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  1. I'm sitting on the plane heading home to Toronto right now and thinking more about my experience. I would definitely not book this itinerary for the ports we stopped at. I was quite disappointed at the ports of call. It was nice to see them as I've never been but I'll likely never go again unless they're part of another itinerary. St Thomas was the best port as there was plenty to do and my excursion was great! Everything in Tortola was on the other side of the island so it would have taken a while to get there by cab and I didn't like any of the excursions offered. Nassau was just plain nuts with 5 ships in port. While I love the breakaway and breakaway plus class ships, I don't like how crowded they get in Ocean Place 678. This is the one area Royal wins for me. The way they layout their ships allows passengers to be dispersed better. The food for the most part was very good. I found a few things lacking but it's more of a personal preference thing. I don't drink cream in anything but it's very hard to find small quantities of milk on board. There wasn't a lot dessert wise that I liked but I'm a picky dessert eater so I stuck with fruit. Overall it was very good food. Cagney's as always was amazing, the lamb shank in the main dining room was to die for, and Le Bistro hit a home run with the rack of lamb. I was quite happy with the photos I had taken on board, but disappointed in the lack of packages available. I found that the photographers weren't as pushy as I've had in the past, which is nice. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was able to relax. The spa package was wonderful as always! Norwegian is really starting to win me over and keep me specifically for the fact that the studio cabins are a great deal. Bliss is beautiful and I"m sure the next two ships are going to be just as great! I'll add a few pictures of the various ports we visited so you can get an idea of where you will be going. Other wise that's all for me. I'll post the dailies when I can get them out of my suitcase.
  2. I think a lot of it was either on the pool deck or Spice H2O. At the beginning of the week it was on the pool deck.
  3. Ya i find it quite peaceful in the evening. They seemed to have fixed the smoking issue. There is a cigar area on deck 8 by the Cavern Club which is enclosed otherwise the only outdoor smoking area is on Spice!
  4. Good Morning. Yesterday was a gorgeous sea day. I had a massage in the spa, which was incredible and then relaxed for the remainder of the day. Today is Nassau. I don't have an excursion so I'm getting off to look around and take some photos.
  5. Here are some shots I took around the ship. Planning on taking a bunch more tomorrow when in Nassau. Including menus if possible.
  6. Wifi seems a bit better today. Heading for a massage in a bit but I’ll try to upload some photos this afternoon.
  7. The waterfront wraps all the way around deck 8 except for the front of the ship. It’s like a boardwalk of sorts. It has seating and bars. Some of the restaurants also have outdoor seating along this deck as well. It’s the perfect space to relax and read.
  8. Every night at 5pm the single/solo cruisers have a get together. I’ve been going daily. Last night some of us got chatting about how we felt about the ship. Here are some of the pros and cons of Bliss: Pros: - observation lounge. This is a beautiful spot - 3 floors of studio suites - waterfront like the ships before her - go karts (although hard to justify the cost multiple times) - Jersey Boys - great crew - thermal spa - more floor space in the studio rooms - closets in the studios latch shut so they don’t keep sliding open when you hit rough water Cons: - loss of the bar in the studio lounge (now we have a bartender once a day) - pool deck is super crowded. More so than before - no howl at the moon or dueling pianos (we all miss this) - studio lounge feels like a basement. It’s a big space with a low ceiling there were more cons but I can’t remember them all. It’s a great ship but these were somethings we noticed.
  9. Wifi has been challenging to say the least. I have no issues getting on Facebook or instagram just websites. I paid for the full wifi with streaming so I could have access. Yesterday was St Thomas, the day before was Tortola. Both are very nice ports! If you want to buy local, head into town and out by the Government offices. There is a little “mall” there with locals selling touristy type things. Lots of stuff like jewelry, shirts, magnets, etc. St Thomas is nice. I did the Panoramic tour with shopping. There’s also one with the beach. Beautiful scenery! This ship has reminded me how much I enjoy NCL. I have been spending most of my days on deck 8 on the waterfront reading my book. I haven’t even touched the pool deck. We’re at Sea today so I’ll try to upload some photos and get some menu photos.
  10. No wandering needed! There is an entrance at both ends on both sides. If she wants to go to the lounge though there is a flight of stairs to get to the 11th floor.
  11. I will take photos of them today along with taste tonight
  12. Good Morning! Yesterday was rainy in the afternoon so everyone came inside and that’s when you found the downfalls of the away class ships. There’s really not enough seating for everyone aboard to be stuck inside. I escaped to the thermal spa which ended up being loud and busy but I stayed anyways. I love to curl up in a chair with my book. I try as hard as I can to keep my feet off the furniture. If I can’t I don’t put them up. The amount of people that pass out fully stretched out on the chairs on waterfront or in the observation lounge is crazy. Most are full on drooling all over the lovely furniture. The lounge and waterfront are great features but in some ways far too comfortable. I have a bunch of photos but the internet was crappy yesterday. I’ll try to upload them tonight. I did get some from the go karts though! The Go Karts start at 9am and up until 11am they run the double carts so parents can take their kids. Then at 11am it’s open for single carts.
  13. I had heard that it was but I didn’t bring a magnet to check.
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