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  1. day 9 of lockdown and still haven't found the other sock
  2. Nothing to be ashamed of. He didn't know he'd had a very mild heart attack, was just told to go to A&E for 'indigestion' and ended up having 2 stents fitted! Job wise I'm in a better position than others in the business travel world. Many are being 'furloughed' which means no work as they are going to rely on the Government 80% contribution which is expected to be available by end of April. Not definitely end of April and if not, then they don't get paid. How long will it last, 3 months who knows? If a company cannot take the employee back then redundancy options have to be considered. My company is saying 25% pay cut until end of the year, so hopefully we are a little more secure. But who knows, if we had predicted 3 weeks ago, we'd be in lockdown, hardly anyone would have believed us, that whole fleets of cruise ships would be moored up, or anchored off shore as no ports will accept them, the cruising community would have laughed. Things can change so quickly I'm not trying to predict the future at the moment. Although I have warned people that if we've not been on a cruise ship by the end of the year, watch out
  3. Happy Birthday, try and have a great day under the circumstances
  4. How are things where we are? Well, let’s see, 4 weeks ago we were enjoying dinner with our friends who were really excited about taking their first cruise with us on Britannia from Barbados to Southampton. Since then? Cruise cancelled (but not advised by P&O, but found out by passengers sailing back to Southampton early) still no refund from P&O. Rumours that cash refunds not provided. Business Travel collapsed. Result, 25% pay cut from this week,, forced to take extra 47.5 days extra annual leave before September. No guarantee of job retention. Forced to take leave when we should have been onboard Britannia. Basic lockdown at home. Partner suffers heart attack resulting in the insertion of 2 stents. Where are we? Not in a good place.
  5. From tomorrow for 14 days according to https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/spanish-ports-turning-away-cruise-ships-14-days
  6. Another email from P&O with a message from Paul Ludlow https://www.pocruises.com/travel-health-advisories?utm_medium=email&utm_source=POEMCORONAVIDEOUPDATE1&utm_term=PO-6263141&utm_content=Click here to view his message&utm_campaign=PO+Cruises+here
  7. Oh my, same old arguments between same old posters. Wow how come the mention of a very popular social media site months ago got me suspended from cruise critic for weeks, whereas now I can see it named and discussed without apparent penalty. Anyway let me throw into the debate that one of my favourite cruise lines, Norwegian, seem to be following the lead of RCI, Celebrity and Azamara and being far more generous with their cancellation/amendment conditions than p&o at this time.
  8. For anyone affected by the collapse of Flybe with flights to Southampton, Eastern Airlines are taking over the Southampton to Manchester and Southampton to Newcastle routes from next week with flights on sale soon.
  9. It's been a manic day for us with many clients booked on flights operated by Flybe. Loganair are still in business but if flights were booked using Flybe codeshare then these are no longer valid and passengers need to rebook onto Loganair. Flybe operated many other codeshares (Air France, KLM etc) and if booked on Flybe tickets, these no longer valid and claims need to be made to the credit/debit card issuer. If booked on an Air France codeshare for example, these can be changed for no fee (after talking to Air France) for fully operated Air France flights. Blue Island are still operating, but again if ticketed on a Flybe codeshare, these need to be rebooked with this airline. Several train companies were offering free rail travel today for people stranded, such as Avanti West Coast and LNER. easyJet and BA are offering Flybe staff free or greatly reduced fares to help them get home. Full guidance provided by the CAA https://www.caa.co.uk/News/Advice-to-UK-consumers-following-Flybe-entering-administration/
  10. I’m confused, why don’t the pictures help? Dark jeans (surely easily obtainable) or chinos and a shirt will be fine.
  11. I wear trousers too, and all my casual outfits are planned around those (at least 3 pairs) but do have a pair of dark jeans if I fancy being totally casual.
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