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  1. We take the tux and the gowns. So much fun to look so gorge.
  2. Wow. Good to know. I’ve sailed a total of 94 days over 24 cruises on Princess each lasting between 1 day and 15. Always had the choir, voice and karaoke. But I’ve only used Princess for North America out of west coast. I use other lines for east coast and other areas in the world. Thanks for the input.
  3. There’s also a passenger choir. You will have lots of opportunities to sing. The Ocean Voice competition is really wonderful. And OMG trivia is constant. There are usually voyage long trivia groups in addition to to the one offs. .
  4. As always, I appreciate your level headed expert voice. I am not concerned by plumbing and the way air and water are provided to those on the Diamond but I’ve seen reports of this virus being transported thru plumbing. You mention that viruses are not killed, but loosened and washed away. Would you be so kind as to perhaps expand on that? I think some may be worried about any cleansing and recycling of water. Others may be worried about environmental hazards. My apologies if these are questions you feel do not lie within your realm of expertise. Again, I thank you for all the times you’ve helped us here on CC to answer important questions.
  5. Those are not new cases. The tests take a while to complete. So the numbers increase as the results become available. The tally is 61 of the original 273 folks who had contact or close proximity to the first sickened pax. If I am not mistaken they are now done with all 273 tests. This gives about a 22% rate of infection. I hope they are also using this data set to accurately determine the sensitivity and specificity of this new test so we can determine the probabilities of false positives and false negatives. They should also get estimates of the percentage of positive patients who are asymptotic or who have milder symptoms. Carriers can be especially problematic in controlling the spread. I’m a statistician so maybe not who you were hoping for to reply. Folks on the diamond are monitoring their temps and at this time will only be tested if they are symptomatic. Watch David Abel’s Facebook video’s . He’s a real hoot and lots of people are posting links to the newest developments.
  6. Just wanted to clarify the statement regarding # of cases tripling overnight. There were originally 273 PAX identified to be at risk of infection due to their contact or proximity to the original patient. Of these 273 they have finally received all the test results back. The reason the numbers climbed like they did simply reflects when a batch of test came back. There are no known new transmissions of the virus onboard. Princess acted swiftly and has handled this extremely well in my view. I will happily join the Grand on March 7 and go to Hawaii.
  7. please forgive me a few off topic sentences. You will love the Alaskan experience on a Princess sailing. I hope it’s on one of the smaller ships (< 3000 or so peeps) with a full promenade deck. Lots of open spaces for uncrowded viewing. Reserve the Sanctuary for glacier viewing ASAP once onboard. Back to the discussion of beverage packages. Just want to clarify some information on this thread. Princess does not require all in the same cabin to purchase a drinks package. They’ve been running a sale for a while now called Best. Sale. Ever. You can add it to any previously booked cruise without losing original perks. Or add it to a new cruise booking. $30 a day pp for prepaid auto-grats to staff and a beverage pkg including bar grats. (The previously mentioned $79 a day one so this is a great deal). To get this call a princess vacation planner. Bestdg2 is the code. For $40 or there about you get the above and it adds unlimited wi-fi (avail with online booking. ) I am really looking forward to the reviews once virgin sails. Virgin offers a lot that I’ve been looking for. if any of you who are booked do write reviews would you be so kind as to include information regarding smoking on the outer decks? Are cigars allowed in the outdoor areas? Is it contained to a certain area? Is it easy to avoid and still circumvent the upper decks? And does the smoke from casinos or other inside areas permeate inside areas of the ship? I have respiratory issues that are exacerbated by second hand smoke so I do my best to limit my exposure. Thank you in advance.
  8. I bought the king sized bed, box spring, mattress topper, mattress cover, sheets, pillows, duvet and duvet cover. The whole shebang just over 2 years ago. The set has held up beautifully. If you want the same experience that you had on board you will need to replicate what you had on board. Putting the mattress on a platform will change how the mattress feels.
  9. I wanted to come back and update what I was told about the silver package by a different CC waiter last night. I was told even though the card had the silver package on it they weren’t selling it. I think my waiter on the first day was not informed. I should have suspected as much since he also said I could use it in Vines, which is not true. Sorry for spreading wrong information.
  10. Yes my card has both packages listed on it. They circled gold when I told them I preferred that to silver. I’d post a picture but I can’t get it to upload. I am in club class too and bought it from Ramon. Did your card have the silver package listed as well as gold? It is weird that I was given a choice and you weren’t. Oh well I guess you just roll with whatever you happen to get when you board. We’ve had outstanding weather and the seas were the smoothest our of SF that I’ve ever experienced.
  11. It’s worth noting that the wine package does not work in Vines or at any of the bars/lounges/theater. If you want wine outside of the MDR/Crown grill/Sabatinis etc you’ll have to take bottles with you from the MDR to your room. Then you can pour a glass in your room and take it with you. This makes it inconvenient if you like to have wine in one of the lounges. The bottles do not have the stickers on them. I have been taking bottles to the sanctuary and they don’t care about whether it has a sticker. I am currently on the Grand in Skagway with pretty poor connectivity. But they are also selling the Silver package. (The one described above is the gold package.) some have reported the Silver is no longer available but it is being sold on my cruise. I can’t get the picture of my wine card to upload. Silver includes wine up to $31 and costs $240 for 12 bottles, $210 for 10 and $161 for 7 plus 18% gratuity. If a bottle costs more more than the package allowance you only pay the difference.
  12. Your mileage may vary———YMMV
  13. The splash pool is not below the Sanctuary. I like the splash pool area too as it is not used very much. It also has a bathroom. The loungers there aren’t padded though. Now everyone will be there.
  14. Welcome to Princess. Yes the pool below the Sanctuary is adult only. It also has very nice padded loungers. It is free. There’s another adult only pool at the aft. The Grand is older but I find her well maintained with an exceptional crew.
  15. Now I really wish I’d taken pictures of the menus. Because I really don’t recall any chicken that tasted good! I have all the menus from my Princess sailings in suites but none from our QM2 sailing in a balcony. I never went to the buffet for dinner but I’ll have to look for that turkey next year. I agree about Cunard’s pricing. What’s frustrating is the leap in price from balcony to the princess grills. We pay a little less per day for a balcony on QM2 than what we pay for a vista suite on Princess. We almost splurged on a princess grill for next year’s sailing but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the extra $6k. I’ll be retired soon and able to do last minute deals too! Can’t wait for that. And on a a side note every time I read your CC handle I want a hamburger and beer lol 😂
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