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  1. I’m not sure this is the case?? My understanding that “Flights by Celebrity” are acting as your agent, very much in the same way as if you used a travel agent to book a cruise with Celebrity. If Celebrity cancel a cruise, then they are the ones that should be dealing with this matter with the airline. My expectation would be that the airline would apply whatever rules or ticket conditions they are currently operating under. By that I mean, if flight cancelled by TA (acting for pax) or if flight cancelled by airline. I’d say it would be a good time to do nothing until much closer to flight date, in the hope that the airline cancels or changed flights. Passengers are more likely to get a better outcome in this instance.
  2. I’d be surprised if the airline would want to get involved with the individual in non refundable flights booked by Flights by Celebrity. Aren’t Flights by Celebrity acting as an agent in this matter, and such they are the ones that need to be dealing with the airlines???
  3. I feel your pain, Scorpio47. BA IMO have been pretty poor in looking after the customer in this crisis. The only justification they might have is that they do make it clear if you cancel, then these additional fees are non refundable. Ideally, you would have been aware of this and been able to play them at their own game, by waiting for them to cancel first. I hope you are able to get some return from them.
  4. Not quite the same situation, but we had paid in full and had cruise cancelled at 8 days notice. So we had the option of the 125% FCC or cash refund. We left off making a decision for nearly a week just to let the dust settle and gather our thoughts. Couple of days ago we decided to take cash refund. I’ll be honest that the outcome was not based on concerns about the financial viability of Celebrity, but largely by the uncertainty of what the future in general might hold. To our minds, there are just too many unknowns to leave large amounts of cash in others pockets. Obviously, different folks might have different thoughts.............
  5. My TA just emailed and confirmed our cruise on Equinox, departing March 21st is cancelled. They advise no further info available at this time. This is a new TA for us, I’m pretty impressed with their prompt service.
  6. Think we need to be careful how we analyse the data here. Some countries may be reporting more because they are testing more. As of yesterday, UK had tested just over 30k people, to arrive at ~560 positives. I’ll leave you to do the comparisons for other countries.
  7. I am struggling to understand how this action is aligned with ensuring guests safety or managing spread of the illness. It is not a logical thing to do in that context. There may be logic in doing this if the intention is to reduce their exposure to having to refund cash in the event they decide to cancel. You can be sure that there will be someone in head office sitting with a spreadsheet for every cruise and will be calculating the net effect of celebrity sailing or cancelling. I’d also expect that for each cruise there will be a tipping point at which it makes economic sense to cancel. The skeptic in me says that Celebrity are doing all that they can to avoid paying out money. I can see, and understand, why they would want to avoid paying out cash refunds. It is much easier on the bottom line to payout FCC’s, after all its like them printing their own money. I guess we will see how things play out in the next week or so.................
  8. Looking for input on a question I have........... we are due on cruise in Caribbean in next few weeks. We have weighed up the situation and as thing stands at present it is our intention to go ahead and join the ship. also thinking about bidding on move up for an upgrade, which has me wondering about how a successful move up bid might be treated under the cruise with confidence rules. Does anyone know if it would be refunded in cash or as FCC if we decide later to not go? Im also keen to understand how close to departure I can make a move up offer? Appreciate any thoughts or experience that folks might want to share. I do know I can call up and ask, but I’m sure Celebrity lines are busy enough as it is. thanks in advance
  9. Yeah, What you say is not wrong, but equally at this point in time there is no reason to believe that cruise ships would not be welcome in Europe. I think we all need to have realistic expectations going forward. The world will continue to turn and folks need to live their lives and go about their business. Now I don’t mean to minimise the seriousness of this outbreak, but if we all have a look at the personal consequences of catching the virus and the risks associated with that; we can make a rational decision about how much, if any, we want to modify our actions and behaviours. I totally get that what works for me won’t necessarily work for the next person. The other factor of course is if the authorities get involved and start mandating, I guess then we will all need to do as we are told. Hopefully, It will never get to that level of intervention.
  10. We are also on this sailing. I had noticed it wasn’t showing on X website yesterday. It is still showing on at least a couple of the larger online TA sites, and they appear to have a few cabins for sale still. My thoughts are that this omission is more likely due to Celebrity’s typically inept IT........................
  11. I don’t know. My experience is that when I have had a quote from Celebrity UK or UK based TA it has consistently been significantly more expensive. I will say however, that I stopped even asking for quotes quite a few years ago. It may be different now, but I expect not given that the subject is aired regularly on here.
  12. Great that you are are using the best option for you. 😊 But the point is that you don’t “have to”, you are free and able to make that choice. Continue to pay higher prices in the UK/Europe, or as you have done on this occasion give your business to the folks that best fills your needs.
  13. Gee, I had no idea folks were so passionate about this. .......... I don’t accept that Celebrity sets its t and c’s and marketing strategy without reflecting the prevailing consumer protection laws for that market! In addition to that, cabin prices will largely be determined by the market. The more demand there is, then the more a company can charge for its product. I do accept that in some markets, folks can, and do book more than one cruise on a RD basis. They do so because they can and it suits their needs to have that level of flexibility. I also accept that this may affect the supply and demand equation and subsequently the price. However, I really don’t see how these folks can be held responsible for others having to pay higher prices. After all, they are only doing what best suits their needs. My advice would be if you think the price is too high, then don’t buy. As I said upthread; Make your booking through Celebrity in US or use the services of a US based TA and you too will be on the level playing field you are asking for.
  14. Mmmm, I’m not so sure I agree with some of the above. Celebrity's T and Cs are largely driven by consumer protection laws, particularly in the UK. I just can’t see anyway that Celebrity could offer ‘universal’ conditions for different countries with different laws. Celebrity (and any other company) will charge as much as they believe the market will be willing to pay for. A simple price and demand equation. Demand goes up, then price goes up, or the opposite, as they case may be. If anyone believes they are paying too much by buying in the UK, then go and give their business to Celebrity in US or use a US travel agent. But be aware that they will then be governed by Celebrity's US T and C’s. Back to the original post........ I’m of the opinion the Celebrity see the $100 change fee associated with NRD as another revenue stream. I really don’t believe that they are trying to hide the RD option, much more likely their inept IT department have once again failed to implement some simple changes.
  15. I just grabbed it. An S1 for $749 (b4 taxes) pp on March 15th sailing next year. Too good a deal to miss, well just need to make the dates work.😎
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