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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I am watching the videos and really enjoying them.
  2. Thanks. Don't care about TV - never turn it on. Sounds like my kind of ship. I liked the special programs we had on the Nieuw Amsterdam to Alaska and I'm not interested in the huge ships they are building now.
  3. Thanks. It seems that the disrepair I read about applies to the staterooms. I'm wondering of anyone knows whether they will be upgraded before fall 2020.
  4. Our group is looking at a Maasdam cruise fall of 2020. I've read that the ship is in disrepair. Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know when the next update is due? Thanks.
  5. I was on the Nieuw Amsterdam at the beginning of July. Gorgeous ship, loved the activities and entertainment.
  6. Is there any place other than the one forward on Deck 11 where I can get a Cappuccino in the morning. Or can I order it from Room Service? I am on oxygen and that's a long way to go from my cabin on deck 4. I will have the Drinks package, is a cappuccino included in that?
  7. I am having trouble understanding this. If I order a drink priced at $11.00 and they add a 15% tip is the tip included in the package or will I be charged it on my account?
  8. I was not able to find anything with enough battery power to satisfy the airline as they wanted 14 hours of battery power for the flight. The alternative was to buy oxygen from the airline which was very expensive. Even then, I still needed something for the cruise and the only thing that would do the job for me weighed 18 lbs. Now this would have been my first time travelling with oxygen but I have cruised many times and I felt that lugging an 18 lb. machine on excursions and around the ship would be difficult for me. I am single and though travelling with friends, I didn't want to have to ask for assistance. I had to weigh the pros and cons and decided that it wasn't worth the stress it was causing me and decided to cancel. There aren't many cruises that leave from Vancouver and return to Vancouver but they will be the only ones open to me unless my health situation improves.
  9. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope I will be able to cruise again in the future.
  10. Thanks so much. That is what I wanted to know.
  11. Because I am unable to arrange adequate oxygen supplies I have had to cancel my cruise. Can anyone tell me how to remove myself from the roll call while staying on Cruise Critic. I hope my health will improve in the future and I will be able to cruise again. thanks.
  12. Thanks for your response. I am running into all kinds of resistance to using something like the Inogen or Simply Go Mini because of my high pulse rate and the vendors keep trying to push the Sequal on me but it is so big. I can buy oxygen from the airline for the flight but I need something portable for the cruise. I am having a respirology technical come in and re-test me to make sure I still need the plus 5. I'm almost ready to cancel my trip.
  13. My oxygen provider is telling me that I should rent the Sequal Eclipse for my upcoming cruise. It is airline accepted so that isn't the problem. The problem is that it weighs 18 lbs and I think it would be a problem to drag around on excursions although it does have a handle and rolls like a carry-on. They are telling me that the smaller machines, like the Simply-go Mini won't give me enough battery life at pulse 5.
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