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  1. Hello @MR_T... I''m not Miaminice, but I can help. I use an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. Since I just updated to iOS 15, I checked to see whether copying a photo and pasting it into the body of a message still works and confirmed that it does. If you use Apple devices there's no need to go through the upload process as a simple copy and paste works just fine.
  2. I booked the 22-day Mediterranean & Adriatic Sojourn embarking Athens September 8, 2023 in a PV1. I also had this itinerary booked in a PV1 this September which I cancelled. The cruise fare increase over two years is 5.6%. I'm still trying to work through the 125% voucher received upon cancellation of the Mediterranean & Atlantic Crossing in 2020 you and I had booked. So the slight increase doesn't concern me. I also booked the following 8-day Iconic Western Mediterranean from Barcelona to Rome. This was booked to give us some flexibility in booking a TA from either Barcelona or Rome. We'll cancel if we can hook up with a TA out of Barcelona.
  3. Just completed booking our fall 2023 Med Viking cruises. Here's a link...
  4. Have you thought of calling Viking or your TA? Viking is open now...
  5. When you get off the ship in Lisbon you need to take a taxi directly to Pasteis de Belem to enjoy pastel de nata. My mouth is watering as I type this...
  6. Hi Jim... I can't thank you enough for relating your experience onboard the Equinox. Your photos and descriptions are bringing sailing on her to life for us. We haven't had the pleasure yet of sailing on the Equinox, but will be for 30 days in January and February in a suite. We don't usually like to wish our lives away, but we can't wait to get on the high seas again. Looking forward to much more...
  7. There's no obligation at all to use the brokerage account...I don't. The brokerage and checking accounts are completely separate with different account numbers.
  8. We've used a Capital One debit card as a backup to our Schwab card. We also converted to the Capital One 360 card. It seems whenever I come across an article about debit cards for international use, the recommended order has been 1) Schwab, 2) Fidelity, 3) Capital One. I don't know whether Capital One will keep its third spot considering the new terms.
  9. Quite often private tour companies require payment in cash euros. If you're doing a cruise itinerary with five or six port calls, it's easy to go through €600; add meals, taxis, etc. and you're approaching €1,000. ATMs are the best source for currency and a Schwab debit card is the best card to use. Schwab charges no foreign transaction fees and reimburses any ATM fees. The card is free and opening an account can easily be done online.
  10. I'd love to meet up with you someday. We're expecting big things from your boy this season!! 🤞
  11. Thank you very much for your thoughts... We have yet to cruise on Viking Ocean, but when we do we expect to cross paths with fellow cruisers with the same attitudes we have observed on a number of the 60+ cruises we have sailed. We find that simply walking away works best for us.
  12. Unfortunately nearly doesn't include northern Vermont. I would love to switch to T-Mobile, but their coverage here is going to have to greatly improve before it becomes a viable option. International benefits notwithstanding, home coverage is a much more important consideration. As for SIMs, I've received a text from my credit card financial institution more than once when making a purchase in Europe asking that I confirm the purchase is being made by me. If I were using a SIM, I wouldn't have received those texts.
  13. I believe Verizon offers a similar plan...
  14. Chip & PIN cards here in the US have come a long way since we both joined Andrews Federal Credit Union in 2015 in order to get a debit card with chip & PIN for travel. I would add to what others have mentioned to reject an offer by any merchant to charge your VISA or MC in US dollars while traveling abroad. The conversion rate will very likely be atrocious. Charge your purchase in the local currency and let your credit card company do the conversion.
  15. More like years. We were booked on a Delta flight to Europe in 2019 which we later learned was a codeshare operated by Alitalia. Rumors were swirling at that time, so we changed our flight. As the linked article states, Corriere Della Sera estimates that there are around 250,000 people who are due to fly with Alitalia after October 15. Significant only if you happen to be one of those 250,000.
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