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  1. This is my recommendation, also. Very personal and dedicated to giving good customer service. bookings@smithsforairports.com
  2. I loved this article! Thanks for posting.
  3. Did British Isle tour in Aug/Sept 2017. We typically book a balcony room. In this instance we decided to book an ocean view instead, since we were spending extra days in London beforehand, and wanted to conserve finances where we could. We hoped we wouldn't regret it. As it turned out, we didn't miss the balcony at all. We were away on excursions most days, and hardly spent any time in our room whilst we were on the ship. The weather was delightful for our entire cruise... but we still didn't miss having a balcony.
  4. What are the alternative lines you cruise that have better better buffet offerings?
  5. I've been recently looking at cruise itineraries to New England/Canada for next year, Oct 2020. Normally a Princess cruiser, this time I've been looking at and comparing all cruise lines, departing from all ports, as we have some unusual factors coming to bear on our wanting to do this itinerary. In going through a pretend booking on one of the Princess cruise itineraries to see the total price at the end, I was SHOCKED to see it was a deep, deep price cut from any other itinerary I'd seen thus far. Like - almost half! But - AH HA!...... I had accidentally clicked on an Oct 2019 sail date, not 2020. So, then my mind started to run with this discovery..... I remembered reading postings here about people purposefully waiting until after Final Payment Due dates to book with at discount prices. This inspired me, and now I'm wondering/thinking "Why not plan to do this (book after final payment date) for this cruise next year?" We could plan for it in our own personal schedules, but wait until the last month beforehand to make our actual reservation with the cruise line. Those here who have experience doing this - purposefully waiting until after final payment due dates to book their cruise - what things should I know? Tips? Warnings? I know the availability of well located rooms will be an issue (and in that case, which would be better - choose my own, or "guarantee room"?); but, are there other things it would be good to know beforehand, too?
  6. We have been eyeing the 11-Day Grand Mediterranean, but for 2021, not 2020. When I look at this itinerary in the "3 for Free" deal, only the Oct. 3, 2020 sail date shows as available. Does that mean it's too early to see 2021 sailings in this 3 for free? Should I figure that the 2021 sailing promos will come up eventually?
  7. Sorry - I'm late to this party..... is it known when this promo ends?
  8. A little gem of a place we enjoy visiting, and maybe a bit outside-the-box of typical destinations, is the little sand floor Hebrew synagogue in Charlotte Amalie (St Thomas). It is very charming, and they have a very nice little gift shop. We aren't Jewish, but it's like how you'd visit a cathedral even if you aren't Catholic. They are welcoming to all; you usually can just walk in and look around. They give little talks about the history of St Thomas and the islands to the small groups of visitors that come through. But, it is an active synagogue, so official "things" might be going on (in which case, it could be closed to visitors). I truly love their gift shop. It is on one of the steep hills above the heart of town, maybe 2? 3? blocks up. We usually taxi into town, and then walk up to it. It is a challenging walk up for us, and in the warm Caribbean sun, but we do it. You could have the taxi take you straight there from the ship, and then you can walk down to town. This link is their own website. You can also read about it on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor gives high marks (No. 1 place to visit on St Thomas!) and has more varied info about it. https://synagogue.vi/
  9. I typically cruise on Princess, but I am looking at a fall New England/Canada cruise out of Baltimore in 2020 (Oct 1-10). Intend to book an Ocean View room for three - mom and two (adult) daughters. So - it's an "expanded" OV room (can't remember the exact term, but sleeps up to 4) What helpful tips - (or warnings) - can you tell me about cruising with RCL? Or about this particular itinerary? Excursions, etc? What (and when) are their best discounts and sales that come around I might be on the lookout for? I haven't booked yet, but have kind of gone through doing a "mock" booking. Are deposits refundable up to a certain day beforehand? The ship - Grandeur of the Seas? I see that there has been a recent propulsion problem. Figure that will be resolved by this time next year (one can hope) The room...? Anything about the amenities or the bathroom that would be helpful to know for 3 ladies traveling together for 9 days? Tips on MDR dining, or the buffet? Entertainment? The Spa? I don't know what I don't know, so whatever you can tell me to save my having to learn through trial and error would be helpful and VERY appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Revert back to how cruising was 20 years ago! I loved Princess then! How was cruising 20 years ago....?
  11. Have lately been "analyzing" the whole cruising dynamic with family members. DH and I often tell people we have "two categories of cruises": 1. Caribbean and 2. Everywhere Else. A Caribbean cruise is simply to get away during the winter, to relax, be pampered, be warm, be entertained, let someone else cook (and serve and clean up), etc. Whereas the "Everywhere Else" cruises are to actually get off the ship in various locations, tour around and sight see. Two different motivations and purposes. Another family member says he prefers making his own itinerary and plans when touring other lands, and not have to conform to the itinerary of the cruise, so he isn't attracted to cruising for that reason. I started wondering about many of you here - especially those who've cruised dozens (hundreds!) of times, all over the world, sometimes repeating the same cruises. What is it that keeps you coming back to cruising over and over again as your preferred style of travel?
  12. Hello Friends, I know this must be well addressed here in another posting(s), but are there distinct advantages or perks to booking a future cruise while on a cruise? Not making a future cruise deposit, which we always do, but actually booking our future cruise of choice. And... yes... we do have a TA we normally use. I've gathered from reading here that I can transfer the booking to her....? Thank You!
  13. When you are picking a hotel, check the amenities for A/C or no A/C. Premiere Inns usually mentions that. Don't know about the others. Historically in the past, London doesn't typically need A/C in summer.
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