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  1. The thing that gets me is no one knows if he even would have been denied boarding since the OP never really gave us the details, like from where to where. So should NCL have refunded his fair if he got a flat while on his way to the airport and missed his flight. The other point is everyone is saying that NCL should have a warning pop up, but obviously the airline didn’t either.
  2. It was Hanno I think thats the spelling) in DEC.
  3. As I was reading about the complaints about how the observation deck on the new ships start to look like a homeless shelter, I was wondering how would you handle this issue if you were in charge? It is obvious that signs alone don't work and the ships crew really don't want a confrontation, so how should this be handled. From what I have been told the new ships will also have the observation deck in their design so it benefits all to stop this now. Since we all know that the cruise line all read the respected threads maybe us the users of this space can make some suggestions on how to stop it instead of just complaining.
  4. The easiest thing to do is just bring an IPad, since you have Apple TV the odds are you also have an IPad. Just stream off that, no you can't have another device running but that didn't seem why you wanted to use a router anyway.
  5. Just stayed there and plan to use them again, clean room and easy trip to and from the ship.
  6. Do either of you remember what the age restriction was?
  7. Simple question, what in the minimum age and weight for the zip line at Harvest Caye? I assume there is one. Also do you make reservations there or online since I don’t even see the zip line listed in NCL’s excursions.
  8. The other option is to use the hotels that offer the stay and cruise package in New Jersey. You stay overnight leave your car there, they take you to and from the pier and. The total cost is generally less than parking at the port.
  9. I guess great mind think alike I was wondering the same thing. Can it only be booked on shore?
  10. I booked the IC cheaper than the Holiday Inn which really surprised me.
  11. Pardon me while I kind of hijack this thread. we are staying at the Intercontinental with our 2 Granddaughters 12 and 14 who are a royal pain when it come to finding something they will eat. 1 eats pizza the other not really, one pasta with butter no sauce. The one lives off chicken fingers and god forbid....no fish. So you can see what I am up against...lol. So any help would be appreciated..
  12. I am on the Bliss coming back the 13th and from what I see we are full, so there should be plenty of spaces when we disembark.
  13. First thing you have to understand is that NYC is not a typical city and you can't assume that if services are offered elsewhere, ie shuttle service, it is offered there. Your best bet is to pick a hotel you wan to stay in and ask about storing your bags prior to your room being ready. As said above most good hotels will store them for you. As far as shuttle services go it just doesn't pay the hotel to do that when everyone takes uber or a cab and you couldn't plan on shuttle service because with Manhattan traffic it could take 2 minutes to 30 minutes to get around a block .
  14. This has been asked before and as far as I can tell it won't be allowed. Depending on long long your cruise is they only let you have enough days for that length. Meaning if your cruise is 7 days and you didn't pick the meal perk you could only purchase 7 meals. If you didn't get any meals as a perk just buy 5 each it works out saving you money.
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