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  1. We have stayed at a number of Fort Lauderdale area hotels over the years, but have settled on Hyatt Place Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port, 1851 SE 10th Avenue. The hotel is within walking distance of everything we might need...restaurants, shopping, etc. We usually fly in three or four days prior to embarkation and have always stayed free on points transferred from our Chase Sapphire Reserve account.
  2. For some reason known only to Google their Sheets app is no longer working well with the spreadsheet. I've found the free LibreOffice app for macOS works very well. I ran into a few macro issues, but nothing that really hinders its usefulness.
  3. The points @DrKoob and @rbslos18 have made well taken. I would also suggest not buying insurance from the entity whose performance you want to insure or an affiliated company...buy from a third-party insurer for a number of reasons...especially if you're planning time in a foreign country before or after a cruise. I had a very enlightening phone conversation with Steve Dasseos of TripInsuranceStore.com a week ago. He has conducted a number of question and answer sessions on the Cruise Critic Cruise/Travel Insurance Board that have been quite informative. In the past we have purchased our travel insurance online through InsureMyTrip.com and Squaremouth.com. Steve sells some of the same insurance at exactly the same price. He has excluded some companies due to their history of being difficult for his customers to work with when filing a claim. We have the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card so some of my concerns were how a third-party policy night interface with Chase travel insurance if there were a claim. We have purchased the iTravelInsured policy twice in the past and were very happy with how they handled our claim for our fall 2019 trip to the west coast, Hawaii, and the South Pacific. On the TripInsuranceStore.com website the policy is referred to as IMG iTI SE. Click here for a description of that policy. Here's what I learned from Steve who also has the Chase credit card and is well aware of its benefits: The IMG iTI SE policy works well with Chase Sapphire travel insurance. You'll need to inquire if you have a different credit card that offers insurance. iTI does not require you purchase insurance for the entire pre-paid amount of the trip. This allows it to work with other insurance such as Chase which provides $10,000 per person up to a total of $20,000. There can be a substantial savings for trips costing over $20,000 for a couple...$10,000 for a single. As an example, for a $25,000 trip, we would need to purchase a $5,000 policy instead of a policy for the full amount. A reduction in policy amount does not decrease other benefits such as medical, lost luggage, etc. The medical limits of a policy in addition to the one provided by Chase is important because it surprisingly provides only $2,500 in coverage...the IMG iTI SE policy provides $150,000 per person. This is from the Chase Benefits brochure: The Emergency Medical/Dental Coverage provides reimbursement for Emergency Treatment if You become sick or accidentally injured while traveling on a Covered Trip up to two thousand five hundred ($2,500.00) dollars and is subject to a fifty ($50.00) dollar Deductible. If You are hospitalized as a result of a covered accident or sickness during Your Covered Trip, and Your attending Physician determines that You should recover in a hotel immediately after Your release from the Hospital before returning home, You may be eligible for an additional benefit of seventy–five ($75.00) dollars per day for up to a maximum of five (5) days towards the cost of a hotel room. With iTI, insurance can be shifted to a different trip if the original trip is cancelled by the provider. Some travel insurance companies do not allow this. With regard to Canadian availability, Steve states, "unfortunately, I don't have any plans for Canadians. I used to, but the Canadian government stopped US companies from selling plans there in 2018." Incidentally, our Medicare Supplement plan F provides for the following...your benefit will vary depending on your plan: We will consider 80% of Medicare eligible expenses for emergency care in a foreign country after insured has met a $250 calendar year deductible. Lifetime maximum for this benefit is $50,000.
  4. Finally...from Skift: Venice Marks Historic Day as Flood Barrier ‘Stopped the Sea’
  5. No need to thank someone for being polite... To answer your question, RCL changed its name to Royal Caribbean Group this year. I believe it finalized in July.
  6. Your facts are not correct! Royal Caribbean Group (RCL) is the correct name of the holding company.
  7. For your viewing pleasure from Open Culture... High-Resolution Walking Tours of Italy’s Most Historic Places: The Colosseum, Pompeii, St. Peter’s Basilica & More
  8. Thank you... I have since learned that Top Day Tours operates the following tour companies: Spain Day Tours – Spain ItalyTours.EU – Italy Ramses Tours – Egypt Guided Tours Israel – Israel Ephesus Shuttle – Turkey Taxi Greece – Greece
  9. Perfect! Thank you for letting us know...
  10. I suggest you call Princess for assistance in booking this one...
  11. We booked a Superior Double Room for a room facing the Pantheon. The hotel is on the Piazza della Rotonda...Piazza Navona is about a ten minutes walk to the west.
  12. As I mentioned, our only stay at Albergo del Senato was in 2015 and the appointments in our room, at least, did not compare favorably to the ones you posted. After all, they are current, staged photos, from the Albergo del Senato website.
  13. Are you planning another Med Cruise for 2021 to replace the one that was canceled? If so, book your own transfers into Rome then to the port on embarkation day. If you've never visited Rome you need to spend a few days there before the cruise.
  14. Your dissatisfaction with groups is incorrectly focused. Participants in groups are not at fault at all. You and others who are negatively affected by groups onboard should direct your frustration toward Princess.
  15. For your reading pleasure... Help! I’m being limited to 15 booze drinks per day on my cruise
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