cabins but the cabin steward would bring your morning tea or coffee with custard creams at your requested time. Happy Days indeed.
  3. Yep. I got that email. Tells you absolutely nothing! What a surprise......
  4. I've just read that blog Andy. I am very surprised the times were changed without any prior notification to those joining the cruise. I do Freedom so it wouldn't have affected me, but i would not be happy if my set dining time had changed from 6.30 to 6pm.
  5. On Aurora a few weeks ago there was no chefs parade but the chefs came to the table to say hello. The biscuits in the cabin were dreadful but apparently they will be changed when the current supply runs out. We were on freedom and had no menus, but club diners did have them. We had bottled water in cabin ( and they tried to charge me for the complimentary one!). We had wine waiters and the waiters that took our order still wore it on the same old note pads. I didn't get slippers but think i was just missed out (not bothered). We did have the log of the cruise on the last evening. Still love Aurora despite the little things disappearing.
  6. To get rid of the flag waving is a very good idea as it’s rather naff and not good environmentally. But, I cannot see why the sing-a-long shouldn’t continue. After all there are plenty of places you can go to avoid and it does usually only last an hour. But tbh, not fussed either way.
  7. I have found taking Echinacea helps to either prevent a cold or lessen the symptoms should one succumb. I take them for about 10 days before a holiday or an occasion i need to be fit for. Again i don't believe it will do any harm in taking them for a short time.
  8. Reading all these posts about the new CP makes me wonder what the poor people at P&O answering the phones think and do they report it to a higher authority and does that higher authority care. I have a cruise soon and thankfully all excursions etc were done on the old system. Everything was correct a few weeks ago and I am certainly not going to send my blood pressure into orbit by checking the new one! I never thought I would be glad not to be cruising next year!
  9. Aurora always looks lovely when decorated for Christmas. I'm looking forward to the Christmas Markets cruise in a couple of weeks.....
  10. I had this too and the email was not clear at all and in my view dreadful marketing as none knows what an earth it all about. I deleted it as wasn’t sure it was genuine......
  11. I would have thought that eating the joy of going on a cruise is trying all sorts of different foods that you may never have tried before and if you don’t like what you are served then the waiter will always bring you something else - no charge either!!
  12. I would agree with you completely with what you say when on a warm cruise. Nothing better than sitting at the aft end in the sunshine. But when the weather is cold or inclement the MDR is much better than the scrum upstairs. I love it that we all think differently tho,,,,,,
  13. To the best of my knowledge they haven’t given out disembarkation luggage labels for a few years now. When you get off at your allotted time your baggage will be in the baggage hall in deck order. Seems to work well.
  14. The Tasting menu evening is nice but imo not as lovely as a “normal” evening in Sindhu. We found it tiresomely slow and I think we sat down at 6.30 and left the table over three hours later.
  15. That’s lovely to hear that both shore-side and on the ship were so kind to you. I personally think Neil Turnbull is a great Captain. On a world cruise a few years ago on Aurora we arrived bright and early in Mumbai and he let all the crew off first as they had such little time with their families. Capt. Turnbull quite obviously valued his crew and was considerate towards them which meant a very happy set of waiters, stewards etc etc. There were of course a few passengers who complained!
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