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  1. Yes, as opposed to an Aperitif which is something before dinner (which in my case is a G&T).
  2. Yes, it is per person. Mine would probably be slightly less as mine would be G&T not Woodford Reserve bourbon. A digestif is something after dinner such as a brandy
  3. Well I will try again and post my breakdown, but as it was reported by someone before on another thread, no doubt it'll go "poof" again. I have guessed at only 2 prices (coffee and digestif). I know what everyone says about port days, but the maximum saving for us on a port day would be the Peroni and 1 soda (Diet Pepsi or such) which amounts to £6.35. Still making a daily total of £44.75. The rest would still be consumed, special coffee in the morning, 1 bottle of water going off the ship, another in the evening before bed, soft drink when getting back on board or when I've been to the gym. I know we could make sure we drink the ship water (not on port days), so that would save £3.50, that's still £47.60. I know we could bring a litre of spirit on board at embarkation or purchase a bottle from the room service menu, but that means drinking in the cabin and we'd rather go to a venue (we'd still have to purchase mixers). At the end of the day, we like to enjoy ourselves, and not worry about the amount we spend each day so we believe a package will work for us. I know some maybe shocked about our drinking habits, but please try and refrain from being judgmental, we're all different. We don't judge those who don't drink alcohol and I can assure you were are never 'wasted' as my US friends would say. Oh as a comparison to P&O being like pub prices we went out for a pub dinner last night to meet up with friends and we spent £60 on drinks between us (2 G&Ts, 2 Jack and diets and 6 glasses of wine - the wine alone cost £35). This was not in the city centre either.
  4. Well we'll no doubt be the oddballs on our upcoming Britannia TA. I did a rough costing quite a while ago which to me justified the drinks package but my post was removed from the drinks package thread. I've just revisited my spreadsheet and I still stand by it though. By my reckoning and using example prices from various sites (including P&O), and bearing in mind that with the drinks package only single measures of spirits are served and large glasses of wine are not included (only 175ml served) our daily consumption will be more than £39.95 pppd. That includes soft drinks, coffee and bottles of water (which we make sure we have daily). In that costing there are only 7 alcoholic drinks and seeing we have 9 sea days, it'll work for us.
  5. Ironing, packing and getting through security at the airport
  6. Can’t remember having a tray on any cruise line (RCI, Celebrity, Carnival, Cunard, NCL, MSC). We get a seat, one of us goes for juice, invariably staff are serving coffee (RCI) or we get that too so food isn’t getting cold as that’s next. For us no tray means we don’t overindulge as returning for bread rolls (too many carbs), pastries and or desserts is extra work (or at least we can use the excuse it means more exercise 😀). NCL have cutlery wrapped in napkins on the tables and are replenished regularly which is good. On every line I’ve seen staff assisting guests who need help in serving themselves from the buffet.
  7. I was an IT professional for 34 years travelling extensively worldwide and gaining a vast experience of the intricacies of business travel. Left the so called ‘secure’ employment world of IT after experiencing my 3rd period of redundancy, changing career and training as a business travel consultant. I now work for a big name global business travel agency booking travel for others! Salary has been halved but we have cut our cloth accordingly as work life balance is more important than earning a large salary and working all hours, 7 days a week.
  8. 30+ cruises with P&O but only slightly more than that number of posts on cruise critic and specifically this board and mostly negative. Why wait until now after all your cruises?
  9. Now I have to disagree with your comment regarding RCI. Having sailed RCI on 21 cruises my view is that this cruise line is nothing like Butlins, very family orientated yes, but if you're comparing their ships to Butlins in the 60's (when I was also visiting the camps of Skegness, Filey, Bognor Regis, Barry Island, Minehead, and Pwllheli) then things have moved on greatly. RCI is a line full of innovations, always pushing the boundaries of how to entertain their guests.
  10. Celebrity Evening Chic doesn't mean nobody gets dressed up
  11. Because cruising isn't just about formal nights! If that's what people want then they should sail Cunard. We sail for itinerary and our upcoming Britannia TA is all about that, Barbados, St Lucia, St Kitts, Antigua, Azores and Southampton. We enjoy formal nights too, but personally think the number should be reduced on a 7 night sailing to 2. BTW we have 5 formals on a 14 night sailing, and hopefully the Captain's Welcome Reception and the Black & White are included in the number because the email does state 9 casual nights. No way I'll be doing 7! Beach Hut here we come! IMHO 5 is too many in 14 nights especaially as according to the personaliser we have 2 on consecutive nights.
  12. Your airline reference (PNR locator = Passenger Name Record) should be available from Virgin to do this.
  13. Is it a specific Virgin site? Have you got a airline booking reference from Virgin (I assume via P&O)?
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