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  1. If you can get past the reservations phase, and get to the ship, you're good. I'm not sure how they corporately accept the status quo with reservations and all the issues. It has to hurt their bottom line. Just last week I called to try and upgrade to a deluxe suite, as it was in the 5+15% voyager discount markdowns. Went online, did a mock booking and figured it would be an additional 900$. Well my friends, nope. That is 1600$ sir, and I tried to explain about the 15% until I wanted to shove a knife through my eye as it would have been less painful than that interaction. Key I think is to book once online or through a TA, don't change anything, don't try and get money back, and leave it alone until boarding day. Crazy. Just wanted too vent. Nonetheless, I'm three cruises in with them and a three week grand voyage to go, so I guess I proved my own observation wrong, despite it all I still come back!
  2. In 2015 we had Lobster, as much as you'd like in the Haven, imagine that! My how far we've come in just 4 years. So sad.Oh well crying and spilled milk and all I guess right?...
  3. I've got my popcorn and just waiting for the scene when this train derails and plummets off the trestle bridge... 😂
  4. “Man that big virtual snake maze thing on the back of the ship must print money...” - DID NO ONE SAY EVER!!! 🤣🤣
  5. Rarely do I read a post on CC that really is an education and provides great value. This post is one of the most informative and has some outstanding well thought out points. Well said and thanks for the Ratio data, thats great info I wish we had at our fingertips.
  6. Oh ok. Got it now... Aft Penthouse definitely. I really really love those staterooms. Best at sea. Courtyard, I choose YC for sure.
  7. Lifeboats loaded and she’s ready to sail, however back at the Ranch..... Nov 21st huh?? we are sailing on the TA, I’m just happy MW doesn’t build at the same pace as the Miami builder for the new Terminal!
  8. YC all day long. They do it better. Im speaking of the experience. As for staterooms, NCL has much better choices, however with the caveat of same price, to be fair it has to be a Haven Courtyard vs YC Deluxe to make a fair comparison of the experience.
  9. FYI, FDR doesn't even come anywhere close to discussing TV content on ships. FDR doesn't even come close to discussing exactly what's on the products in detail, or even in general in some cases. He discusses revenue, and broad concepts that maximize revenue, and he looks at cost/revenue/growth/capacity/sales data custom prepared for him to review, Andy gets a little closer to detail about the different aspects of the product, but still nowhere near TV content. VPs and Directors, absolutely. Just some corporate insight there for ya.
  10. Courtyard Haven and Deluxe YC, for all intent and purposes, SAME. Been in both. Aft Penthouse on a BA or BA+ class, INCREDIBLE.
  11. There is not an outdoor deck, like SS has forward of the Topsail. Topsail on SS is 2 stories high windows, MG is one story. Interesting, on Bell and Grand subsequently, they changed the design after Mera to go with the two story glass in the Topsail like on SS. They realized after I think that was a big loss in the original design. None the less, the Topsail looks beautiful as does the restaurant. The restaurant has the windows as well (one story) however they put a table height counter or plant stand (don't know how else to say it) across the entire front, so the windows really are table high, if that makes sense. Youtube has plenty of good video reviews and Vlogs, I'd check them out. Mera has a lot in common with the Divina, Splendida, etc Yacht club spaces, more than SS I'd say. Seaside is my first choice, however Mera has a lot to offer as well, if you enjoy a lot of indoor activity as we do. There's more shade on the Mera YC Sundeck though, and that's a welcome feature for us. On SS if you don't get those few loungers in the shad eon the side, no shade for you (other than a cabana or dining tables). I'm not sure Mera is an 'anthill' though, her spaces are equally as beautiful inside and the Promenade is a nice feature. At night, Seaside interior venues for dancing and activities (Haven Lounge) gets really really overcrowded, as they are small. Looks like the design of Mera gives more interior space for these venues. Either way, can't go wrong in my opinion.
  12. MSC is gonna shake the earth when they drop their capacity here. I can’t wait. Now if they can just get their IT i infrastructure and corporate support infrastructure scaled to the operation here that would be great! lol.
  13. For those who geek out like me (all others can disregard), Encore has come alive on AIS. Bridge Nav and Com systems must be on line. Good sign things should be in a good place for the Conveyance.
  14. Same!!! Agree 100%!! Booked three more YCs between now and next November.
  15. This is unacceptable. Lately NCL is making these bad decisions at their customers expense, literally. They just came out of one of the most expensive dry docks in history, there should be zero MX needed. This screams poor planning. One of the best aspects of Haven is the restaurant. Its an entire different experience than specialty dining. They should have announced this in advance for those like me that would avoid this sailing, and they need to reimburse some of the extreme cost of Haven to their guests. Thats my $0.02. I’ve given up on Haven experience for the Yacht Club. Even if the costs were equal, they do it better. I sail NCL still, but not in Haven, balconies and MSuites, with Spa and Vibe and Specialty Dining and still love that product.
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