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  1. The only way to find out is to call the CAS department to ask your questions.
  2. As you mentioned, you are not new to cruising. But are you new to these kinds of casino promotions? It is not "free," think of it like a discount off of purchasing a cruise on your own. You would need to pay the port taxes, the admin fee that the casino department charge you with, and then if you choose any of those perks like the drinking or the dining package, you need to pay the 20% gratuities. If you have not been to Alaska before and you like cruising, then this might interest you depending on the total price.
  3. Fresh made pastas, omelettes, those bread sticks, and crepes at late evening dinner/snack. Ice cream too.
  4. Since this is your first NCL, you might want to try some of those specialty restaurants (specialty dining package) - you would get probably 4 or 5 meals out of the 14 days cruise if you are really into food. Otherwise, the free food in the main dining rooms and the buffet will be fine. You would have to pay the gratuity. But it would be worth it. The shore excursion credit - it is $50 per each port. If the cruise ship missed the port, you would not get a credit for it. And if you use a shore excursion that is less than $50 - they will not apply the whole $50 credit. Do your research and see if shore excursion credit would work for you. The internet - 250 minutes - it depends on if you needed to go on the internet. Since this is a vacation, might want to disconnect unless it is important to keep in touch with families. Drinking package - unless you and your partner would break even with drinking all those different drinks, the package would worth it on top of paying the gratuities.
  5. Either to the coco beach or unless shopping/entertainments - to the disney springs.
  6. It depends on the port. At NYC port, if you tell them you're booked through the Casino At Sea program, you will be directed to a shorter line to check in.
  7. Yes, there is a current promotion going on right now that you needed to login in order to see certain discounts: Your cruise is probably part of this promotion. https://www.ncl.com/latitudes-rewards-program/insider-offer 20% off select Caribbean sailings or the free spend and additional rewards point.
  8. It depends on the restaurant and the waiter you get. With the 1 entree, 1 app and 1 dessert - you should already be full.
  9. The person who the cruise is comped to must be on board. If not, the other person would need to pay the full rate or whatever the rate is for one person for that room plus the port & taxes.
  10. Plenty of activities to do that you can choose from and you won't be bored. On the first day, take part in the spa tour and sign up for shows (comedy shows and the Escape the Big Top) if you are interested. Also any art classes, if you are interested - you need to sign up at the box office (I believe the cost was $35). Sign and join your cruise roll - meet & greet. Make sure to check out Food Republic.
  11. There are times where they do offer cruises to other places/ports. But mostly cruises to the Caribbean / to Bahamas. One of my friend do gamble, she only play the slot machines and does not gamble a lot. She wanted to go on a cruise to Europe. NCL said she did not have enough points/credits to go, but can only select cruises (to the Caribbean/to Bahamas or to Bermuda). She selected to go to Bermuda. Depending on your credits, you would be offered different types of room. If you gamble less, you would start off on a inside room. Of course you can upgrade to another type of room, but you would need to pay for it out of pocket. Comp. cruises is not totally free as you would need to pay the admin fee, the port taxes and the dsc charge. Think of it as saving some costs.
  12. For the cabin, you would tell your cabin steward if you see him or her. If not, just leave a note on the bed or wherever the note can be seen. For example, you can also request for more hangers and for the mattress topper if they have one. For no salt on food, you would need to just tell the waitress.
  13. Whichever device you are using - for example, your cellphone - you turn on the airplane mode and the wifi mode. Then connect it to the ship wifi network and yes enter the login.com. Once on that page, it will ask if you are a new user or already setup/signed on. You would go ahead to create a user/pw and then you will select the plan you wanted to use (for example) the comp. wifi. Remember to logout each time you finished. Then next time you use it, go to login.com again and input user/pw again.
  14. No one need to convince you to why give or go on NCL for a try. You should plan your cruise on the destinations/ports and based on what cruise ship you wanted to be on and the total cost of the vacation. Some prefer the smaller cruise ships, like Gem and some wanted newer things or experience a big cruise ships like (Breakaway, Escape, Bliss, Joy). Newer cruise ships will come out in the future, Encore. Bliss have the racing track and laser tags that other cruise ships does not have. For me, when I want to go on a cruise - I would go with NCL because of their solo pricings.
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