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  1. I have never seen Carnival do a head count but they are only going to stock it for so many. So if you to have more sodas or snacks you would need to let them know and pay the extra costs. If you aren't worried about that, you can get away with only paying for four.
  2. When I sailed on the the Elation last it didn't have a fridge. Unless they have changed things all the Fantasy Class ships are Fridge free. I always bring a cooler and have the Steward keep it filled with ice.
  3. I thought the Horizon was wonderful. Had great service in the MDR. I really like this ship.
  4. I haven't used Skype on the Vista but I can give what I would think could be some solid advice about service. Because you are bouncing a single off a Satellite in space there will always be some lag. How bad this is going to be is really up to the user. If you are just sending text probably won't be a big deal. Watching a Video might be a bit more. So you mentioned Netflix why would it work and skype might not and that is because Netflix is able to buffer which basically means it will start downloading the program before it starts showing so it can stay just a head of the lag. It gives the appearance of seemless. Live video chatting doesn't have this ability. I think it would still work for your Daughter she just might have to wait a couple of seconds between breaks in conversations so everyone doesn't talk over each other during the lag.
  5. How long before a cruise do they start posting Excursions?
  6. I have 2 cruise ports about 6 hours drive, If I had to I would drive the day of the cruise but since I do enjoy visiting the cities that I am cruising out of I just find it easier on the stress level to arrive at least day before.
  7. I have also sailed out of NOLA and there were two ships sailing that day and both Erato and Julia were being used. I didn't experience any issues.
  8. We almost weren't able to get my brother booked on this cruise.
  9. My Family of 7 just booked this cruise look forward to joining you all. The ship is filling fast.
  10. I would suggest Nachi Cocom as well love the place.
  11. Just back from my first cruise using the Cheers package and I have to say I think we did get our monies worth but I only had one port day. If we had multiple port days I might have to consider if it was going to be a good choice for me.
  12. Thank you all again. It looks like I will be okay to have my tablet for just reading funtimes and menus and my phone for everything else.
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