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  1. So a temporary vaccination requirement to safely resume cruising is suddenly the catalyst to champion social equity, equal opportunity and fairness in society 😂
  2. Celebrity will have less of an issue but the way she put it was they will look at bookings, determine the count of guests under 18 and make adjustments or open it back up to minors until they hit the 5% mark. You couldn’t be at 94%. She said everyone 18+ must be vaccinated. They’ll either trim capacity or continue to let minors book until they hit the threshold. In theory these could run at 100% vaccinated.
  3. Celebrity said the same thing Tuesday. Everyone 18+ is vaccinated, up to 5% of the total capacity can be minors. Age limit, for now, is not changing to 12 or 16 based on the Pfizer vaccine. Minors are encouraged to be vaccinated but do not have to be.
  4. I wouldn't put too much faith that they really have any understanding of what is going on. Some well known vloggers have gotten certain points of this fundamentally wrong today. To further complicate if you want, there is nothing preventing a single cruise line from saying ship #1 will do test cruises and try to sail without mostly vaccinated guests and ship #2 will sail with 95% vaccinated guests. I don't think they will go that route, but there is nothing stopping them since the actual CSO itself is on a ship by ship basis.
  5. They do. This set of guidelines applies to both simulated (test) and restricted capacity cruises. The document is called COVID-19 Operations Manual for Simulated and Restricted Voyages under the CSO. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/covid19-operations-manual-cso.html The mask mandate is different and has no defined end date.
  6. This point seem to have flown under the radar a bit: To reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, cruise ship operators must: Provide passengers and crew with information on how to properly wear, take off, and clean cloth masks. Remind passengers and crew not to touch their masks when wearing them. Position posters educating passengers on how to properly wear masks in high traffic areas throughout the ship Ensure bathers wear masks while congregating outside of recreational water facilities (RWFs) and while seated on the pool deck area. Masks do not need to be worn
  7. I'm more shocked people actually go to land buffets.
  8. Test (simulated) cruises do not have the 95% vaccination threshold guideline. You can be vaccinated or state you are not at high risk. As part of the simulated cruise requirements, there is testing at debarkation and again 3-5 days after that. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/ti-simulated-voyages-cso.html Requirements Relating to Laboratory Testing
  9. It's really two separate issues. COVID protocols (masks, social distancing, limited capacity, etc. etc etc.) were not simply going to go away or be largely lifted no matter how you cut it. And I don't think Nov 1 is the magic date for that to happen either but that's another topic. However, the second issue, If you choose to forego having a highly vaccinated pax/crew mix, you have to prove your protocols work at mitigating the spread of COVID. I do think if a true 100% vaccinated pax/crew requirement was actually mandated things would look much different, but that app
  10. They are not different. The bulleted requirements in the document I linked apply to any cruise until at least Nov 1. Aside from that, the separate mask mandate also applies. There are different requirements specific to Simulated (test) cruises that are listed here: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/ti-simulated-voyages-cso.html
  11. There is no differentiation. There are simulated voyages and restricted passenger voyages. Simulated voyages = test cruises Restricted passenger voyages = cruises with paying passengers operating under the CSO guidelines through (tentatively) Nov 1. The guidelines listed in this document apply to both: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/covid19-operations-manual-cso.html You can choose to sail paid passenger cruises with 95%/98% passengers/crew vaccination and skip operating test/simulated cruises. OR you can opt to do test cruises, have your test
  12. As of this past weeks call, with the caveat that obviously every element of this situation is subject to change, they were sticking to the 18+ guideline regardless of changes in availability for younger people. If all three US vaccines had the same or similar age guideline, I think they would reevaluate.
  13. The CSO tentatively expires on Nov 1 but can be extended or modified so these guidelines are only applicable from the restart date to Nov 1. The mask order is separate and has no defined end date. Only applies to cruises from US ports.
  14. Everyone 18 and older will have to be vaccinated. They will allow up to 5% of the total guest count for those under 18 who do not qualify for a vaccine yet. So if they have a 1000 people booked they will allow up to 50 people below age 18 who are potentially unvaccinated.
  15. Did NCL read this part??? https://cruiseradio.net/norwegian-cruise-line-shore-excursion-rules-restrictions/ Shore Excursions & Transportation Services To reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, cruise ship operators must: Prohibit self-guided or independent exploration by passengers during port stops.
  16. Quite the opposite really. It says you have two options for simulated cruises. If you'd like to skip the simulated cruises step, you need to attest to having 95% of your passengers vaccinated and 98% of your crew vaccinated. Otherwise, you are agreeing to do simulated cruises. Your passengers are either vaccinated or you provide a letter from a doctor or yourself stating you are not someone at high risk of COVID in order to participate in the simulated cruise.
  17. None at all. I think that will be a Richard Fain level discussion or announcement when they get clarity to definitively find their 'out' or FL comes to their senses.
  18. I didn't wade through all posts but Peter Giorgi left Celebrity for Equinox Group. Not to be confused with the Celebrity Equinox. They own/operate Equinox, SoulCycle, PURE Yoga, Blink Fitness, Precision Run, Equinox Hotels, PROJECT by Equinox, Equinox Explore and Equinox Media. Looks like he's again taking on a pretty broad position similar to Celebrity also. Good luck to whoever the new person is. Tough crowd.....
  19. If July happens it seems like Edge is a given to start, Equinox would follow especially once mid August hits and the 9/12 night cruises need shifted. Then Summit is scheduled for Bermuda then Iceland before heading back to the Caribbean. I could see the Iceland cruises getting scrapped and leaving that ship at a US port as well. Eventually you would have your 3 by September or so.
  20. Conversation with Canada to allow a technical stop. Without that in place Alaska cruises are dead no matter what the CDC does. I wouldn't count it out just yet. Depending on how the early Edge cruises go, if there is any feasible way to deploy Equinox I can't imagine they will let it sit empty too long, especially from mid-August through October when they are doing the 9 and 12 night cruises.
  21. None at all this time around. But it's only a matter of time IMO. She essentially confirmed the rumor floating around for a while that Edge would be the first ship to resume from the US. The only deployment or redeployment mentioned was for the Galapagos sailings. She did mention that some Alaska cruises could happen if they can get approved for a technical stop in Canada and the outlook for that is growing more and more positive.
  22. I’m confident she wasn’t referring to a specific ship. She just used Millennium as the example since that ship had just been discussed moments earlier. She was trying to convey the numbers behind the 95% vaccinated passenger rule. The good news is that they are willing to go that route rather than do test sailings. Since they have been so elusive about vaccines from US ports so far, I wasn’t so sure.
  23. The explanation was a little muddy. The example ship she used was the Millennium but she was explaining the requirements in regard to US/CDC cruise guidelines. There is no 95% rule outside of the US.
  24. They did address this. For sailings currently requiring a vaccine, the requirement is only for those 18+ regardless of whatever changes happen with vaccine availability for minors.
  25. Some clarification on vaccines. The 95% vaccinated passenger rule was intended to allow for unvaccinated minors. Celebrity will monitor bookings and if the <18yr old number reaches 5% they will cap bookings for those under 18.
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