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  1. Hi, looking for anyone who may have traveled on this cruise in the past. I am a single female, late 50s. Don’t mind traveling alone. This particular cruise is very attractive to me - all ports that I have been to in past or would like to go to. The dates work perfectly as my intent is to be away for Christmas. A few friends who have been on SD cruises before have told me that it’s mainly couples and very few solo travelers. I don’t mind that, I am very friendly and outgoing. They still seem to feel that most couples are going to want to hang out with other couples and not have a third or a fifth wheel hanging around. I certainly wouldn’t just latch onto a couple for the entire time but it will be nice to have someone to eat a meal with a few times during the cruise. I like the small ship with 110 passengers versus ship with thousands of passengers, so would expect to have a small amount of solo travelers. Anyone care to share thoughts on this? Since I will have to pay 175% fair due to being single I want to make sure I could be prepared for spending the entire time completely alone.
  2. I've read a lot of reviews of a Cozumel Bar Hop. We are sailing on RC Allure of the Seas in a few weeks and they do not have a Cozumel Bar Hop on the ship excursions. Does anyone know of any independent ones that are reputable? thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! Where might I go on this site to learn about cabin selections? My nephew and I are booked on Harmony of the Sea's "maiden voyage" from Barcelona in June, 2016. We are currently booked on the 14th Deck, all the way in the back of the ship in an Ocean View cabin with a Balcony. We booked this on the recommendation of a friend who goes on 4-5 RC cruises a year. She said to "go as high as you can go and go towards the back of the ship." I don't think we can go any higher or any further back. I see a lot of people book balconies that overlook the "Boardwalk" or "Central Park". Is having an interior balcony where you can look at the inside action more preferable than an exterior balcony with an ocean view? I get seasick and have always been told to "go high and look out over the horizon". Any suggestions or guidance is much appreciated!
  4. Greetings from a first time RC cruiser. We are booked on the now maiden voyage of Harmony of the Seas on June 12th out of Barcelona. The ship was supposed to have its maiden voyage in April. What happens if you have a reservation on a ship like HOS and it is not finished in time, such as those who booked for the April or May cruise? Our Christmas morning breakfast discussion! Thanks!