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  1. Hi Wolfe, just for your next sailing, room service in the PG suites includes the PG menu as well as the standard menu, you can order off the menus delivered to your suite each morning. Made for nice easy dining if you didn't want to dress up for the evening... oooops sorry some one has already answered that!@!
  2. no..neither working or not...but there is a fantastic grills terrace for sunbathing with great big shades.
  3. I echo everyone else, I was on a cruise in Feb/March of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. The staff at the Plaza were brilliant and I wrote about the cruise on my blog butarewethereyet.blogspot.com and the references to the hotel and the surrounding areas are on this particular page, https://butarewethereyet.blogspot.com/2020/02/planes-trains-bubbles-and-riots-26.html and http://butarewethereyet.blogspot.com/2020/02/the-mighty-andes-santiago-day-2.html and a really good free walking tour that you must do http://butarewethereyet.blogspot.com/2020/02/strawb
  4. i'm gussing its a specific travel agent deal, my agent in new york didn't mention it but then i also would have had to pay a full 15% deposit when i got away with only a $300nz deposit on a princess grill for the whole 101 days through cunard australasia direct........ i think for the money id take the smaller deposit. Each region offers its own perks and it seems each travel agent is willing to negotiate different perks they are probably covering themselves,
  5. and they fold your smalls........
  6. Nope Elephant....thats definitely a new one on me, and not one my US agent mentioned when I was getting quotes for 2023, I WILL be having words....alsthough as you mention mate its time I returned to the laundry...Im missing out on good gossip!
  7. I hate to admit it but I think more than a few of those onboard are familiar with trailor parks...so its not just Australians.
  8. Lissie you are missing out on half the point and fun of doing your own laundry should you choose to do it yourself......the laundry is where all the entertainment and any of the action happens........... besides, I know people who would refuse to leave the room in case some interloper decided to take their laundry out of the machine....dump it on the floor and put their own in its place....trust me. its happened....
  9. was still the case as recent as the South American Trip on Qv in 2020, its just not publicised....
  10. really Elephant? damn, thats a good little perk I didn't know about.
  11. pretty sure the offer is $40 for 25 items, each deck apart from deck one has laundry that has 3 machines in them along with the dryers and although busy you can usually get one. To be honest I use the on ship laundry, to spend a couple of hours doing laundry each week while I'm on holiday isn't my idea of time well spent so I think the onboard service is quite good..
  12. it is a wack to put on as a deposit for two years hence but at least it's reasonably safe in that its fully refundable. I had a US agent a few years ago and used to use them for that exact reason but as the years rolled on and my confidence that the trips would happen and the currency fluctuations became more drastic i reverted back to Australasia. Though I did save $10,000 on the WC in 2016 by booking it in the UK! It pays to check the rates. The QV in my mind has a happier feel and maybe a little less formal than the QM2, its the one ship that the crew ask to return to and also
  13. thanks C and P, hearing that helps, we should appreciate the $300 more than we know then it probably one of the few times we got an offer here in Australasia that was above those in the US because having to give Cunard a deposit of tens of thousands of dollars for just under two years did hurt at the thought....$300 is a bit easier to stomach. Fingers crossed we all get away....
  14. I think the ship has sailed Pracastinknitter! my choice is and always has been the QV, i find the QM2 although a beautiful ship, a bit large for me as a solo passenger. The size of the QV is better for meeting people.
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