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    canarys and definitly the caribbean

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  1. I think the first cruise we did to the canarys on ventura will always be special to us. it was our very first cruise, cant explain enough, of how excited I was, could not get over the size of the ship. it was absolutely brill. that was 2016, then 2017/18 we did our second, to the Caribbean for 2 weeks. we went the 15 to the 29 dec. my hubby was 70 on the 16 dec I was 70 on the 19 dec, and then on the 23 it was our Golden Wedding anniversary, we truly had a wonderfull time, we even got to swim with the dolphins, which was amazing. I really hope we can go again to the Caribbean, but to different islands. we have a cruise booked on Brittania to the fjords on the 8 june 2018. we started late at cruising. we both gave up smoking 4 years ago, and have saved that money every month, so that goes to our cruises. we love it. really hope our health continues to be good, so that we might get away to the Caribbean again.
  2. griffster

    OUR cruises

    THIS was our 2 week cruise to the Caribbean, our first time. absolutely loved it. the pics with the blue dress was our 70th birthdays and the one with the Gold dress was our Golden wedding Anniversary. it was December 2018.
  3. griffster


    we had a trip to take us around st lucia. lovely time was had.
  4. griffster


    enjoyed it there. well everything about the cruise was great.
  5. thankyou we were just docking our ship in Barbados.
  6. griffster


    lol!!! thanks so much. it was my 70th birthday, so we thought we would doll ourselves up. it was my hubbys 70th 3 days previous.
  7. griffster


    thankyou., it was our first time to the Caribbean, you are right, Saint lucia. I will have to go again, then I may remember where I took the pics!!!!. we absolutely loved it. amazing, do want to go back.
  8. griffster


    now, I am not sure, I forgot!!!!!!
  9. griffster


    yes it is, sorry, again!!!!!!
  10. griffster


    sorry. yes it was Barbados, just docking. sorry I did not caption them. lynn
  11. griffster


    so sorry I have not captioned the pics, I was not sure how to do it, but yes this was docking in Barbados. sorry again. lynn
  12. I have just got out travel ins. its with FREE SPIRIT I had a heart attack 4 yrs ago, also have AF. my hubby as INTERMITANT CLAUDICATION. also DIABETES 2 and he was in hospital last year with heart probs. I have declared everything, and the price was £ 287 for both of us. that's a week to the FJORDS in june. hope that helps. lynn
  13. thought I would post a pic. this was in Barbados. 2018, overnight. then cruising the Caribbean.
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