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  1. I had used Evernote in combination with Hazel and Keyboard Maestro, and AppleScript to move various documents automatically to notebooks in the app. My major notebooks were Travel, Financial, Online Purchases, and Home Related. With the latest version, Evernote discontinued its support of AppleScript. That, along with their diminishing level of support, was the final straw for me. I was a paid subscriber...was supposed to get priority support...but received no such thing. DEVONthink, for me, is a whole new world and a breath of fresh air. Their email support and onl
  2. If the Books app works for you, more power to you. As an Apply guy myself I would have to say there are much better apps for what you're doing. I'm a former Evernote user who has since moved to DEVONthink. Evernote used to be free and there are apps for just about every platform...and they all sync so your data is always up to date.. You should really take a look at it.
  3. I just had an experience with Flights by Celebrity that proves my point! I found outbound and return flights that fit my schedule on the Celebrity website, without logging in, for my fall TA which was booked on January 12th. They were not able to be booked on the same itinerary so it was necessary to call Flights by Celebrity. The total online fare was quoted at $914.00 each. Flights by Celebrity was able to book everything for me, but for a fare of $1,248.90 each!! When I questioned the representative I was given the line that prices can change. I am aware of that,
  4. I agree. We've done around 50 Princess cruises, using eZAir for many of them, and have never experienced an issue such as this.
  5. Correct! It's the fare quoted when not logged in. I was booked, but it's the same fare that would be quoted if I were not. Sorry, but I don't believe that to be true. There's obviously an issue...quoted fares whether logged in or not should be the same. They should be using the same airfare database. The quote being for one person isn't the problem.
  6. When checking fares for fall 2021 on the Celebrity website for cruises I've booked, without signing into my account, I'm seeing some very good fares. However, upon signing in and going through the process, the itineraries exist, but at much higher fares. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  7. The Port of Rome is located in Civitavecchia...about 1¼ hours from Albergo del Senato depending on traffic. My suggestion would be to hire a car service such as RomeCabs...there are other good ones...for transfer to and from Rome. Your driver will know where your ship is docked. Yes, Albergo del Senato does have elevators.
  8. We've used RIL in Civitavecchia, Livorno, Naples, and Messina. Always excellent... We'll be cruising in the Med September through November and will definitely book with RIL if we're not limited to ship's tours.
  9. USA Today... High tide causes flooding in Venice as tidal barrier fails to deploy
  10. I've checked a number of flights to and from China, Singapore, and Europe and they're all in the 42-43 day range. Can you provide just one example to substantiate your statement?
  11. That's not accurate! As I mentioned above, eZAir allows flights about 43 days before embarkation and after disembarkation. In the example below, eZAir allows a flight to Fort Lauderdale on January 17, 2021 for a cruise embarking on February 28...that's 42 days in advance.
  12. My personal policy is to never purchase insurance from the entity whose performance is to be insured. This includes partners of that entity. With Princess insurance you'll be insured during the timeframe of your cruise. If you purchase eZAir or pre or post tours, hotels, etc. through Princess, those will be covered also. Airfare, hotels, etc. booked on your own will not be covered by Princess insurance. I had a very enlightening phone conversation with Steve Dasseos of TripInsuranceStore.com a few weeks ago. He has conducted a number of question and answer session
  13. Right now there is a limit of about 43 days pre and post cruise...
  14. We have stayed at a number of Fort Lauderdale area hotels over the years, but have settled on Hyatt Place Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port, 1851 SE 10th Avenue. The hotel is within walking distance of everything we might need...restaurants, shopping, etc. We usually fly in three or four days prior to embarkation and have always stayed free on points transferred from our Chase Sapphire Reserve account.
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