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  1. Back to the OPs original question. 'Wear your Best' was the dress suggestion on Independence 11 days ago
  2. Just back last weekend from a short cruise out of Southampton. 2 issues, I'll take back what I said about Jurys, the rooms are OK but service is bordering on atrocious. Also don't always bank on dock gate 8 next to the Holiday Inn being open. Even though the boat show hadn't started it was closed last weekend and all passengers had to enter by dock gate 10. That's Jury's Inn idea of an ice bucket! Umpteen tables littered with empty bottles, glasses and dirty plates, this was just 1. The bar was not busy, nobody waiting at the bar, but the staff just couldn't care.
  3. We have free coach transfers from Southampton back to Manchester at the end of our Britannia TA in April 2020.
  4. We don't drive to Southampton so not an issue for us.
  5. The Leonardo chain now own the Jurys Inn group of hotels and the reps have advised that there should be more investment in the Grand Harbour as the reps admit it has become a little jaded. Although the Jurys Inn is probably the furthest away from the centre compared to those mentioned, it is very popular with pre/post cruise guests and fairly good value for money.
  6. This information regarding New Zealand has been sent to us as travel professionals this week, so may be worth reviewing as it has a specific section regarding arriving by cruise ship, and it is based on your nationality, not where you are sailing from. https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/apply-for-a-visa/about-visa/nzeta
  7. This thread is hilarious. What does it matter if the cruise line now calls a cabin a 'room'? You still have a space to use as you did previously don't you? Why does it matter if passengers are now referred to as 'guests' by the cruise line? You are still onboard enjoying a cruise. So Shore Excursions are now called Shore Experiences, could that be because the cruise line is offering more options for you to enjoy your time ashore. You are not forced to take part, so why does it matter? The cruise director is now an Entertainment Manager, so what? Isn't that their main job, to organise and ensure guests are entertained? Why does the change in terminology bother you so much? Times change, language changes. Things are not stuck in the 50's with the ever so formal type of language used by TV announcers and Pathe Newsreel commentators.
  8. Well it's good to know that some of you still have the chance to converse with agents based in the country of your choice. For those of us from outside the US, where the local call centres were closed and business transferred to Guatemala, we have no choice. However, when it first happened a few years ago, service was appalling and staff were sent from the UK to train staff for an extended period. Having had to speak to reps over the recent Oasis TA cancellation earlier this year, and subsequently to apply Future Cruise Credit certificates to a new booking, and then even more recently to ensure my partners C&A number was on another new booking (this cannot be added at time of booking online - it used to be, but no longer), I can only say service has improved dramatically.
  9. I so agree with you, I don’t expect to see fighting onboard a cruise ship. Our friends who are sailing with us on Britannia for their very first cruise (at our suggestion and persuasion) are now seriously concerned and really considering cancelling due to the reports, despite us trying to reassure them. Very understandable when they’re spending in excess of £4000 for what is for them supposed to be the holiday of a lifetime to celebrate a big birthday.
  10. Whether it is sensationalist journalism or not, the incident took place which in itself is appalling and a bad reflection on a cruise line which prides itself of being 'British' and goes out of its way to attract British clientele and is supported largely by those from the UK in huge numbers as many dislike cruise lines from other countries.
  11. I disagree, the prices on P&O are no lower than those on some Royal Caribbean, MSC, Princess, or Celebrity (excluding the prices for the new ships, of which Britannia can no longer be classed as new) and I've yet to witness nor read reports of situations such as this on those cruise lines on the main news channels.
  12. Well, can't wait to be stuck on Britannia in the Atlantic on the crossing from Barbados in 2020 if this is the behaviour displayed by my fellow sailors. 31 cruises over 15 year with 7 lines, many with beverage packages and I have yet to see, experience or read reports of instances of this nature in the national press. I see some are trying to make a connection between the drinks packages now available on P&O and this behaviour. I seem to remember that when they were introduced most people commented that they were not worthwhile as the prices for alcohol on P&O are far more reasonable than on other cruise lines. So that wouldn't appear to be an excuse, more likely the relatively low cost of alcohol on P&O. Whatever the catalyst, the behaviour is appalling. As P&O is marketed as a 'British' cruise line and aimed primarily at the British market it is a disgraceful example of the behaviour of a few people from this country. Whether the news reports have been sensationalised or not, the incident happened, the police are involved, and the cruise line's image has been tarnished. Spare a thought for the staff caught up in this, those that had to try and calm the situation and then clear up afterwards. They will be in a state of shock and don't deserve to be subjected to this from people they attend to on a daily basis.
  13. Platjdor is a great location. Obviously Sitges is a favourite of ours.
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