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  1. shes left the habour going by ship tracker shes heading to bottom of nz at the moment
  2. could be , dont know what ship shes on so cant even check
  3. Princess i think has suspended cruises till May if i saw right on their web site
  4. my Aunty was on a NZ cruise that left last monday not sure if shes back or not though
  5. i some how thought they could not dock just re read they will just have to isolate themselves for 2 weeks
  6. how will the no cruise to dock in Australia affect that now??
  7. just saw that how does that affect those that may have just left aust on a cruise for when they come back to same port they left ??
  8. now got me thinking don't mean D.... do we ?? just saw following posts the d one i dont think you mean i think , now i am confused lol
  9. stuffed to me is either very very full [ i am nearly there now to be honest lol ] or when you have been working your butt off so to speak [working hard lol] and am exhausted and could sleep for a week so to speak , any other i am not sure on maybe ones i dont know about which is possible when kids these days turn normal words into meaning other stuff
  10. In Australia Pissed has many meanings there is a comedian friend of mine that does P&O cruises and he has a joke about the way words are used and this word is in it with more than 2 meanings , was going to list all i knew but not sure if that would be good
  11. Got a picture of Dunedin NZ with piles looking like that too lol
  12. Sadly not thinking of those that won't ever see their families again poor form on their part
  13. Some have been found to be in hospital not missing that's good news for some families
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