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  1. For those of you who feel $30/pp/day on top of the "Premium Drink Package" is too much to pay ( and it might be if NCL didn't include this drink package - $99/pp/day - with most /?all of their cruises), look what it gains you: Bottled water ( the one maddening thing that is NOT included in the premium package that most people would want) Specialty coffees - want that caramel latte/espresso/mochaccino and not pay $5-10 per ? Bottles of wine (as has been mentioned many times above) - saves on waiting on wine/beverage stewards to serve you ( try to find one after appetizers are se
  2. Could also hope that Celebrity/Royal Caribbean could obtain other spirits via a bid package from another large company like Sazerac - would mean that 1792/Buffalo Trace/ Blanton's/Weller/Col. Taylor/Eagle Rare would be in play.....as well as Fireball and Goldschlager.
  3. Good to know. Will be looking forward to the selections on Reflection on the fall TA 2022. Too bad we can't suggest selections for Celebrity to carry ( nothing esoteric or rare....)...let alone bring one 750 ml bottle on board ( ssshhhhh!!!)
  4. Thanks for the responses so far. Was just wondering if anyone had experienced something out of the "ordinary." ( Not looking for Pappy or Stagg, something like Angel's Envy or even Basil Hayden would suffice).
  5. Wondering if the bourbon selection in Michael's Club is different from other bars on ship. Anyone had some interesting pours besides Jim Beam, Bullitt, Maker's Mark, and Woodford Reserve?
  6. 2022 Transatlantics are now up on the Celebrity website !!!
  7. Thinking about a 2022 Fall Transatlantic cruise on Escape. DW and I took a Transatlantic cruise on Breakaway in 2018 - loved the ship and dining venues but absolutely hated that almost all trivia and games were held in the central Atrium - where people camped out for hours ( alternative for the closed pool, I guess) and seating was at a premium for these events. Is there an alternative venue where trivia and games are held on Escape?
  8. ricken, racken, fricken, frackin ( Looney tunes character grumbling)...
  9. Wait a minute...in trying to access more info on these fall 2022 transatlantic cruises, I see where the Dawn, the Getaway, and the Gem transatlantic cruises are now missing from the website....what gives? Website glitch? Refurb time ?
  10. When will these cruises come out? Did one in 2017 on Breakaway and looking forward to doing another...
  11. Does Tony Bennett serenade you at your table for 30 minutes for that price???
  12. Thanks for the responses so far.... Host Clarea, will need to meet up sometime on a ship. I'm in Olney IL.
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