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  1. Just found out about this today and came to post but I found yours first. If you have a Chase Freedom card you can pair with this offer (by paying with paypal) for 15% off. That's a pretty great deal.
  2. I would suggest just waiting, I don't always get an email and sometimes it takes a few extra days on one card vs. another for no apparent reason. If the credit doesn't show up after a week or two (especially with the holiday) of the charge posting then you can give Amex a call but I doubt that will be necessary and they would probably just tell you to wait until 90 days anyways. You are eligible to use it on the main and authorized user card as long as the authorized user has their own login and the card number is different so it sounds like everything is fine there, no worries about eligibility.
  3. What you're describing is a credit card with an authorized user. Amex does authorized user cards a little differently from other issuers and the authorized user card has a different number and separate login. In this situation you are able to add and use Amex offers on both the main card and the authorized users card without issue. What Amex does limit, as noted above, is the adding of an offer to multiple different cards under the same login. Once you add an offer to one card under your login it will disappear from the other cards under your login. So if you are an authorized user on your DH's card and you also have your own Amex card and the same offer shows up on both cards you will only be able to add it to one card or the other. I believe that the MR offer (get 10,000 MR points back for $500 spend) and the cash back offer ($100 back for $500 spend) are considered separate offers so if you are lucky enough to get both offers on the same login you would be able to add and use both of those offers.
  4. Hey Jen, first let me say that I really appreciate your reviews. I've never been to Disney or on DCL but one day I'm going to bite the bullet and just pay the money because it looks like a lot of fun (they're so expensive though...ugh!). I haven't finished reading this one yet but going through the Bonaire section and wanted to comment. I was really surprised when I saw where they took you to snorkel... There is much better snorkeling over by that island you were talking about where they quarantined people, Klein Bonaire. I've gone snorkeling with Woodwind twice in Bonaire and it has been phenomenal both times. Definitely suggest checking them out if you plan to go back. They do tend to book up far in advance because they're so good but there are several companies that can take you out to Klein Bonaire. Also, it's drift snorkeling, so you don't even have to do a ton of swimming you just float and let the current move you. I've read that you can also take a ferry over to the island and then do your own drift snorkeling from one part of the beach to another and then walk back but Woodwind is awesome so I've never seriously considered doing that.
  5. Speaking of the cruise planner... is anyone else having trouble with it? I know issues pop up from time to time but I have never experienced it. I log in to the website and I can see my cruise on the dashboard. I click on "Plan My Cruise" and it takes me to the old style page where it asks me for my reservation number, name, date of departure, and ship name. I enter all that stuff in and click on "submit" and then I get an error page that says the webpage doesn't even exist. I've tried multiple browsers, clearing cookies/cache, etc. not sure what else to do at this point.
  6. Woodwind is FANTASTIC. Have gone with them twice and they are, by far, the best snorkeling excursion I've been on. They go out of their way to make sure your equipment is fitted properly, they split you into groups based on experience so those who might need extra help/attention get it (although they don't split families/groups up), and they actually point to things underwater and talk to you on the boat about what to look for and things you should expect to see. Plus they have a photographer who takes really great photos underwater so you can just enjoy the excursion without having to worry about taking your own pictures, although you are welcome to do so. They even have both full-face and traditional snorkel gear (I encourage you to try full-face if you haven't). And the snorkeling is the best I've experienced in the Caribbean. They take reservations 2+ years out and they always fill up because of their well-deserved reputation.
  7. I do the same because even though 2% doesn't seem like much when you get it across all spending over the course of a year it can be hundreds of dollars. That's in addition to the other benefits, like purchase protection, not being responsible for fraudulent charges, signup bonuses, Amex offers, etc.
  8. Several cards out there like the Discover it and Chase Freedom cards that are no annual fee and 5% back on rotating categories. Discover even doubles your cash back after the first year, so it's effectively 10% back the first year which is pretty great.
  9. I had no idea people actually used this credit card (or the other cruise line ones). I mean I guess there must be people who use it otherwise they wouldn't offer it, but why? Why wouldn't you just use something like the Citi Double Cash that gets you 2% cash back on everything everywhere, instead of a cruise line credit card that gets you 2% back in the form of OBC (much less flexible than real cash back) on cruise line purchases and 1% on all other purchases?
  10. Here is an article that has a video in it too. If you use Google Chrome it can translate the page for you so you can read the article. http://www.laprensa.hn/honduras/1210455-410/incendio-little-french-key-turismo-honduras
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