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  1. When one couple can make their online reservations earlier than another couple, what is the procedure for linking those together so they share a table ?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good car service in LA please ? We don't use Uber of Lyft type services. Also, any idea of an approximate cost for a normal size vehicle for the run from Century City area to San Pedro. I know it's a long way time wise, but just an idea will help when I ask for a quote. It would be for mid morning on a Sunday. Thanks.
  3. It is both. ie: let's say you have 18 credits and your next cruise will earn 3 credits. BTW: really appreciate your patience & rapid replies. Learning a lot here.
  4. OK, but I'm just trying to reconcile that with post # 11. Thanks.
  5. Paulchili, I am somewhat confused by your post. If one has to actually be on board in order to gain the credits, how can the same cruise be booked as the free one ?
  6. Ok, thanks. In that case can you still book a cruise which follows your qualifying cruise using normal procedures. Then once you are physically onboard your qualifying cruise have it changed to your free one ? (Assume in this case still outside the normal cancelation deadlines)
  7. OK, thanks. So once you've started the cruise which will qualify you with enough credits you can book. Does that mean your free cruise doesn't need to be the one immediately after your qualifying cruise. IE: You can book normal cruises which will follow your qualifying cruise and book your free one for a later date.
  8. Some questions please regarding the booking of this cruise: 1. Do you actually have to have earned the credits, or is a future booking which will qualify you be enough in order to book now. Obviously for a date that is after that future cruise where the qualifying credits will be earned: 2. Is there any limit as to how far in the future you can book; 3. Can you select a cabin or is it a guarantee. Thanks.
  9. With only 2 sea days out of the 14, plus there being 3 tender ports, I would chose the smaller ship.
  10. Is the number of tours limited to 7 tours for one person ? Eg; in example above can one person book 10 & the other person book 4 tours ?
  11. Is it customary to tip the luggage handlers at the port ?
  12. Thank you both for the info & advise. I will plan our days accordingly.
  13. Just want to double check what will happen at Vancouver & San Francisco please; as we are planning our days there. Schedule is ....Late night departure Vancouver, ....Victoria, ...San Francisco (in transit there). Questions: 1. If CBP are on duty late in Vancouver we may be able to disembark once we board....? Any idea how far in advance the cruise line may be able to tell us this, or do we just have to ask on the day...? 2. Due to the Victoria port of call we need to plan on US Immigration happening in San Francisco with the associated potential delays....? Thanks.
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