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  1. As far as opening their line of credit against the Epic, as far as I know no one on the outside knows how much of a draw they have taken yet. NCL like all the lines are preparing for cash if and when they need it. The FCC isn't costing them anything because it is money they don't have to refund. When the FCC are going to hit is when the cruises happen when the FCC were used against. I am under no illusion that this is not a pretty picture for the cruise line, but there is billions of dollars sitting in the water right now and I don't believe that they would be left just to rust. This industry whether some agree or not is a valuable part of the world economy, people need to vacation or holiday or whatever you want to call it and we all have our choice on how we spend it. So instead of hoping for bankruptcy let's all pray all they companies get through this there is a lot of people who depend on these ships for jobs.
  2. If it works for you take the FCC, get travel insurance for the trip. From the way my policy is written you are insured if the line goes bankrupt. Win Win????
  3. Keep in mind we don't even know who is still on the ships. All of the line are sending people home.
  4. Everyone can stop complaining, NCL officially canceled all cruises through May 10th.
  5. No one is calling the UK government stupid, but I also don't see an end date...you know why....because nobody know and no one is going to say July or August because that will make things for the economy worse that they already are. No one has a crystal ball and is able to predict the length so they take it a month at a time. Anyone who is predicting how it will be after May or June is just guessing like anyone else.
  6. Just remember that your payment returned will be in the same form as the payment, which means if you paid by credit card it will be returned there. It won't be cash on hand. So if your CC is paid off and that is where it was refunded to you'll then have to hound your CC company for a refund on your card. We all need to remember that this is not a normal situation and you are not the only person asking for a refund.
  7. I think that if NCL cured this thing tomorrow, the some on this board would start threads complaining that why did they wait so long to cure it. You can't win with some people.
  8. I am wondering if the lines are staggering their announcements for some reason. I could bet they are all talking together about this and how to proceed.
  9. If NCL said the cruise was on would you take the cruise...probably not so why is it a problem. You know they are going to cancel so just wait for it.
  10. Don't forget it just isn't NCL, a statement like that could possibly do damage to all of the lines. This whole mess is really a fine line, they sail too soon and have another Diamond Princess that would kill them, wait too long then the stock goes down even more and they lose more revenue. My guess is that they are following the lead from the government. I think that Royal announced earlier since there were videos from crew members saying they were being sent home and that said they didn't expect to start up anytime soon.
  11. People are just not thinking, they are letting their emotions run away with them. I have to admit I am in a total funk about my June cruise, because I planed it for over a year and was bringing our grand daughters with us. I really it was going to be a great experience for them.
  12. Or you might cruise this July, who knows. I think right now they are just leaving things as they are, since they have bigger issues right now. Probably when they start up again that is when you will see the incentives really hit...….I hope
  13. In case you haven't noticed RCL just cancelled their cruises until May late last week and Carnival is in the process of doing right now. So all the major lines are following the same process so why make it sound like NCL is the only bad guy, they aren't. I really do believe that no one is going anywhere until July at the earliest, but most companies are taking this one month at a time regardless of what industry they belong to.
  14. The problem is no one knows how long this will extend, so like many they are playing it month to month. Next week a cure could be announced and by the end of June we are all back to normal......Do I expect it no, would I hope it would happen absolutely. Let's say that all is good July 1st but they canceled all cruises until August, how many people would be screaming that they canceled my cruise and they didn't have to. All the cruise lines are walking a tight wire right now. Until we see how this goes both in the US and EU no one will have any idea on when things will start up. I have a cruise scheduled in June, do I expect it to happen? No. I am in the same position as everyone else, but I am trying not to be emotional and just realize that no one has any control over this yet.
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