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  1. Letter from Cruise CEOs Did anyone who requested a refund receive this LoveBomb?
  2. Classic denier. The body has to be exposed to a certain amount of bullets to build up a resistance to lead. Wearing kevlar isn't the answer.
  3. Watch the REVERSE! An oldie but a goodie from Canadian TV Halifax !!
  4. I've also paid in full, final payment due in June for an October sailing. I'm going to attempt to get a PARTIAL cash refund (everything except minimum deposit required to hold my booking). If I cancel and rebook later, I KNOW I won't get as good a rate as I have now. But I'm extremely nervous about losing all my $$ if NCL goes belly up. Doubt this effort works, but will post results.
  5. Precisely why I asked. I come here to learn about matters from others who may be more informed than I. When someone like dasmonkey presents himself as well-versed on a subject but can't attach the correct link, his expertise becomes suspect in my view. The facts he cites are easily confirmed elsewhere, but.... Yes, it could also be a simple mistake, which an intelligent poster would readily acknowledge. Edit: Which I now see that he has done.
  6. Is this the correct Link you intended to embed?
  7. What he said VvVvVvVvVv As long as nobody goes Ch.11 / Ch.7 bankruptcy, taking my cash or FCC with them. Might not be as far-fetched as it seemed a week ago. I'll take my cash refund & book another cruise when things clear up, unless NCL goes belly up, in which case I have my cash. My FCC goes to Sh*t if NCL goes belly up.
  8. As far as your billing goes, track it AS YOU GO. Keep an eye on your account, viewable on your stateroom TV > if not daily, at least every other day. Resolve questions or disputes ASAP. If you wait until the last night to contest anything, or debarkation day, you'll likely be standing in a line with many dozens of your newest friends at Guest Services. And once you're off the ship, good F*ing luck if you need to straighten out any charges by phone/email/snailmail etc.
  9. This post gets to the core. However.... you cite a spectrum of actions ranging from good consumer investigation, through unscrupulous or unethical conduct, to outright fraud/theft. If consumers perceive (rightly or wrongly) that they are dealing with a vendor who tends toward the unethical/fraudulent end of that spectrum>> in the sense of false advertising or failure to meet contracted standards>> it's understandable how virulent the responses may become. But confronting fellow-posters who have unrealistic and self-absorbed expectations is an admirable if impractical fool's errand. Certainly these threads indicate that some harbor mendacious attitudes reflected in their actions toward the Line while cruising. But I want to believe that's a micro-minority looking to justify their behaviors as a 'squaring of accounts'. I also want to believe that the Corporate 'leave no $ untouched' strategy is geared much more at the majority of participants who are willfully ignorant and happily unconcerned with NCL's profit motive (horrors!). By definition, that majority includes very few CC members. I haven't seen where ANY NCL practice plunges to the depths of some of the calculated, unprincipled deceit I've witnessed by fellow Pax. That's how we're different.
  10. We participate in every CC slot pull available on our cruises. We met some of our closest cruise-buddies, whom we still make time to see 6 years after, at a slot pull. My only (minor) complaint is when the machine selected is difficult to view for a large crowd: located at a deadend, squeezed into a narrow aisle of other games, a 'low' machine height-wise, or too close to another group event. Lots of fun to play, but as stated upthread, sometimes you're only aware of what's happening during your 60 seconds at the helm.
  11. Rory- I'm sure TaylorMade will happily ship a dupe set of your sticks to each destination. Leave your Tour stuff at home. YouDaMan!!!
  12. I posted this about the Sox-Dodgers series in another thread.
  13. Similar thought here. If you have a FAVORITE restaurant at home, don't 'comparison shop' aboard for that type of food. Two outcomes: 1. Ship restaurant doesn't measure up to your land fave. Mmm, this was ok/blah/sucked (expected result, not good) 2. Ship restaurant was superior to your land fave. Now you go home with a diminished view of a place you've always loved (unexpected result, not good) This is why we stay away from Moderno; we've always been fond our local Churrascaria.
  14. Embarked from Boston last fall aboard NCL Dawn on day of World Series Game 1, Sox v. Dodgers. Straight to Guest Services to inquire whether it would be shown on big screen in atrium (?) "No sir. I'm sorry." "So I'll have to watch it in my cabin?" "Umm, no sir.... I'm afraid we haven't contracted for that feed. It won't be available anywhere on the ship." "Oh Man! You're Sh*tting me!! Oh MAN!!! I'll tell you what buddy, I don't want to be YOU explaining that to 2,000 Boston fans for the next 6 hours." No Broadcast ANYWHERE on board that night. Next morning>>> Captain's Announcements: "As a result of feedback from our valued passengers, we have purchased the satellite feed for the American World Series. You will be able to view all remaining games beginning this evening." Ask nicely. All of you.
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