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  1. We were able to select the cabin we wanted, it was a different cabin than in original booking, but obviously same category.
  2. Pretty much this as above. My understanding is that most airlines have been accommodating in allowing pax to change bookings, or take credit vouchers or get refunds. But this is being done on a rolling basis, primarily to help manage their cash flow, but also to prevent their customer service departments from becoming swamped. Each airline has its own policy but they are all similar. One point worth noting for the OP though; if your particular flight is not cancelled, the airline are actually proving the service, it’s a case that you are not able to use it. I guess that’s why good travel insurance is necessary. I hope it all works out for you.
  3. @upwarduk Thanks for your input. I did think that there might have been an option to sell the ship, but then discounted it due to there likely not being any buyers in todays market. But then again, I recalled that Pullmantur recently scrapped 3 really old vessels. I guess it’s possible that older ships like Infinity might start sliding down the food chain.
  4. @FlorenceItaly, We have done same as you and moved March 2021 out to March 2022, but that’s a situation we have never considered. Do you mind sharing why you think that the Infinity may not be around?
  5. Really hard to say what conditions will need to be in place for safe restart of cruising. I’m inclined to think that it will be similar to normal life in general and will consist of multiple changes. Vaccinated population Better treatment of disease to reduce severity and or mortality rates. Some form of social distancing Enhanced health education for general public more frequent deep cleans more sanitiser locations effective means of dealing with flare ups in local areas Functioning trace, test and isolate system etc, etc,
  6. I agree with you that parts of Europe have had better outcomes than some others and infection rate is dropping. Not so sure that I’d include the UK in those who have fared better. Additionally, it is only last week that UK implemented quarantine measures for most arrivals. So not many tourists arriving!
  7. I can’t see this being an option either. Everything that I’ve read to date indicates that no one currently knows if already having had the infection prevents you catching it again.
  8. Sorry, I don’t quite understand this comment. Are you saying that there is no requirement for crew to have vaccinations period? Or are you saying that there is a requirement and your daughter is exempted?
  9. Pretty much what @Fouremco said. No vaccination certificate, then you ain’t coming aboard.
  10. What your TA says is not my experience. I had a March 2021 booking which has a reduced deposit. I used lift and shift to move it out to March 2022, the reduced deposit moved with it as did the cruise fare and all perks as per the original booking. I had nothing further to pay. Id say you need to have another chat with your TA.
  11. We have decided not to wait and have pulled the trigger on our lift and shift. On Infinity in March 2021, now pushed out to Infinity in March 2022. Same duration, but with one port of call different. All handled through my TA with no drama. we did take the opportunity to change our cabin. I am pretty pleased that Celebrity introduces this option. Primary reasons for move were uncertainty around the cruise experience and also, what my personal finances might look like given the current global recession. I guess I could have left decision until closer to August 1st, but tbh I don’t anticipate there will be much more clarity around either of those concerns in the near future. If by early in 2021 the situation has improved, there is a good chance we will make a new booking for around the original dates.
  12. Hi again, final update to close this out. I did talk to my TA in early May and she suggested to give Celebrity until end of month. A 4th refund for the outstanding amount came back to my CC a few days ago. 😁 We we are now considering lift and shift for our trip next March.
  13. I agree with above. Having said that, I do have some sympathy for NHdoc. I think what a lot of us customers don’t fully appreciate is the fact that none of the root cause was of Celebrity’s making and as such the CWC offer was pretty generous and over and above their standard contracted arrangements. I do think it’s fair to criticise Celebrity in some aspects of how well they have managed communications and refunds. IMO, the current “enhanced” CWC offer is pretty reasonable, they just need to apply it consistently and refund in a timely manner. NB I’m not a Celebrity apologist. I too have had a long wait for my refund and am still waiting for a shortfall amount to be refunded.
  14. @sandc4e Our experience was very similar to yours in terms of wait time, number of credits and a shortfall. We were short $254. I was able to match 2 of the payments to taxes and add ons. So the shortfall looks like it is from the cruise fare itself. I have discussed with my TA and the advice I have been given is to wait a couple of weeks and see if further payment is forthcoming.
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