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  1. The Carnival cheers offer is not free. You have to book under the promotion rate which is higher than you could book without Cheers. Whatever the cruise line, there is no free "lunch". At a discount perhaps, but never free. Promotions, aka marketing, only exist as long as they are getting the desired return, otherwise, poof.
  2. One small trial in a land far away from reality.
  3. I think one point of the vaccine is to reduce the chances of dying if you do get the virus. Fauci said he didn't know because it had not been studied - there was no data for or against. The drug companies were not asked to collect data on that. It is now being studied. Remember, the vaccines only have emergency approval for use and are still being studied. In any event, at a 95% effective rate, 1 in 20 vaccinated people might still come down with the virus. I'm okay with those odds.
  4. Regardless the bins were taped shut for my cruise.
  5. On MSC you will likely hear every language known to man, but not so much on Carnival. Just depends if there is a large contingent from a particular area. The FunTimes paper will be in English as will the menus. Other languages might be available on request. For some reason, don't be surprised if you hear Russian coming from a few guests, but there won't be announcements in Russian, at least that I've heard.
  6. It might be easier and faster to obtain a covid vaccine in the Caribbean than at home. Some islands have access via association with other countries or organizations like WHO - eg Cayman Islands has access. Development Banks have made over a billion dollars available. Cuba has 4 vaccines under development and China is also a source.
  7. It's all marketing gimmicks and buyer beware. Forget the promotions and book the cruise you want to book.
  8. Even before covid I almost never booked Earl Saver unless I was 100% certain I was going on the cruise. There should always be a couple of fully refundable, changeable, choose your own cabin rates available.
  9. If a Carnival cruise. and the ship would run on US dollars.
  10. I think the contagion fear factor is more likely in the other direction. Cruise ships dollars are/were a significant portion of the Bahamas GNP. Land based tourists are likely a higher risk to the Bahamas, given the absurd hurdles cruise ships are having to jump through.
  11. Not all are in the Bahamas, and I imagine waivers might be possible. It would make it easier for the cruise line to limit possible exposure to covid and increase chances of a successful cruise. I see it as a win-win and money talks,
  12. To discourage bandidos. They also taped shut the luggage space under the buses I assume to keep anything from added or removed from the buses until they got to the destination.
  13. I think there is still some confusion about the timing of the polar code conditions. As we have seen over the past year, offering and actually sailing are not the same. I doubt Carnival would consider an Antarctica route - Princess and HAL already offer, but if they did, it would be a drive by. Carnival has cruised to Greenland before, but I'm not sure they can in the future. The polar code applies to both poles. I brought the drive by factor up, because the expensive cruises actually let passengers disembark, and are limited to vessels of 500 or fewer passengers, ice r
  14. Princess only does drive by Antarctica cruises (and HAL, NCL, maybe another) and those will be ending when the Polar Code takes full effect (I think)
  15. Vancouver is a great city and for some time I have thought the port of Miami sucks, but last time wasn't too bad. It's been over a decade since I last sailed from Vancouver, so no doubt something is bound to have changed. I don't remember it being a disaster the first time, but that was sometime last century.
  16. That's if they go by balloon. Cruise ships take their time.
  17. I think it is amazing that there may not be a longer term impact to cruising as a result of covid and should facilitate cruise lines borrowing more money should they need to.
  18. Carnival has done the same, but I think from San Diego. Complete with police escort all the way to the port.
  19. World cruises are a niche market with very limited demand. Carnival prefers mass market.
  20. Several Carnival Brands do world cruises https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=514
  21. I agree Vancouver can be a disaster - maybe they will try to address that before restarting. Vancouver is a necessary evil for North or Southbound Alaska cruises because of PVSA. You see so much more than RT Seattle cruises. I pay no attention to the negative Nancys (Karens?) - every journey begins with a single step. Covid is killing thousands everyday in the US and it is unlikely herd immunity will be achieved in 2021, even with the vaccines. But hopefully we will see great progress. Again, every journey begins with a single step.
  22. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-begins-construction-on-next-mega-cruise-ship/?fbclid=IwAR28_Rk6vSsPjHE5ffDUuLWm3EoqBTpQzRxCM2rZgJxL2Ljrx7Iw7eiaEZs
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