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  1. Following - years ago while on a Princess cruise I had bought a cup that allowed for soda refills. I set it down by the sink in one of the public bathrooms and when I came out someone had taken it.
  2. I asked my TA about possibly dropping my friend from the reservation if she decides not to go. My TA said it will be easy to drop her but as I’m reading other responses, I’m wondering about her insurance. We always do the platinum HAL insurance. I’m guessing she may not get that back.
  3. I’m scheduled for an 11-day cruise so I hope the longer cruises are going to be allowed. We have until December so fingers are crossed!
  4. I was going to recommend a spruce tip beer at Skagway Brewing but I see you’ve already been there.
  5. @Ottawa traveller thanks! That’s what I was thinking. If my friend chooses not to go I’ll definitely have my TA reprice it for me. If it’s a big savings I can purchase some of the perks out right.
  6. I use a hotel key card and we would put it on the closet shelf by the switch.
  7. I’m not sure anyone knows the answer but I’ll ask my question. My friend may decide not to go on our December cruise and I will pay her fare and do by myself. Since we booked under the old HIA program, would there be a fare change since she won’t be using the drink package or specialty restaurants? My TA said I would only pay one port fees but I didn’t ask about the perks. I’m wondering if I should have my TA check the price without HIA and just purchase the drink package on my own. We have until October to make any decisions - that’s when our final payment is due.
  8. I just went and checked my booking and it's showing the Pinnacle and Caneletto - We are also booked under the old program. On my last cruise, there was an offering of half price dinners in the Tamarind which we were able to take advantage of. That was before Covid so I don't know if that will still be offered.
  9. I thought I read somewhere on the HAL website that if it's 2 dinners one is in the Pinnacle and the other in the Tamarind.
  10. @kazu - I want to save most of my SBP for my alcoholic indulgences 😉 Thanks for the reply!
  11. We booked our 11-day holiday cruise before the HIA program so we have premium internet, signature drink package, 2 nights in speciality restaurants, but no excursion credits. I’ve had my TA price it a couple of times but with a casino discount, our original price has still been better. My dilemma is I’m a Diet Coke drinker and usually bought a soda card. Now they don’t offer these anymore.
  12. I have the signature beverage package but I drink a lot of Diet Coke. Would it seem silly to do the soda package so I can save my 15 drinks for pricier mixed drinks and bottles of water for when I’m going off the ship?
  13. For the Covid testing, can we do a rapid test at a testing facility? We have a cruise out of FLA on a Wednesday and are flying in Monday night. If we can’t use a rapid test we will have to test Sunday before we leave.
  14. Do they still have the Black Pearl drink in the Tamarind bar? That was my go to cocktail when it was the Silk Den.
  15. We booked early enough to get the dine around (usually one night in the Pinnacle and one in Caneletto) and it is showing 2 complimentary dining for each of us. We are also supposed to have the drink package and free wifi (social browsing). It does say 0 excursions. It that wasn’t included in our package. We don’t cruise until December (on Rotterdam) so I don’t expect to see anything show up for a few months.
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