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  1. VolzCruiser

    Phooey!! (Cozumel Mr. Sanchos Related)

    I would suggest Nachi Cocom as well love the place.
  2. VolzCruiser

    Anyone regret purchasing the Cheers program

    Just back from my first cruise using the Cheers package and I have to say I think we did get our monies worth but I only had one port day. If we had multiple port days I might have to consider if it was going to be a good choice for me.
  3. VolzCruiser

    Any Limits to connection to Hub App

    Thank you and VFL.
  4. VolzCruiser

    Any Limits to connection to Hub App

    Thank you all again. It looks like I will be okay to have my tablet for just reading funtimes and menus and my phone for everything else.
  5. VolzCruiser

    Any Limits to connection to Hub App

    Thank you all for the quick answers.
  6. I was wondering if there are any limitations to the number of device you can have connected to the Hub App while on ship. I am wanting to use the Hub App on my Ipad so I can look at the Fun Times and on it as it is easier to read but I will want to also use my phone to keep in contact with people I am traveling with on the ship. Hence my question. Thanks in advance.
  7. VolzCruiser

    Use of gift cards other than Carnival

    Ah that stinks as we have them local and sometimes I forget not everyone has that luxury. Have a great cruise.
  8. VolzCruiser

    Use of gift cards other than Carnival

    why don't you just use the visa/mc ones you have to buy Carnival Gift cards at your local grocery?
  9. VolzCruiser

    Carnival Legend to Iceland

    Thank you. I am just really impressed. I guess next time I will have to make sure I get on the ball a bit more quickly.
  10. VolzCruiser

    Carnival Legend to Iceland

    I went to check to check and see about booking a the Carnival Cruise to Iceland and I could not find it. Has it already sold out? If so WOW!
  11. Since I cruise on the Triumph in just under 45 days, I was wondering what kind of shape she is in. I have read that some of the cabins are being made over as the ship is sailing. So was just hoping to maybe get an update. Thanks in advance.
  12. VolzCruiser

    Would HooToo router work on Carnival cruise?

    I haven't seen anything that says you can't use the HooToo to bridge the connection. I am wondering how far do you think the connections will go from there you will be pretty much confined to your room or maybe one next to it. As there is so much metal it would really cause havoc on the signal.
  13. VolzCruiser

    platinum gift

    On the Horizon last week we got the Mini Backpack. I actually like it as one who likes to keep that organized when traveling it will work great as a container for my usb chargers, cables, and things along those lines and once on ship can turn around use it in ports I don't need a full backpack.
  14. VolzCruiser

    Short port time in Victoria B.C.

    Not sure if I can explain this very well but will try. Due to laws that won't allow foreign flagged ships from stopping in all US ports they must stop in at least one foreign port. This stop is normally very short. They do this also for the Hawaiian Cruises. I guess do to port charges and the ship could be making money while at sea they have reduced the time in port.
  15. VolzCruiser

    Victory still in port

    As I was headed to dinner I saw the victory still in port and thought she is getting a late start. This was about 5. Headed back around 7:30 and she was still there. You could see the that the dive on movie was playing. Is this normal or are they having a problem?