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  1. The prices were already increasing before the shutdown, it is just now that people are looking and trying to compare what they paid for this year and thinking it should be the same next year or 2 years for that matter.
  2. I agree I think that all the line have their finger on the pulse so they know where they draw the line. They all know they need to stay competitive...especially now.
  3. But doesn't every company raise their price or modify their product to achieve a bigger profit? How many time have we seen the size of a jar or box decrease and the price stay the same or worse the amount in the container decreases but the container size is the same. All companies are finding ways to maximize their profits and they need to walk the line where too much drives people away which wasn't happening. When people move to other lines then they will need to change things up to attract them back.
  4. None of the extras you mentioned are added to your on board account, they are part of your cruise cost when you book, so none of them are hiding. As far as drinks go any higher end resort will charge about the same, I have seen higher charges in hotels. Don’t compare prices to your local establishment it isn’t apples to apples.
  5. A couple of things to keep in mind . The prices were going up even before this all began, so until they actually start up again my guess is that these prices are on autopilot. When they resume cruising and they can see what actual guest count is then they will adjust accordingly. If they fill the ships up to their number (what ever that may be) why would you adjust the price down. On the other hand if bookings are not up to what they think they should be then of course the price will decrease.
  6. NCL's website is still showing 1 additional point for Haven and Suites.
  7. Where did you post the pics?
  8. I think you are missing the point, if a ship has been virus free for over 2 months, which many of these ships have been. The virus doesn't just appear on board. The crew on board are much safer to be around than any of us. Unless you have had not outside for 2 months. The other point is that the close quarters on a freighter is probably closer than that of a cruise ship. Chengkp can let me know if I am right or wrong on that point.
  9. I have found that this paper seems to enjoy beating up on the cruise industry. They are making it sound like there are massive outbreaks still on the ships all these ships. When the CDC comes out with the list of ship that are green, or red we can see how bad it is.
  10. Don't believe it is just window dressing, all the lines need to do everything they can to prevent an outbreak on board. If just one outbreak occurs it could mean disaster for very line. however do I believe things will return to normal eventually, yes, but not for the first 6 months to a year depending on how this virus goes.
  11. NCL can only do so much, it will also fall on every guest to ensure they are doing the right things as well both on and off ship.
  12. The thing is they are expecting the number of tourists to double in 2021 that means everyone is coming by air. If someone can fly in then taking a cruise entirely within Hawaii shouldn't be restricted as well. I can see them not allowing the ships from the mainland.
  13. OK so you want the facts.... They are not being held by NCL rather the CDC is preventing them from leaving the ship and getting a flight home even though they have shown no signs of illness for over 30 days and are quarantined out at sea. Are they getting paid, who knows the exact details, but they are getting free room and board and they are not required to work except maybe keep their own room clean. If your employer does have a social media policy and suspects that someone is breaking it to post negative things about them see how fast it is brought up and the repercussions are if you break the rules.
  14. Try and post something similar about your employer or have an employee post something bad about your company and see how fast your job will continue. They are are stuck there not because of NCL but because of the CDC in at least the US. The Gem so far is the only ship that NCL has so far and most of the other ships have been quarantined well beyond the 14 days required. The Boss is only trying to start trouble, nothing else.
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