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  1. Honestly at $8-13 per drink the package still seems worth it because that's just 5-6 per day. Also it's convenient to not have to worry about how much you're spending on board. That said.... I'm hoping to get that $60 back 🙂
  2. The only holiday compass I was able to find was from 2017 and it seemed like the only holiday think was santa giving out gifts in the ice skating rink. I'm fine with that, just didn't want to underprepare and miss out! Thanks all!
  3. Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for "festive" things to pack for the Harmony Dec 22-29th sailing. Will there be themed parties? Also any idea if there will be a menorah lighting (we celebrate both)? Thanks!
  4. Hi, we will be at sea on Dec 28th and would really love to catch the Fiesta Bowl. Any recommendations for which places could be showing it? TIA!
  5. Thank you for the clarifications. I guess I'll see what happens once we get onboard!
  6. Can I use the OBC to re-purchase the package at the onboard price?
  7. @later So the first day offer is $52.50 each plus the 18% gratuity? I read that it's possible to cancel the cruise planner purchase after we board, can anyone confirm? I could technically purchase this package (if it exists) and cancel the one I bout pre-trip. Thanks!
  8. This is the craziest math I know. They say that to get the discount they apply 25% off each one: 25% off $70 is $52.50. If you add 25% to $56 though, you do get $70, but that's not what the add says. I was just looking at this to try to save $60 at the end but really it's probably not worth trying to argue with RCI about it. And like Coralc said, the christmas cruise might be an entirely different story.
  9. Here's the cruise compass from day 1. It's been the same for both eastern and western Caribbean sailings as far back as I can see.
  10. Thanks, the above post confirmed my suspicions that the $70 was already taking into account the discount so it would be $140 pd for two. I’m comfortable with keeping my package and thanks, I am looking forward to it very much!
  11. We’re about to embark on the Dec 22 sailing and purchased the DBP through cruise planner at the BOGO 50% off. The total came out to $925 for 2 people. I saw in past compass scans and other posts that the first day onboard is also BOGO 50% off and the price is $70 pppd. Does that mean it’s $70+ $35 each or is the $70 after the discount? TIA
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