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  1. Why don’t you just make another fresh mug pf tea when you’ve finished the first one? Saves carting a mug with you in your baggage surely.
  2. Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale in November, started warming up in the Canaries. Miami to Southampton in April, ok until Azores then cooled down. Southampton to Miami via Boston, New York and Bermuda in November, smooth crossing but chilly, only warmed up when we got to Bermuda. Barcelona to Port Canaveral in November, warm all the way but heated up after a drizzly Madeira.
  3. Virgin are adding more capacity from Manchester to Barbados, Las Vegas and as expected, Orlando. This is is no doubt as a result of the loss of Thomas Cook in Manchester.
  4. Don’t even bother organising a table for me to share, because I’ll never share a table for more than 4 people. Belittle me as much as you like, but it will never happen and I take great offence to be honest to the constant put downs I get on this P&O board because I have the temerity to have sailed on other lines other than P&O whereas most on here have never sailed on any other line and yet seem to think they are the worlds expert on cruising. Once again I am questioning my decision to sail on this line.
  5. Actually I read these threads, not listen and you can report your experiences as much as you like and I’ll still disagree with you because you obviously don’t read what I have stated which is on over 21 sailings with RCI I haven’t witnessed what you have reported.
  6. This proves my point that P&O are very inept at managing the “Freedom” dining concept. There is no way on all the other lines we sail on that tables would be left vacant. Just shows to me that P&O can’t or won’t manage a flexible dining concept efficiently. They’ll have to step up their game on Iona.
  7. Why does making a reservation go against Freedom dining. Don't you make a reservation at a time of your choice ashore? Freedom dining to me, as I mentioned means you have the "Freedom" to dine at an alternative time of your choosing against the times set by the cruise line for early and late seating. Yes, people may book and not turn up, but as at land based restaurants, you are told that if you don't turn up within a specified number of minutes after your reservation time, the table is released and becomes available for someone else. I disagree that if P&O have to resort to handing out pagers where people have to wait 30-40 minutes, it isn't working. The issue here is that only a few have sailed on other lines and experienced how they handle "Freedom" dining, where many don't have to resort to handing out pagers (they do have them on Norwegian but I've rarely seen them used except at lunch for one of the most popular complimentary venues on a sea day). There maybe lines, but they move quickly in my experience even for those who do not have reservations.
  8. That is ridiculous. I wonder what they would have said if told to wait 45 mins for a smaller table?
  9. Totally agree! But perhaps we’re strange because the majority here seem to say that as for the rest of the year they spend most time eating with their partner they want distraction from that with strangers on a cruise. Seeing we still enjoy eating together and prefer that as opposed to having to make polite conversation with strangers we’re the odd ones out. So, explain to me why there appears to be a greater demand for tables for 2 and cruise lines except Norwegian appear to be reluctant to provide it? This is where the “Butlins at sea” impression comes from with being fed the same food on large tables shared with strangers as I was as child at Bognor Regis, Skegness, Filey etc. Perhaps that’s why I prefer eating with my partner or only with very close friends.
  10. So what do you do when you arrive at a popular land based restaurant that tells you because it’s busy and there are no tables free and have you made a reservation? Would you be happy to hang around then? This is where we differ, I strongly believe that for a flexible dining concept that gets away from the dictated inflexible dining hall concept of “you will eat at our prescribed time with people we choose for you”, one should be able to make reservations that suit you, the customer, not the other way around.
  11. We always do disagree don’t we? After 21 sailings with RCI we’ve never had a problem with MTD dining nor Celebrity and I hope P&O do introduce reservations as any decent restaurant would do as our experience has been awful with downright rude door hosts.
  12. Exactly, and all lines who offer 'freedom' dining (except P&O) allow this and this is something I believe will have to offer on Iona when the whole ship is Freedom, otherwise it's likely to be organised chaos.
  13. Well this is where we're all different and I believe we are part of a group that enjoy our own company and don't enjoy being forced to share with strangers. Pre booking does not negate the benefits for us because we don't like the formal times of say 6:30 or 8:00, but prefer to book as you would in the high street at a time that fits in with our daily plan, maybe one day 7:30, another 8:30 or even 09:00. We have never had an issue on RCI having rebooked, if we didn't then yes there's a line, but we plan, and just go straight to the podium for those with reservations.
  14. Interesting read regarding tables for 2 and the use of pagers. I can't get over how this line and others (RCI, Celebrity, Carnival) cannot organise their dining rooms with more tables for 2 on Freedom dining. The need is there, that's obvious. Moreover how this line does not (or will not) offer reservations for Freedom dining unlike others (which does negate the wait times and the need for pagers) is beyond me. I suspect as Iona will be all Freedom dining that things will have to change. Norwegian have this cracked, never waited for a table for 2, invariably sat at a table for 4 and the extra place settings removed. When there is just 2 of us cruising, we don't and won't share unless we know our fellow diners. Luckily when we sail Britannia we will be a party of 4 so hopefully not too much of a problem for a table. We will not be sharing, we don't cruise to eat with others, we happily socialise away from the dining room, but eating with strangers, no.
  15. Unfortunately I do not have experience with flights arranged by P&O and an airline so I cannot give any advice on time scales. I can see from the booking system we use for flights (I am a business travel agent, not leisure so no benefits with cruises unfortunately!) that there are at least 15 Premium seats available at the moment (there maybe more as airlines often don't show all those available as they have been pre-allocated for groups such as P&O).
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