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  1. Looking for advice on location. We disembark our cruise at 5 am and have one night to stay in Venice. We would like to visit the touristy areas and debating between staying close to the cruise port (Hotel Olimpia) or staying close to Saint Marks square (Hotel Ala). Our flight is at 11am the next morning, also wondering how much time we need to allow to get to the airport. Would one hotel be a better location, or not?
  2. We will be in Rome July of next year. Our time in port was 7am to 8pm and now extended to 10pm. Im not really sure why that changed, just happy it did.
  3. Our time in Rome has been lengthened by our ship for 2 extra hours. Im wondering if Italytours would let us remain touring Rome longer than we would have been? Maybe for a price We will be using them for 3 ports, are all the extra tickets bought online by us? Are we going to be in any lines to purchase tickets when we get there? Also, once we have 8 people, do we have to pay then, or can we wait closer to the tour date?
  4. Looking for people who have used Carnivals Fly2Fun program, was it a good deal and would you do it again? We will be flying overseas for a mediterranean cruise.
  5. Sounds and looks Amazing! We have a whole year until we cruise, but I am sold on this idea for our Marsailles day. I would love to hear about your experience when you get back! Have a safe and fun trip!
  6. I was just going to ask this same question. Im wondering how to get to the kayak boats as well. There must be a bus or taxi at the port. Did you book the tour yet?
  7. Wondering if anyone has stayed at Hotel Catalunya in the Gothic District? The are seems good for sight seeing, just thought Id ask if anyone has stayed here. Has anyone had a good experience staying in the Gothic area?
  8. Has anyone taken a tour from this port other than to florence or pisa? I would like to visit parts of Cinque Terre, and take a boat tour around there. Looking for advice on some tour groups, or should we try and brave it on our own?
  9. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but i didn't see it. Our cruise is not until next summer, at what point should i think about booking? It might be just 2 of us, will the company add people in from our cruise or do we need to find more before we book? The reviews here are so good, we might use them for our 3 ports in Italy!
  10. I have a few questions as well. Although this post has helped me some, Im still not sure where to stay. We disembark in the morning and are staying in Venice for two days. I think I will take your advice and stay somewhere in Venice that is on a canal and the atmosphere is traditional or vintage. Would the hotel be able to hold our luggage while we explore during the day? Do most hotels provide a water taxi to the airport? We think we will do our own thing and just get lost in the city. Walking, taking gondola rides, getting gelato, searching for the best coffee and finding a romantic dinner place. Not wanting to spend a fortune, but hope to find something priced around 150-180.
  11. We finish our cruise in Venice as well, 5am to be exact. I like your idea of the Holiday Inn, would they allow you to keep your luggage before check in time? Did it cost you to shuttle each way to the city? It states a $9 fee, was that what you paid each way, each time?
  12. I just called Carnival and they basically said SOL, DH is now talking to them. lol. Could you tell me where the Form is, I don't think Ive ever filled one out before. I guess its been a while since we cruised.
  13. Purchased our cruise yesterday and now see there is a $50 onboard credit for our cabin if we book today. Are we eligible for that deal now, or SOL?
  14. Wondering some logistics to ending our cruise in Barcelona. We will have already spent a few days here before our cruise and would like to fly back home after we disembark. I gather booking a taxi from the cruise port to the Airport is best? Im wondering what time I should book our flight home, and how long it will take to get to the Airport and through security? We arrive in port at 5am, but disembark at the earliest 7am on a Sunday. Any thoughts are appreciated!
  15. Where exactly does RCI dock? On the itinerary it says 3 places. We will be docked for 12 hours, but how much can we see in one day?
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