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  1. I highly doubt there will be a stocked mini fridge. Every hygiene concept for Hotels and ships I´ve seen so far included the point about empty mini-bars in the rooms. It is rather easy to clean and disinfect an empty fridge, but if you put items in there they need to disinfect every single item that goes in there before putting it in there and again upon every change of guests. That´s just too much effort and cost prohibitive. Things might change until RCI re-starts their operation, but those ships and hotels that have opened up again have an empty fridge policy. (This is the ones I´ve checked out, or in regards to Hotels - I´ve stayed at since Pandemic).
  2. Huh? It´s been written down on their website ever since they started it. https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/CAS_Member_Benefits_Grid_APRIL-2019.pdf 14 One Cruise Point for each completed night of sailing and an extra Cruise Point per night when you purchase and sail in suite accommodations (categories RL, RS, PS, SL, TS, A1, A2, A3, CL, OS, FS, GS, JS) and/or sail in any category and pay a single pricing type for double occupancy staterooms.
  3. Who said it would even cover 0.1% of the cruise fleet capacity?😕 I simply stated "no cruising for anyone anywhere" is wrong and people are cruising again already in other parts of the world. Yep and I´m certainly not falling for it. @Jimbo can think whatever he wants, but some of those cruises have sailed already and some have disembarked their first cruises already and started the next round. He can do his own homework. He´s been proven wrong, but I know there´s people who can´t focus on reality and facts, but instead think i.e. if you don´t test there´s less cases.
  4. As it´s been said already, your point of view is a very narrow one. You are just looking at the US and most likely only at the big lines. In a more broad view cruising has started up again already and cruises are underway / have been completed already. The following is only cruises I know about and there might have been earlier ones worldwide. Also the following are only a few of those I know about, there´s actually more sailing again already.... First River cruise started as early as June 3rd in Germany and River cruising in Europe has started up quite a bit again. A number of ocean going cruises have started in Norway with to my knowledge the first ones on June 16th and June 20th. Another one started on June 26th from Germany. A number of cruises from France are planned for July. Cruising in French Polynesia starts up in July as well. In Asia the Explorer Dream is planned to start end of July. Costa just announced to restart in August. Oh and just to tell you there´s a US cruiseline that plans to start their Alaska season on August 1st - UnCruise Adventures. Will all these cruises have various limitations - YES!!! Your "no cruising for anyone anywhere" is definitely WRONG!!!
  5. Once sailings resume the Suite lounges will be a Thing of the past.
  6. But who would go on a cruise to watch TV?🤪
  7. Where did I say I blame the cruiselines? I don´t blame the cruiselines at all. I was just responding to the Person who said there are worse places to be than to be stuck on a cruise ship. I feel for those stuck on the ships without blaming anyone for the Situation.
  8. Well sure there are far worse places, but we are going on cruise ships to have a good time and we pay a lot of money to do so. The crew however is there to work and earn Money, in many cases to support not only themselves, but their Family back home. Most of us have not been on a ship for this Long and we haven´t been "trapped" at sea with no Chance to go ashore for this Long either. To top this off, many of those being stuck now haven´t joined when all of this started, but they might have been at the end of their contract and been on the ship for many month already, working hard and Looking Forward to their vacation time and Meeting their Family and Friends again. If you think there are worse Things, just ask yourself a couple of queations. How would you feel if you had spent a few month at your Job already without going home in the evening and meet Family and Friends and all of the sudden they tell you, you have to stay at work with no perspective About how Long this will last. So now you are stuck at work, with co-workers, bosses etc. 24/7, but you have Nothing to do, as your usual Job has been suspended as well. We´ve read many comments on here About People being fed up with staying at home, just think About being stuck at work. Bein an essential worker I´ve never had anything like that, but as much as I like my Job, I don´t want to be stuck there.
  9. Quantity won´t be a Problem at all. I see them having a Quality Problem however for some time. We´ve seen such Problems in the past when large crew changeovers happened. This time they have to start with all new crews in the entire fleet. It will take time to get them into sync again.
  10. Not giving that guys website any traffic! He´s an unethical ambulance chaser.
  11. Great to see the thread back on the RCI boards!!!! Thanks Laura👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
  12. Well, certainly, if you have your priorities straight and being an expert like you seem to be.😜🤣
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