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  1. Thank you both for the info & advise. I will plan our days accordingly.
  2. Just want to double check what will happen at Vancouver & San Francisco please; as we are planning our days there. Schedule is ....Late night departure Vancouver, ....Victoria, ...San Francisco (in transit there). Questions: 1. If CBP are on duty late in Vancouver we may be able to disembark once we board....? Any idea how far in advance the cruise line may be able to tell us this, or do we just have to ask on the day...? 2. Due to the Victoria port of call we need to plan on US Immigration happening in San Francisco with the associated potential delays....? Thanks.
  3. Da Nang. I believe you were docked at Tien Sa ? Was the original schedule showing Chan May, and if so about how much notice of the change were people given ? I far prefer Tien Sa as it's a lot more convenient for Hoi An & Da Nang; but of course further from Hue.
  4. It is now 3:20am in Shanghai. On Marinetraffic Insignia is inside the river and proceeding at 10kts.
  5. Thanks once again for info on the current procedures into Hobart. Now, how about current eastbound immigration procedures.....Hobart - Port Chalmers (via Fiordland). Anyone with first hand current Dunedin arrival procedures ...ie what actually occurred this season? Thanks.
  6. How much time all up would one plan for this round trip including some viewing time up top ?
  7. I am not familiar with Civitavecchia as a port for disembarkation so a question on baggage collection please. Our car service has told us to wait at the ship's side for our pick-up. I assume there is a terminal building at the entrance to the port where our driver will take us to collect our bags. Is that what normally happens at this port with private transport ?
  8. Many thanks indeed for posting this up to date info. I will plan my day accordingly, and I have also posted this thread on our roll call for the info of others.
  9. Appreciated. Am now planning my day there with onshore immigration being required with the associated delays. Thanks.
  10. Can anyone who has been onboard in the last month or three post what the actual 2 dining times are please. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for that info. Did you hear of any significant delays during this process for passengers doing independant tours ?
  12. Thanks everyone. That would be great; thanks. Also would appreciate knowing how efficient tendering is for independents in Akaroa if you wouldn't mind. cheers.
  13. Has anyone recent experience of immigration procedures on the Westbound crossing from NZ with the first Australian port as Hobart ? Cruise line is Celebrity in case that makes a difference. Just trying to plan the day taking into account any possible immigration procedures.
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